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January 04, 2003

Exploiting the Palestinians by Max Boot. Everyone's doing it.
For Middle Eastern states, championing the Palestinian cause is even more vital because doing so provides an important pillar of legitimacy for their manifestly illegitimate governments. Naturally the Arab states' interest is in preserving "the struggle," not in succoring the Palestinian people who (along with the Israelis) are its chief victims. There are almost 4 million Palestinians and most live in conditions of unrelieved squalor; large swaths of the West Bank and Gaza Strip make the South Bronx look like Club Med by comparison. The only Arab state that has granted citizenship to Palestinians is Jordan; the others prefer to keep them as an unassimilated, militant minority.

More than 1.1 million Palestinians are jammed into 59 refugee camps whose support comes mainly from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and other international bodies. As former U.S. ambassador to Morocco Marc Ginsberg points out, all the Arab states combined donate less than $7 million to UNRWA, just 2.4 percent of its $290 million budget. (Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates collectively contribute a grand total of zero.) By contrast, the Great Satan forks over $110 million, or 38 percent of UNRWA's budget. The Arabs prefer to spend their money to support Palestinian suicide bombers. Saddam Hussein alone has paid an estimated $20 million over the past two years to "martyrs'" families. The Saudis held a telethon to raise millions more. The Arab League as a whole contributes $55 million a month to Arafat's tyrannical Palestinian Authority, which keeps the suicide bombings coming.
PC. Good or bad

How does one reconcile offensive speech with freedom of speech. Should we not be able to make offensive remarks. There is no law against it but in Canada we have laws dealing with hate speech which comes into play when such speech incites violence like."kill the Jews". When Arabs call Jews "sons of pigs" and these remarks are printed in America without recrimation, why can't people in America make equally offensive remarks about Arabs. Can anyone enlighten me.

In an article by Art Moore in WND we are told about the tarring and feathering of columnist Cotterall.
Cotterell was suspended for one week without pay, beginning today, for writing to a Muslim: "Except for Jordan and Egypt, no Arab nation has a peace treaty with Israel. They've had 54 years to get over it. They choose not to. OK, they can squat around the camel-dung fire and grumble about it, or they can put their bottoms in the air five times a day and pray for deliverance; that's their business. … And I don't give a damn if Israel kills a few in collateral damage while defending itself. So be it."

What do you think? And this remark was not in his column but in an e-mail.

Miller, his editor said, those views "absolutely do not represent the views and sensitivities of this newspaper. Worse, they run counter to many of the values we hold dearest, among them tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness." and again expressed remorse to his readers and "members of the Islamic faith everywhere" for "the intemperate e-mail comments of political writer/columnist Bill Cotterell."

Get that, "in an e-mail".

To my mind it is natural and useful to stigmatize an enemy (think of the Japs and the Nazis) if only we would name them. Fat chance.

Please note that the remarks referred to Arabs and the apology referred to members of the Islamic faith. Very interesting.

by Carl Alpert

"Ever since the Yom Kippur War, almost 30 years ago, everything that the Arabs have gained has come about as a result of their use of force. They point to the Yom Kippur War itself, Egypt's surprise attack, which ended with the surrender of the entire Sinai, even the last of Israel's holdings, Yamit.

The first Intifada gained for them the Oslo agreement, the safe ensconcing of Arafat in the West Bank, the establishment and arming (by Israel) of the Palestine Authority, and the withdrawal of Israel from major West Bank cities and most of Gaza.

It was the repeated violence of the Hizbullah that brought about Israel's hasty withdrawal from Lebanon.

More recently, Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi, a Hamas leader, observed that the bloody and painful terrorist attack on a bus in Jerusalem was what motivated Amram Mitzna, head of the Labor Party, to declare thereafter that he is prepared to withdraw unilaterally from the Gaza Strip. In other words, it appears to them that everything they have gained, and Israel's capitulation, has always come about after intense terrorist violence."

Caustic comments about Israel's leaders and universities

The Jewish Press interview of Steven Plaut is entitled No Holds Barred: A Frank Conversation With Steven Plaut

A professor at the Graduate School of Business of Haifa University, Plaut brings a sharply analytical mind to any subject about which he writes, and one thing he doesn`t believe in is pulling his punches. He was as combative as we expected him to be during our recent interview.

JEWISH PRESS: You seem to have emerged in the past few years as one of the most prolific writers around on Jewish subjects.

Plaut: Until Oslo, I kept a fairly low profile in the Israeli media, took no public stands on Right vs Left in Israel, and restricted myself to publishing articles about economic policy in Israel and abroad.

Oslo broke the camel`s back. From that moment on, I have devoted myself to doing everything in my power -- mainly through Op-Ed writing and Internet agitating -- to help stop Oslo and rescue Israel from the mega-stupidity of its own leaders. I have also long been trying to protest and analyze Jewish self-obliteration through assimilationism in America. I regard Jewish political liberalism as the main avenue of Jewish assimilation in America.

What`s your assessment of Prime Minister Sharon`s performance?

They say that a people deserves the leaders it gets, but in the case of Israel such an assertion would border on being an anti-Semitic libel. Israel has produced a long stream of incompetent demagogues and cowardly lemming-like leaders, divorced from reality and pursuing national self-obliteration.

Sharon is marginally better than Netanyahu, Barak, Peres, and Rabin. But this is not the Sharon of 1973 or 1982. It is a tired, timid, and exhausted Sharon, unwilling to take the heat for pursuing a serious Israeli defense. Like his predecessors, he seems to think that Palestinian terrorism must be allowed to continue until the Palestinians feel they have reached catharsis and just get tired of murdering Jews.

It is true that Sharon has launched numerous half-hearted reprisal campaigns against the Palestinian savages, unlike the four prime ministers who immediately preceded him. But those reprisals consist of the Arik Sharon Hokey-Pokey: "You put your ground troops in, you take your ground troops out, and you move `em all about." Then you pull them out again until the next atrocity.

Where did Bibi Netanyahu go wrong?

By trying to be Shimon Peres II. Netanyahu was elected in 1996 for the sole purpose of ending Oslo. Upon his election, however, he turned about 180 degrees and pursued Oslo with all the same delusional vigor as Peres and Rabin before him. True, he scowled when hobnobbing with Arafat, in contrast to Peres`s idiotic grins, but in fact he was simply pursuing Oslo -- albeit Oslo Lite. He abandoned Hebron to the terrorists. He responded to Arafat`s launching of the Tunnel Pogroms by turning the other cheek. He continued the face-to-face meetings with Arafat even as Arafat was mass murdering Jews. He signed the Wye appeasements, making him the Wye`s Man of Chelm.

Netanyahu lost to Barak in 1999 for the same reason that New Coke failed -- why have a pale imitation of an Oslo appeaser when you can elect the real thing?

Netanyahu tried to make a comeback and challenge Sharon this fall in the Likud primaries by posturing to the right of Sharon. But his wager that Israeli voters had forgotten his track record from 1996-99 proved incorrect.

You`ve written quite negatively of Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin.

I believe they should be indicted and prosecuted for a thousand counts of second-degree murder. Depraved indifference to human life and reckless endangerment are bases for charges of second-degree murder. First-degree murder -- the actual pulling of triggers or detonating of bombs -- is of course a worse crime, but second-degree murder is still murder.

What about Yitzhak Rabin?

It has become difficult to speak with any objectivity about Rabin because of the tragic ending of his life. But in reality, Rabin was a total disaster as prime minister and bears a lot of the blame for turning Israel into the Valley of the Shadow of Death. His policies were foolish and deadly. I like to think that had Rabin lived, he soon would have realized the foolishness of Oslo, reversed it, and tossed Peres and Beilin into a dungeon. But of course we will never know what he would have done.

How does one even try to explain the Oslo Debacle inflicted on Israel by its own leaders?

A facetious answer would be that Rabin and Peres had an ingenious master plan. You see, they figured out that much of anti-Semitism is based on the common stereotype of Jews being smarter than other people, and they figured that they could end anti-Semitism once and for all by proving how false this stereotype is.

And how do you explain the fact that the PLO and Syria did not take Israel up on its offers of complete capitulation under Ehud Barak?

There are two explanations: a religious-mystical explanation and a rational-scientific explanation. The religious-mystical explanation holds that Arafat and the senior Assad were simply stupid and so believed that by holding out for ever greater Israeli concessions, American pressure would deliver an unlimited and open-ended set of Israeli surrenders. The rational-scientific explanation is that the Almighty hardened their hearts, much like He did with Pharaoh, and He did so in His infinite mercy in order to save Israel from the stupidity of its own leaders.

Are there any up-and-coming Israeli politicians you find intriguing?

Of the current party leaders in Israel, I do not see many with any vision of how to rescue the country nor any sense of what needs to be done to end the war.

The Labor and Meretz parties are composed entirely of Oslo leftists, who differ only slightly from the anti-Zionist communist party. Amram Mitzna is not only preaching a policy of unilateral self-dismemberment, but is also one of the biggest liars Israeli politics has ever produced. Ideologically he is qualified to be mayor of Jenin, and his record as mayor of Haifa would be enough to certify him to be the prime minister of Zimbabwe.

The Shinui party is not interested in anything besides bashing the Orthodox and exhibiting contempt toward Judaism. The religious parties are far more interested in getting their shares of the budgetary fiscal pork than they are in rescuing Israel from the Oslo debacle. I like Efi Eitam, the new head of the National Religious Party, but most of the rest of his party slate consists of ``centrists`` who have not made up their minds yet whether appeasing the Palestinian terrorists or fighting them is the answer.

The only concern of the other religious parties regarding the danger that Mitzna will order a unilateral capitulation to the Arabs is that the eviction of the Yesha settlers not take place, G-d forbid, on Shabbat.

There are some small parties to the right of the Likud with better positions regarding Oslo, but they are divided and too small to have much impact. And even they do not speak in unambiguous terms about what really needs to be done.

Finally, there are the Arab nationalist Stalinist and fascist parties, which would like nothing better than seeing the Jews of Israel herded into concentration camps. There are almost no Jews who vote for the communists other than some of my colleagues on the faculties of the universities. All of the Arab student organizations on campus are associated with these parties.

Given your political views, you must be feel like a real outsider at Haifa university.

Haifa University is one of the two worst bastions in Israel for leftist academic extremism, the other being Ben-Gurion University. The other universities are only slightly less awful in terms of the prevalence of leftist radicalism and anti-Zionism among the faculty members. Haifa University hosts some of the worst tenured traitors in Israel, people who devote every waking moment to promoting anti-Israel embargoes by anti-Semites overseas, to spreading anti-Israel lies and propaganda, to rationalizing Palestinian atrocities. A few even write for Islamist fundamentalist and neo-Nazi websites and journals. Of course, not all faculty members are extremists or even leftists, but there is a strong leftist domination.

Israeli universities have all adopted pro-Arab preferences and quotas in admissions in the name of ``affirmative action,`` and for all intents and purposes Arab students (and sometimes faculty) are admitted with almost no standards at all. Haifa University has the country`s largest Arab student body, and the Arab students have been radicalized by Oslo.They prance about campus with T-shirts and posters with portraits of Nasser and Che Guevera. There are frequent rallies of Arab students and Jewish faculty leftists waving PLO flags and screaming anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slogans, including slogans supporting violence.

Five news articles - Israel News Roundup


A leading Israeli human rights group, B' Tselem, called for the immediate release of Palestinian detainees who were being held even though they were not charged with specific offences.

Polls showed support continuing to slip away from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Likud Party ahead of Jan. 28 elections, and police said Friday that charges were being considered against several Likud activists in a widening corruption scandal.

Israeli forces were on the move Thursday in the Gaza Strip, Three teen-age Palestinian boys were laid to rest after an attempted attack on settlements, and an Israeli couple awoke to find a terrorist in their Northern Israel home.

In the case brought by eight reserve soldiers, the high court avoided making a landmark ruling on the legality of Israel's 35-year occupation of the territories.

Arafat welcomes cease-fire, but...
Planned Otniel Murder Attack - And Under Arrest

The IDF continues to spare no effort in finding and bringing to justice all those involved in the murderous attack on the Otniel yeshiva last week. A Duvdevan undercover unit abducted Iman Kapisha, head of the Islamic Jihad in Dura, as he was driving on a Hevron street yesterday afternoon. Kapisha planned the attack, in which four yeshiva students were murdered, and was responsible for dispatching the terrorists to perpetrate the crime. He was taken to a General Security Service installation for interrogation
A rather long but must -read article from The New York Review of Books: The Suicide Bombers

What ultimately is being killed by the suicide bombers is any chance for a Palestinian state.

Vancouver Israel Action Committee!

W E L C O M E to the Vancouver Israel Action Committee!
Our mission is to help educate both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities about Israel, to defend Israel against misinformation and slander, and to reassure Israel that we stand with her.

Boycott the Brits

Jerusalem Post reports:

British embargo may ground Israel's fleet of Phantom jets, officials say

Israel may have to ground its fleet of 140 F-4 Phantom fighter-bombers because Britain has blocked sales of critical spare parts, Israeli officials said Friday.
The Phantom, which has been in Israeli service since 1969, is a U.S.-built jet, but uses parts manufactured by Britain's Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd in the pilots' ejection seats.
To me, this hostile act by Britain is nothing short of fratricide, since Britain is supposed to be a democracy. The fact is, our sister-republic, Israel, is imperiled because of Albion, while the Arab dictatorships around have no difficulty using their petrodollars (or, in the case of Egypt - US aid dollars) to acquire any hardware they wish .

As individuals, there is little we can do to reverse the British decision, but the least we can do is boycott the British entity and all its exports to our continent. After all, they have no problem boycotting Israel, do they?

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

Canada's CBC gets a dressing down in spades

Norman Spector, Canada's former ambassador to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, served as chief of staff to Brian Mulroney calls on Tony Burman of CBC to account for CBC's media bias and distortions, especially, CBC's unwillingness to use the term "Terrorist" to describe a person blowing up babies and women and children in suicide attacks or drive by shootings.

I am writing in reply to your letter of Dec. 24, concerning the CBC's Mideast coverage. Many Canadians are still struggling to comprehend how Chief David Ahenakew could have spoken approvingly of Hitler and the Holocaust. Their understanding has not been helped by the media, who've largely failed to explain the context -- a speech in which he had just blamed Jews for the Second World War and, by "killing Arabs," an eventual third one.

I believe your Mideast coverage encourages demented views such as these. I understand this is a serious charge, and am prepared to debate in a mutually agreed forum if you disagree.

Let me be specific. Our government's decision to name Hezbollah a "terrorist" organization was inevitable, once the UN certified Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon was "complete," and the United States added them to its "A-team." Yet, your reporter claims it was an "intensely political decision" because these pioneers of suicide attacks can be viewed as a "national liberation movement." Another -- apparently infected with the same conspiracy virus as Ahenakew -- referred darkly to a "Jewish lobby" using "pressure tactics" (a press conference and a lawsuit, standard fare in Ottawa). Shame on the CBC.

Shame on you, personally, for resorting to similarly crude stereotypes to dismiss critics. In newspapers available daily in Toronto, you'll find articles by Jews who share your view of the Mideast conflict, and by non-Jews who believe you are hopeless apologists for the Palestinians. Relying on the CBC ombudsman to certify your coverage is akin to Jean Chretien citing Howard Wilson to defend his Shawinigan shenanigans.

By 2001, even beat reporters drawing paycheques from the public broadcaster began ridiculing that position. Having observed PMO-CBC relations from a front-row seat, I appreciate these reporters must sometimes walk on eggshells -- especially with nothing but perpetual Liberal government on the horizon.

How empowering it must be for a journalist to be far away from the powerful people who today vote your budget and tomorrow might offer you a job. Freed from incessant demands for fairness, free to pursue a political agenda other than the government's.

The CBC's consistently negative presentation of Israel -- a country where minefields are not just a bureaucratic problem, and that has its few good points along with the bad -- is, in part, a consequence of sending reporters who lack Hebrew.

Even a senior reporter like Neil Macdonald, in my experience though understandably not yours, normally lags behind news freely available on radio and the Internet. And, the linguistic gap perhaps explains why -- despite the expense of maintaining a foreign bureau -- he rarely reports on Israel's medical, cultural, scientific and technological achievements.

Your correspondent deserves praise, on the other hand, for studying Arabic, which is not easy to acquire. It's curious, therefore, that Macdonald has not reported more frequently from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria -- in carrying out his self-described mandate of "holding what's going on up to the mirror of Canadian values." Nor have we heard much about Syria's de facto occupation of Lebanon.

The toxicity of this double standard on democracy and human rights is compounded by the frequent omission of context from his reports. Recently, Macdonald presented a Hamas spokesperson who vowed to continue attacks "as long as there is occupation." Believe me, and despite how it may look to you and other senior managers in Toronto, this guy is no Nelson Mandela. The New York Times routinely explains hat "occupation" means elimination of the Jewish state; had your correspondent done likewise, and noted the widespread public support beyond Hamas for "liberating all of Palestine," Ahenakew would understand why Israel s "killing Arabs."

The CBC's sins of commission are also noxious in minds of this ilk, judging from the volume of e-mails I receive that refer to "Judeo-Nazis," the "Israeli SS" perpetrating a Holocaust and Ariel Sharon -- of whom I'm no fan -- as another Hitler.

Describing a recent shooting of Israelis, for example, Macdonald appropriately notes the long history of violence in Hebron; in an aside, he mentions the horrific 1994 murder of 29 Arabs by Dr. Baruch Goldstein. He could also have reasonably alluded to the brutal slaughter of Jews in 1921, 1929 and 1936 by determined opponents of the establishment of any Jewish state, of whatever size.

But these enormities don't fit CBC's prejudices -- of Jews as "settlers" having no business being in Hebron, and of the conflict being about "armed Palestinians battling the Israeli occupation." It would also suggest that, while an independent state is necessary for peace, it might not be sufficient -- as President Bill Clinton learned at Camp David.

Still, and though it is a criminal offence under anti-terror laws for anyone to assist Hamas (punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment), you argue that viewers should be allowed to make up their own minds. We're talking about blowing up teenagers at discos, mind you -- "crimes against humanity," according to Human Rights Watch. Presumably your open-mindedness extends to young viewers -- potential recruits like Omar Khadr or a Canadian John Walker Lindh. Fortunately, that's not CBC's approach to rape, armed robbery and other lesser crimes -- or even toward legal, though harmful substances like tobacco.

Aside from being irresponsible and amoral, your failure to call Hamas a terrorist organization betrays another double standard. When the blood on the sidewalk is Israeli it's one thing, when American it's another. It was an error, you say, for the CBC initially to call the Sept. 11 attacks "terrorism." A fortuitous error, I'd say, considering the likely reaction at the border had you referred to al-Qaeda as a "national liberation movement."

Yet, I'll withdraw the allegation, as you demand, if you'll provide examples where David Halton spouts that Orwellian line, even now after emotions have cooled. Nor do viewers find him regularly challenging from Washington the appropriateness of calling the 9/11 Saudi hijackers "terrorists" -- as you regularly do regarding their Hamas brethren. As journalists, you should be ashamed for covering up their ideological kinship by censoring bin Laden's messages.

Ironically, it's in the name of professional standards that you reject the word "terrorism." You insist the CBC must not adopt the terminology of either side. Say what? We must be watching different channels, if not in different languages. Because, while I sometimes agree with your terminological choices, it's clear that the CBC, like the Tower of Pisa, always leans in one direction.

Your reporters do not leave viewers to decide whether curfews are self-defence measures; they unambiguously refer to "collective punishment," the Palestinian term and a crime under the Geneva conventions. You call Israel's targeted killings, though not the recent U.S. one in Yemen, "assassinations" -- a word used by Palestinian spokespersons but not normally conferred by CBC on any mass murderers, other than, it appears, those who send bombers to blow up babies in Jerusalem pizzerias. Your correspondents refer to the "occupation" and to the West Bank and Gaza as "occupied Palestinian land," not as disputed territory. And they call Israeli communities "settlements" and their residents "settlers."

Interestingly, you never mention that even these Israelis -- as do Palestinians -- have a stronger claim than my neighbours who've settled on aboriginal lands in British Columbia. Fortunately, your reporters don't bring home the thinly veiled code they use to "explain" why Israeli school-kids are blown up by Hamas "militants" -- which is what your reporters in Montreal normally call political party activists, not murderers.

No wonder some viewers may be wondering why Israel is killing Arabs. Unless they've read a recent report by Human Rights Watch that appears to have escaped Macdonald's attention. It states unambiguously that nothing -- not settlements, not occupation -- justifies Hamas's "crimes against humanity." They've also concluded that Yasser Arafat is "politically responsible," and I'm still waiting for a Newsworld program to balance last year's one-hour indictment of Ariel Sharon as a war criminal.

I also challenge you to produce in writing the longstanding "policy" you claim to be implementing. Even your less-than-independent ombudsman says, "There is nothing in CBC's journalism policy that prevents the public broadcaster's journalists from calling a spade a spade or a terror attack a terror attack."

Innocent Canadians were incinerated in the Twin Towers and in Bali. Today -- young and old, at home and abroad -- we are all considered legitimate targets by al-Qaeda. In my book that's terrorism, and I'm frankly appalled that the guy calling the shots at Canada's national broadcasting service believes it's an error to call these murderers what they are.

Its as bad as he says it is.

January 03, 2003

Go to Google Glossary
Type in "Zionism"
The first entry that comes up: "Related phrases: Zionism=Racism"
It's not a pretty sight.

US police forces are choosing Israeli technologies to improve law enforcement capabilities

More on the story

The Use of Force

Restraint causes more loss of life than it is worth

I have been having a discussion with a number of pro Israel friends who were concerned that Israel be beyond reproach in their handling of the Palestinians. They wanted Israel to do the “right” thing and that presumably meant limiting collateral damage and telling the truth. I do not know if it went so far as to be against targeted killings. But you get the idea. They wanted this both in order to gain World respect and their own self-respect. And they certainly didn’t want Israel to descend to the level of the Palestinians.

Yes it would be nice, but… Taken to its ultimate conclusion, this is the position of the Left who in general rail against all the methods used to fight terror both in Israel and the US. You know the stuff where there is an inordinate concern, in my opinion, for the rights of the individual at the cost of the collective i.e. defence. They want terror to be treated a matter of law enforcement rather than a matter of war.

I am sure my friends would reject my analysis and argue that they wouldn’t go that far but still wanted Israel to take the high ground. One cannot look at this problem as a case of black and white or moral or immoral. There is a sliding scale here and everyone takes a position on where on the scale they feel comfortable. I for one would argue that there is justification in moving more to the Right and not being overly concerned with being right.

Society has developed laws for crimes against the state and special laws for enemy combatants in times of war. The State can lawfully kill people in times of war. But where there is a paucity of laws is for times like now where it’s neither war nor peace. It is in between. The Israel Supreme Court has recognized the need to define what amount of force is permitted under these circumstances and setting these new norms is a work in progress. Nevertheless Israel must act in advance of the Courts determination. Many would argue that our present situation is really a war so all the rules of war apply. So the question of whether an action is moral or not depends on one’s classification of the conflict. Also the courts don’t operate in a vacuum. It is one thing for them to be critical of targeted killings when Israel alone is resorting to it and it is another thing entirely if the whole world is doing it or even just the US. Once the US and Australia started using wartime norms for fighting terror it became more acceptable for Israel do so. I ask you, is this a question of morality or not? Morality is not absolute. Even the most basic of the commandments, “Thou shalt not kill.” is only a principle that society deviates from when they think it appropriate.

Intrinsic to maintaining law and order in civil society is the respect that the majority of citizens have for that law and order. When that respect is lost you have chaos and anarchy. Let’s take a simple example of the stone throwers. The more Israel tolerates it the more the Palestinians will do it and the more the Palestinians will move from stones to rocks to bombs. In order for Israel to maintain respect for law and order the more they have to instil fear in the Palestinians. The more stone throwers that are killed the less the people will throw stones. If you allow the Palestinians to become encouraged or emboldened the more force will be needed to quell the violence. You can reach a point of almost no return where the Palestinians don’t care if they get killed as long as they take a few Israelis down with them.

You will recall that shortly after the intifadah was started everyone condemned Israel for using “excessive force” but no one defined just what that was. It usually means more force than necessary. The proper interpretation includes necessary to put an end to the violence and to protect the lives of those being attacked. There is no duty to retreat or to tolerate the lawlessness or the violence but there is a duty to maintain law and order and to protect the lives of those being attacked. It is obvious that far from using excessive force, Israel is using insufficient force.

Thus the “right” thing becomes the wrong thing. More force, lethal or otherwise, at the beginning, would mean less force later on. Had Israel reacted with much more force at the beginning of the intifadah, it would have ended with much less loss of lives. When Israel suppressed the riots of its own Arab citizens two years ago killing many, it ended the rioting. Every country knows that ruthlessness is necessary to end uprisings and insurrections.

I am not recommending that Israel kill 20,000 as the Syrians did in Hama or 10,000 as the Jordanians did on Black September or 2000 as the Chinese did at Tianneman Square or 250,000 as the Americans did in Nagasaki to impose their authority. But I am saying that we cannot shrink from the use of force in maintaining law and order. The people who argue for the high ground in order to feel morally superior, should recognize the damage it can cause.

We must install fear in the hearts and minds of the Palestinians. The more we show a willingness to cause collateral damage, the less collateral damage there will be in the long run. The more we restrain ourselves, the more we embolden them. The more we show a willingness to compromise, the more we will be expected to compromise. We are our undoing. We should stop fucking with our minds and our will. As Nike says, ”just do it.”.

A group advocating deportation of Arab terrorists gets into a dispute with international relief and aid organization.

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Press Release from the Ayn Rand Institute

Jan. 2, 2003


IRVINE, CA--The recent well-publicized PBS special “Muhammad” was a total whitewash of Islam, according to Edwin A. Locke, senior writer at the Ayn Rand Institute.

“The documentary,” focusing on the life of Muhammad, noted Locke “presented him as a wise, self-effacing, illiterate mystic who preached nothing but tolerance, benevolence and peace toward non-Muslims. But the simple fact is the Koran, dictated by Muhammad to his followers, is filled with exhortations to violence against non-believers, such as, ‘I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore cut off their heads and cut off every fingertip of them.’ Here are others, ‘Fight and kill the Pagans wherever you find them;’ ‘Those who reject our signs, we shall soon cast into the fire;’ ‘But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them; boiling fluid will be poured down on their heads;’ ‘As to the deviators, they are fuel of hell.’”

“Following Muhammad’s death,” Locke noted, “his followers launched attacks on nonbelievers in many countries, slaughtering untold numbers. And throughout the centuries the Koran’s rhetoric has incited many of the prophet’s followers to murderous violence against “infidels.” Although not all Muslims are violent, the terrorists among them are acting consistently with exhortations from the Koran. And like all mystical cults based on blind faith, the Muslim religion does not recognize reason as a means of gaining knowledge or of persuading others of one’s viewpoint. Thus, they believe, the men of reason must be subdued by force or destroyed entirely.

“Until the Muslim world is secularized, as was the Christian world, it is a danger to all who do not agree with its ideas.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth

On Monday, December 23, 2002, I posted an article concerning the Ahenakew affair on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks. I noted that Ahenakew’s anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli comments were met with a storm of denunciation and I specifically quoted the letter of protest sent to the Canadian PM by the president of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW), Basil Hargrove. Comments e-mailed to me subsequently asked whether I was implying that the Canadian left was less anti-Israel than the “standard” left, since I specifically selected Hargrove’s letter from among hundreds of similar protests.

This query gives me an opportunity to set the record straight. On the whole, the left in Canada is no better than the “standard” left, when it comes to voicing anti-Israel propaganda. As a former union member myself, I state this fact with pain, but it is a fact nonetheless. Take the simple example of the Hargrove letter which I quoted: it refers to Ahenakew’s anti-Semitic comments, but says not a word about Ahenakew’s attack on Israel. A much more explicit proof are Hargrove’s words at a CAW Convention, Toronto, May 7-10, 2002. The following is cited verbatim from the official CAW site, straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were:
Then there is the crisis in the Middle East that is in our lives almost daily. We have the Israeli government of Ariel Sharon invading cities in the West Bank and Gaza. This is the third most powerful military power in the world killing innocent men, women, and children. We have the Palestinian suicide bombers, some of whom have been women, killing innocent men, women, and children of the Jewish faith. Sharon claims that destroying the Palestinian infrastructure, including buildings that house the ministry of health and the ministry of education, is somehow the only way to stop Palestinian suicide bombers. The Israeli people are absolutely entitled to peace and security within their borders and to live free from the threat of suicide attackers from any of their Arab neighbours, including the Palestinians. Likewise, surely the Palestinian people are absolutely entitled to be free of the Israeli occupation of their land as defined by the United Nations resolutions. A withdrawal of the occupying forces from the West Bank and Gaza is an absolute must if a solution is to be negotiated. An immediate halt to the expansion of the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories is an absolute must, as is the eventual withdrawal of the Israeli settlers to the pre-1967 borders. The Palestinian Liberation Organization and all other Arab states must recognize the right of the state of Israel to exist within secure borders. Equally, the Israeli government must recognize the right of the Palestinian people to a state of their own. One that is not occupied by Israeli military forces.

Military in the occupied lands, the killing of Palestinians, and the destruction of property will not bring peace and security to the people of Israel. Suicide bombings of innocent Israelis will not win the Palestinians their right to a state of their own. In my humble opinion, both will only intensify the hatred. The rights and desires of the majority of Israelis and Palestinians can only happen through respect for the rights of others, through negotiation and through compromise. My statement today is not about being pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli: it is a statement for justice, freedom, respect, and for a peaceful resolve to the problems of the Middle East. We all have an obligation to do what we can to end the killing.
Moral equivalence at its worst.

I don’t wish to skew the picture to the other side either. There are still left among the Canadian left some who can see straight, a notable example being Dennis McDermott, the former president of the Canadian Labour Congress
(CLC). On June 25, just one day after Bush’s infamous speech in which he explicitly advocated a sovereign state for the Palestinian Arabs, Dennis McDermott published the following article in the Ottawa Citizen, pp. A17-18. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the article on the Web and, therefore, what follows is a scanned version from the newspaper proper. I’m reproducing the article in its entirety because it encapsulated most of the relevant pro-Israel arguments in a simple yet forceful way.

I love the Canadian labour movement with a deep and abiding passion, so what I am about to say does not come easy.

Anti-Semitism is a very latent disease. It can lie dormant and well-concealed for long periods of time. Given a convenient pretext, it can suddenly erupt, spewing its malicious pent-up venom in all directions.

The pretext now is that the nation of Israel is the aggressor. So out come the poison pens of the resolution writers. Come down on Israel like a ton of bricks and, by association, Jewish people everywhere. Make ridiculous accusations and parallels, describe Israeli policies as being everything from genocide to apartheid. Then on the last line of the resolution, to justify your neutrality and lack of bias, put in a whimper like, "please stop the suicide bombings."

Never mind the suicide bombings. What about the snipers? What about the legions of trained, terrorist commandos who kill and maim innocent Israeli citizens every day? What about the collective, armed might of neighbouring Arab states?

What about the Islamic fundamentalists who danced in the streets on Sept. 11 and who have been in a declared state of war with Israel since 1948? What about the Jew-hating Arab allies who contribute billions of dollars to Arab terrorists and provide training facilities for terrorists? I'm talking Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria and so on.

I am sad because this sick, bigoted mentality is seeping into Canadian labour. I cannot understand why freedom loving Canadians would be drawn to admire the terrorist demagogue, Yasser Ararat. It is completely beyond my comprehension to see intelligent, progressive, Canadian trade unionists expressing affinity with a proven, corrupt, immoral, autocratic leader, totally lacking integrity.

We are treated to the spectacle of Israeli military might versus Arab freedom fighters armed only with stones. Well, that was a pretty powerful stone that blew a hole in the U.S. destroyer in Aden, killing 17 and injuring 38 more. Was the PLO armed with mere stones when it massacred the Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972? Something more than stones was used in the truck bomb attack in Beirut that killed large numbers of U. S. servicemen.

Without going into chronological detail, uncontradicted evidence shows that Arab terrorists have killed and maimed thousands of human beings through hijackings, kidnappings and atrocities over a period of many years throughout the world. Arabs have executed hundreds of their own brethren suspected of co11aborating with Israel. In each case, lethal firearms and other weaponry were the instmments, not stones.

For too long we have been treated to the mythical spectacle of Arab youth spontaneously reacting to Israeli brutality by throwing pebbles. In fact, the Arab youth are an integral part of a tightly organized terrorist group, active participants in carefully orchestrated events designed to attract international sympathy skilfully contrived, diversionary tactics to steer world attention from the main issues.

There is much ado about the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

Israel won those territories fair and square in defensive responses to Arab attacks. As the highly regarded diplomat Abba Eban once said, “The Arabs have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity”.

If the Palestinians had agreed to the Peel commission in 1937, they would now possess 80 per cent of the land that then constituted Palestine.

If they had agreed to the 1947 United Nations partition plan, they would now be celebrating more than 50 years of a state made up of half of the then-Palestine, including the old city of Jerusalem. They have demonstrated over and over again that they want it all, and the ongoing objective is the ultimate destruction of the Jewish state.

Why does a tiny nation like Israel with just a few million population, about the size of the Greater Toronto Area, need such a military presence? Do the Israelis relish appropriating a disproportionate amount of their gross national product to the maintenance of military-alert armed forces, depending on the conscription of Israeli citizens, both male and female?

Israel is a nation under siege. Do the Jewish people, regardless of geographical location, have a history of belligerent, aggressive, military action? Some six million mostly docile victims of the Holocaust dispel that notion.

I submit it is time for all of us to face reality. Since 1948, a beleaguered Israel has been compelled to fight for its right to exist. The courageous Zionist pioneers endured the blatant blockades during the years of the British mandate.

Following the creation of the state of Israel by the United Nations, it surived the invasion of the combined, hostile Arab states. Surrounded by agressive Arab hostility and daily murderous attacks, Israelis somehow forged a nation and changed the face of the arid desert into a fertile and promised land.

Their history of courage and determination is unparalleled. Israel opened its boundaries to millions of Jews around the world, an example of humanitarianism unmatched anywhere. They created a model democracy, a democracy in the true sense of the word. A system that embraces economic and social democracy as well as political.

For a newly created nation, Israel produced legendary leaders such as David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin. Israel demonstrated its loyalty to its citizens by the incredible, daring rescue of its kidnapped people at Entebbe, Uganda, which left the world breathless.

Israel is not perfect, nor should it be expected to be any more than any other nation. With all of its shortcomings, Israel still stands as the only genuine democracy in the Middle East. It shines as a beacon of light in the midst of Middle East totalitarian darknes.
This article, so passionately written, raises a significant question for all pro-Israel advocates: how do we tap into this fountain of support withing the desert of leftist hostility? Or, more generally, how do we harness the goodwill and clear thinking of Israel’s supporters within the general population in North America and Europe? We should really give this issue intensive consideration even as we keep preaching to the converted.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

Jews are an Endangered Species

January 02, 2003

Let freedom ring Saudi mobile camera ban reviewed. If you can't stop them, phone 'em.
Al Capone would be right at home.
PA officials stealing aid, own documents show.

In Our Name

Pledge of Support

We believe that as citizens of the United States, it is our responsibility to resist those who wish to destroy our country.

In our name, wage war against those who would destroy us. There will be no more deaths of Americans in senseless acts of terrorism against innocent people.

In our name, invade countries who harbor terrorists. Countries where freedom is at the whim of a murderous tyrant. Countries that would smite us from the face of the earth given the opportunity to do so.

In our names, defend the freedoms which allow the protestor to protest your actions. Defend these freedoms forcefully; the only appropriate way to defend freedom against those who would take it from us.

By our hands we will supply aid to any country wishing to free itself from the chains of a tyrannical government. That aid may come in the form of money, arms, or food.

By our actions, we will not allow fear of reprisal to persuade us away from doing what is right.

By our hearts, we will not allow moral relativism to preclude identifying those who are evil as such.

By our will, and in our name.

We pledge support.

We pledge allegiance with those whose tyrannical governments repress them.

We pledge alliance with those living in countries overrun by warlords and terrorists.

We pledge support for women who are treated as property and not as people.

We pledge to defend freedom in whatever way it is so manifested throughout all the nations of the world.

A world of peace and freedom is possible.

And it is not achieved by standing idly by and hoping for it.

We encourage the protection of peace

The fostering of freedom

and the return of dignity to the oppressed

In Our Name.
An Israeli debating team wins the Annual European Debating Championship in Stuttgart, Germany.

Just in case someone is confused:

In Tal's discussion section an attempt is being made to compare the situation in South Lebanon, per Hezbullah activity there, with that in the "territories". Some seem to think the fact that Hezbullah does not use suicide bombers to attack Israeli civilians, and only targets Israeli soldiers (inside Lebanon before the Barak withdrawal, as well as in Northern Israel after that), is an indication of their long-term goals being different from those of the Palestinian terror organizations.

This could not be farther from the truth. The reason that IDF was in Lebanon all this years to begin with, were the almost daily attacks on the civilian population in Northern Israel (by Fatah at that time), before Israel finally invaded Lebanon. The long-term goal is the same: to drive Jews out of Israel. The tactics are different, as to be expected, since the situation in these three areas are different. Accordingly, the tactics the IDF uses in all those areas are different as well.

Some seem to think that because of these differences, these are two separate wars, and have to be considered separately. It may be so from a purely military point of view. But all military actions have always to be motivated by political considerations. This, I think, was the mistake made by Barak when he pulled out of Lebanon. He was thinking like a general, not a politician and a head of state. This move, if considered in purely military terms. may have made a lot of sense. Of course, it was also motivated by short-term politics, i.e. the Israeli public that was not willing to take any more losses in Lebanon. But I, and many others, have no doubt that we are witnessing the long- term effects of that move now in WB and Gaza, as well as throughout the Arab world.

What we have is two, or maybe three fronts (if WB an Gaza are viewed separately) of the same war. And that war, in turn, is part of a larger war that has been going on maybe since the the attack on the U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut in 1983, and that hopefully will take a major turn in a month or so.

As if we already didn't know:
The Risks to Israel of a Palestinian State.

"Liberals" Promote Segregation and Jew-Free Neighborhoods to bring Peace

Israel is the one place "Liberals" Promote Segregation but even worse the actual removal of a minority and what the german nazis called for "Judenrien" (Jewish free) neighborhoods or all-arab areas.

As if the 22 arab countries aren't all already Jew free since 1948 when all Jews in all arab countries were expelled and turned into over 600,000 refugees and did that bring peace?

This innovative call for Jew free neighborhoods to bring peace from terrorists by American liberals is clearly breakthrough thinking that will be recorded in the annals of history as the highpoint in western 'liberal' thinking.

So a 23rd arab non-democratic country within the only democratic country in the region, Israel, without any Jews like the rest of them will bring peace?

I always thought concession to arab terrorists of their blackmail and extortion would bring peace well at least now the great thinkers of the time have validated this insanity as something more than appeasing 35 years of sick murder of civilians all over the world beginning 20 years (hardly a generation) after the holocaust.
When Bush comes to Shove

The big questions for 2003

Will Hussein fight to the death or take a walk. I prefer the former.

Will Hussein use WMD? Samson brought the house down, why wouldn’t Hussein?

Will Bush back the New Road Map or his vision speech of June 25. My money is on the latter.

What is Sharon up to? I don’t believe that the painful concessions he speaks of come anywhere near the concessions offered by Barak.

Will Israel destroy Hezbolahstan otherwise known as Southern Lebanon when the Iraq war begins. I am counting on it. Just as Bush Sr. should have finished the job in ’91, this Bush will not stop before finishing the job. This includes allowing Israel to destroy Hezbollah, neutering Syria and working for regime change in Iran.

Will the US bring Saudi Arabia to heel? This includes causing them to end the incitement, end the financial support for terrorism, end the financial support for Wahabism. The Saudis are due for a reckoning.

What will China, S. Korea, Russia and Japan do about N. Korea. It is up to them. The US will only help.

NYTimes Protest

The New York Times Versus Israel

For those who haven't yet joined the campaign to bring fairness and balance to the Times Mideast coverage to not forget to cancel your NYTimes subscription, to not purchase their paper, and to tell other to do the same.


NYsun is a great pro-Israel alternative.

Children are not Weapons

There are some good people who are trying to do something about the child death cult of arab terrorists besides accepting their blackmail and extortion.

Operation S.I.C.K - Stop Inciting Children to Kill

Children are not Weapons

"Operation S.I.C.K. (Stop Inciting Children to Kill) is an independent network of students combatting the exploitation of children for armed conflict. We condemn any political group that recruits and incites children to hate and kill for political purposes, and view it as a flagrant violation of their basic human rights.

The root of terrorism is the teaching of hate. Every day millions of children are incited to hatred and violence. Until the human rights tragedy of child incitement is addressed, we will all be its victims. Every day that the UN and major governments ignore this human rights tragedy, another generation of Palestinian suicide bombers, Tamil and Sudanese child soldiers, Afghan and Saudi terrorists are being educated to hate. Operation SICK calls on you to act now while we can still make a difference."
Many a truth is said in jest

A story is told of a Jewish man who was riding on the subway reading a Middle East Arabic newspaper. A friend of his, who happened to be riding in the same subway car, noticed this strange phenomenon.

Very upset, he approached the newspaper reader:

"Moshe, have you lost your mind? Why are you reading an Arabic newspaper?"

Moshe replied:

"I used to read the Jewish newspaper, but what did I find? Jews being persecuted worldwide , Israel being attacked, Jews disappearing through assimilation and intermarriage, Jews living in poverty. So I switched to the Arabic newspaper.

Now what do I find? Jews own all the banks, Jews control the media, Jews are all rich and powerful, Jews rule the world. The news is so much better!".


The New York Times' editorial board has some wishes for the new year in the realm of public policy, one of which is:

Given a magic lamp, we might wish for stable, responsible democratic regimes in Iraq and North Korea for the new year. But for an idea that's doable, our foreign policy choice is dismantling Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Just as terrorism is the greatest Palestinian obstacle to Middle East peace, so the settlements established in territories captured in the 1967 war are the greatest Israeli obstacle. They deprive the Palestinians of valuable land and water and deny them geographical continuity. They are hard for Israel to defend against Palestinian attack, and they make it impossible to establish a clear, secure Israeli border.

For all these reasons, the United States — which has lately ignored the issue — should press Israel to start reducing a settler population that's doubled in the last decade to 200,000 (without counting 200,000 in East Jerusalem). Israel's cooperation would show that it is serious about a two-state solution and, if matched by reciprocal concessions on the Palestinian side, would strengthen the prospects for a durable agreement.

Forget about the nonsense of 200,000 settlers in "East Jerusalem". I can't conceive of a reasonable argument for advocating the evacuation of Jews that live in Jerusalem neighborhoods, contiguous with the rest of the city, solely because they extend a little over the 1967 border. And the same people who advocate, as a moral issue, the evacuation of such Jews fromt heir homes and neighborhoods, are the first ones to scream bloody murder when it is suggested that Palestinian terrorists, forget about the cvilian population- terrorists, be exiled. But the mass expulsion of Jews from their homes is a tenable, even moral position in their eyes. Always has been, and, unfortunately, it seems, always will be.

Note the arguments in this article about focusing on the Israelis instead of the terrorists in Iraq, North Korea, and Ramallah. Behold the magnificance and subtleties of the left's great non-simplistic morality. The Times' argument is thus: we can't fight the great evils, because they're pretty powerfull. So lets pick on the Jews, that's always been fairly easy. That's towering morality for you. Thank heavens the Times editors haven't succumbed to moral simplism, you know, the kind that actually advocates acting upon your convictions. The kind that doesn't advocate picking on the righteous side of a conflict (Israel) because the murderous, immoral side (Arafat, Hamas, et al) are too powerfull to deal with. The kind that is actually capable of distinguishing, in its simplicity, between perpetrator and victim, and doesn't issue a blanket condemnation of all violence, no matter its impetus, because it lacks a moral framework for evaluating different behaviors. God save us from our moral "sophisticates", and those that refuse to confront evil because it's too strong. And we're the chickenhawks. Well, at least we're willing to stand up for our beliefs, to protect ourselves from agressors. At least we aren't just chickens.

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Five articles on Israeli minister fired in vote-buying scandal

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fired his deputy infrastructure minister Tuesday in a move aimed at quieting a vote - buying scandal that has rocked his Likud party. The panel, which is dominated by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's right - wing allies, ruled early Wednesday to ban Azmi Bishara and his Balad party from the election. JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fired a deputy Cabinet minister yesterday as a mushrooming vote - buying scandal threatened his expected landslide re - election this month. The issue came to a head Sunday when Blumenthal, the highest - ranking Likud leader to be investigated, was questioned about her campaign by police, and she invoked her legal right to remain silent. The possibility of an election boycott by Israel's Arab minority grew stronger Wednesday after a parliamentary committee banned an Arab party and its leader from running in the Jan. 28 vote.
MEMRI has a multipart analysis of Arab reaction to Horeseman Without A Horse on their website. (I link to part three, parts one and two are accessable from the main page.) Some authors criticize it, others praise it, and yet others are intent on proving the validity of the Protocols. From an aimless, longwinded editorial by Syrian ambassador to Oman Dr. Riyadh Na'san Agha:
"The Americans were interested in the Protocols. It reminded them of the speech to Congress by their president, Benjamin Franklin, in which he said: "Gentlemen, a great danger threatens the United States. This danger is the Jews. Everywhere they act to bring down morality. Throughout their long history, they have remained isolated, cut off from the nations among which they lived. They have not integrated into the cultures, but acted always to incite financial crises and strangle the economies [of these nations], as happened in Portugal and Spain. If they are not expelled from the U.S. in accordance with the constitution, within a hundred years they will come to this land in great numbers, and will take us over and destroy us."
Trying to pull himself out of a trap, Dr. Agha falls into two others. The first problem should be glaringly obvious: Benjamin Franklin was never POTUS. Secondly, he never said that.

Ahmad Dahbour, director of the Palestinian Information Ministry, takes an even harder stance than Agha. For him, the Protocol aren't damning enough (or maybe he's pissed that they're not damning at all, being a forgery):
"…The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are a stupid pamphlet full of nonsense, that depicts an international conference of the [forces of] evil, led by yellow-faced people capable of grasping the world in their hands… like a boiled egg and squashing it. The conflict with the Zionist enterprise is graver and more dangerous than these nonsensical words. If we do not present Zionism as it is - a nationalistic, racist European movement that emerged at the periphery of the old colonialism and imperialism - we will make ourselves easy prey…"
Ouch. Reform the PA, please.

One of the more interesting views comes from Saudi writer Daoud Shirian. His argument attacks those who use freedom of expression to defend Horeseman:
…Our position as Egyptians and Arabs, in defense of the series, appears weak, because it is based on the right of [freedom of] expression.  In Egypt itself, a [government] warning was sent yesterday to the Dream satellite channel [which is broadcasting the series], in the matter of a political program [in which veteran journalist Hasanayn Heikal discussed the question of who President Mubarak's successor will be]. In many Arab countries, newspapers, offices of satellite channels, and news agencies are being shut down.  Therefore, basing our [arguments] on the principles of freedom of expression... does not serve our interests… As long as the Arab media remain 'official,' America and other [nations] will continue to interfere in its affairs and violate their sovereignty.
He's writing for a London-based newspaper, of course.

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January 01, 2003

Making strides

Amnon Rubinstein discusses the narrowing educational gap between Jewish and Arab Israelis, noting that there is no longer a significant gap between Jews and Christian Arabs, and that Muslim Arabs - especially girls - have made up much of the difference that existed during the mandate. Rubinstein states that it is "incumbent upon us to eliminate the educational gap between Jews and Arabs completely," which will require concessions from both sides - "affirmative action and a change in approach by the Arab local authorities." Nevertheless, the difference in educational achievement between Muslims and non-Muslims is now less in Israel than in Europe - something that might give pause to Europeans who criticize Israel's treatment of its Muslim minority.

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We could all use a laugh at Arafat's expense.
Some of it you might want to hide from the kids.

Heroes in our Midst

This is an article from Naomi Ragen which is uplifting in its portrayal of the heroes of a country under constant attack.

I once lived in what shall remain an unnamed city in the Western world, in which one of the most prominent organizations was called: Parents of Murdered Children. In this place, the kidnapping and molestation and murder of children was endemic, so much so that I wouldn't let my children go out of the house alone. Ever.

In this city, a woman's car once broke down on the highway. Within ten minutes, a car picked her up, and she was subsequently raped and murdered. And I wondered: What kind of people live in this place that within a ten minute period a rapist-murderer would be passing by?

And now I live in a place where all around me, every minute of the day, in every part of this land, there is a hidden saint and hero.

I want to start with the latest story, the story of Noam in Otniel. Otniel is a yeshiva in which boys add two years to their regular army service so that they can continue their religious studies. My son went there. And his friends. And the son of one of my neighbors, a remarkable young man, the kind that regularly visits a family because they lost one of their sons in the army. And now he visits them, and comforts them, every week. People he didn't know.

Last weekend in Otniel, the boys went home for Shabbat, and the yeshiva was open to visitors. Friday night. The white tablecloths. A hundred boys wearing knitted skullcaps just returned from Sabbath prayers. They formed a circle and danced, waiting for the first course of the Sabbath meal to be served. In the kitchen, Gabriel,17, Tvika, 18, Yehuda 20, and Noam 23, were getting the first course on to the serving plates.

Outside, two terrorists, members of the Islamic Jihad organization, cut the useless wire fence around the yeshiva, and entered the kitchen wearing IDF army uniforms and toting M 16's, 12 rounds of ammunition, and ten hand grenades. They started shooting immediately. Under fire, Noam Apfter ran towards the door separating the kitchen from the dining room where a hundred unsuspecting young boys were welcoming the Sabbath. Wounded, with his last strength, he locked both locks and threw the key away. He locked himself in with the terrorists, and locked them out from harming his fellow students.

Noam Apfter paid for this act of heroism with his life. He, and the other three boys were murdered by the terrorists.

Now, I don't know if I can explain this to you, those of you who have never been in a terrorist attack. Faced with such harm, every single fibre of your being screams to open the door and escape. To think of others in such a situation is remarkable. To deliberately lock yourself in with terrorists to save others, is beyond my capacity to understand. It takes a large soul, and more courage than is given to any human being.

These are the people I live amongst:

Shlomo Harel: who pushed a suicide bomber to the ground when he tried to explode himself in a Jerusalem coffee shop, pinning his arms to the floor.

Mikhail Sarkisov, 31, a new immigrant from Turkmenistan, living in a trailer with no bathroom or refrigerator, who as a guard on Tel Aviv's beachfront Cafe Tayelet, armed with a fake pistol, threw himself bodily on a suicide bomber to prevent him from detonating, saving dozens of lives.

Rami Mahmoud Mahameed, 17, a young Arab Israeli, who asked a suicide bomber waiting at a bus stop for his cell phone, and calmly called the police, who prevented the bomber from boarding a bus, but not from exploding. Rami was badly injured.

Eli Federman, who, guarding a Tel Aviv disco, faced the speeding car of a suicide bomber heading straight for him, and the club, and coolly fired, blowing up the car before it could enter.

Bus driver Baruch Neuman, who got off the bus to check a passenger who had fallen trying to board the bus from the back, only to find he was wired. He and another passenger held the bomber's hands down until the rest of the bus passengers could flee to safety.

Others who paid for their heroism with their lives include Yossef Twitto, head of the response team in Itamar, who ran to save a family whose home had been entered by terrorists, terrorists who killed three sisters and brothers, wounded another two, before killing Yossef Twitto.

Mordechai Tomer, 19, who stopped a car from going into downtown Jerusalem and was blown up.
Tamir Matan, who helped stop a suicide bomber in a gas station from entering a busy cafeteria. He and two young soldiers who helped him, were blown up.

This is the face of Israel. These are the people I live amongst. I live among them humbly, knowing that in any place, or time, in a random ten minute period, there are heroes cruising around, ready to give their precious lives for mine.

This is our human landscape, what the land of Israel, its values, its education, its mothers and fathers, have produced. This land, and its people.

Red Sea Shipping and Ports as WMD Targets

Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon informed the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee on Monday, October 28, that Iraq has airplanes capable of delivering biological and chemical weapons over Israel. The official “there’s nothing to worry about” campaign run from Jerusalem until now is gradually making way for a more realistic assessment.

Saddam Hussein’s retaliation tactic was generally presumed by most military experts to be based on sending a hail of missiles fitted with chemical, biological - or even nuclear - warheads against main cities in Israel and the Gulf region, as well as such oil targets as Kuwait’s oilfields and Saudi oil depots at Ras al Tanura.

However, according to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military and intelligence sources, the Iraqi ruler and his generals have a surprise up their sleeve.

They do not mean to exhaust Iraq’s sparse missile supply on hitting Riyadh or Tel Aviv or even oil targets. Instead, they plan to wait until the Americans start invading Iraq from Kuwait in the south and from Jordan in the West, and then strike hard with unconventional weapons delivered from the air over the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba ports of Eilat and Agaba.
Kramer on MESA

President Beinin’s Farewell Address

On November 24, Professor Joel Beinin, Stanford University historian, delivered his presidential address to an audience of 800 members of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) at their annual conference. On the face of it, it’s a tedious read. Beinin belongs to the far-left, blame-America-first, Zionism-is-colonialism school, and much of his address just rehashes its key dogmas: we’re hated in the Middle East for what we do, not what we are; our civil liberties have gone down the tube since 9/11; Ariel Sharon should be put on trial for Sabra and Shatila (and may have had someone killed to keep himself out of a Belgian court), etcetera. This is followed by a none-too-accurate sketch of the history of Middle Eastern studies in America, and expressions of indignation over “scurrilous attacks that have been leveled against MESA collectively and several of our members individually.”


But Beinin’s speech is more interesting than its agitprop style would suggest...

In support of Israel

Israel is always being accused of acting contrary to international law with respects to the settlements, the occupation and the right of return.

As I understand the law,

a) the occupation is legal having been authorized by Sec Council Res 242
b) the settlements are legal, there being no law against building settlements on disputed territory and there being no commitment by Israel not to do so.
c) there is no legally recognized right of return, there being only a Resolution of the General Assembly that the refugees should be allowed to return. This is a recommendation not a right.

Israel is doing a bad job of making this clear. I know what the problem is. The international community both governments and media, knowingly promote the notion of illegality in order to stigmatize Israel and its actions. There are those who make the allegations of illegality knowing it to be false and those who really believe it to be so. I am sure this is not news to you.

Whoever speaks for Israel should always make the case for legality before discussing any of these issues. They should always challenge an interviewer, reporter or panellist as soon as either in any way makes any mention of illegality. Their current efforts are woefully inadequate in this regard. A spokesperson for the Palestinians never says 'settlement" or "occupation" with out using the adjective "illegal" in conjunction with such words.

Our spokespersons might take another lead from the Palestinian notebook, namely, always characterize Israeli actions with respect to fighting terror as being legal even if the law is moot. They should be categorical on the matter of legality.

Administration's policies don't match the president's rhetoric.
Democracy for Muslims--Sort Of
If what is said is proven fact, I would deport this guy to Syria, or, better, Iraq.
MK Ahmad Tibi to appeal disqualification from Knesset race
Good News to Start Off 2003

Too much of the news from Israel is gloomy, so for New Year’s Day, it would be a nice change, perhaps, to look on the bright side . Following are three news stories in that vein; all were published around Christmas Day, 2002.

(1) A scientific achievement to benefit mankind

The first story comes from Reuters, via the health/science pages of the Times of India. The story is entitled, Israeli doctors grow human kidneys in mice and reports as follws:
Israeli scientists said on Monday they had successfully grown human kidneys in mice, in a breakthrough that might one day help save thousands of patients waiting for transplants.

Tens of thousands of patients worldwide, including 50,000 in the US alone, need a new kidney. Many die before a suitable donor is found. The researchers, led by Dr Yair Reisner of the Weizmann Institute of Science, said they had transplanted stem cells from human and pig fetuses into mice.
On December 10, 2002, I posted an article under the heading, Boycott Israel - Miss Out on Talent. Here is yet another example to underscore this point.

(2) Israeli scientist wins US award for ecological research

The second story comes from Israel 21C, a web site that brings many a news story about Israel’s achievements in science-related fields. The piece about the ecological research award reads in part as follows:
A Tel Aviv University professor who pioneered the use of bacteria to clean up oil pollution in oil tankers, pipelines and on beaches has been named the winner of the prestigious annual Proctor and Gamble Award for Applied and Environmental Microbiology awarded by the American Society of Microbiology.

Professor Eugene Rosenberg of the George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences at Tel Aviv University for his research on the ecology of microorganisms. Rosenberg pioneered (together with Professors David Gutnick and Eliora Ron) the use of bacteria to clean up oil pollution in oil tankers, pipelines and on beaches. The Tel Aviv team developed the principles and technology for treatment of oil pollution in the environment, using microorganisms and bioemulsifiers.
This is the second time that an Israeli scientist has won this Proctor and Gamble award. The prize was awarded to Prof. Moshe Shilo of the Hebrew University in 1978.
... Not that Bin Laden would be impressed.

(3) Agriculture R&D

As I noted in a previous article posted on Dawson Speaks and IIsrapundit, Israel prides herself on her achievements in agronomy and agriculture. In this vein, a recent article in Globus reported on an agridcultural R&D agreement between Israel and Texas:
Israel and Texas signed an agricultural R&D cooperation agreement last week. The US-Israel Binational Agricultural R&D Fund (BARD) brokered the three-year $500,000 a year agreement. Each project must have a representative from both Israel and Texas.

Israel and Texas will each contribute $250,000 a year to finance the agreement. It is believed the annual budget will finance 2-3 agricultural research projects a year. A scientific committee, composed of representatives from both states, will select suitable projects. Large parts of Texas are arid, and many projects will probably be devoted to irrigation.
...While the EU-niks engage in anti-Israel boycotts.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

A documentary that is not a documentary. Using the law of democracy to propagandize and get rid of democracy. `Jenin Jenin' filmmaker to ask Israeli Supreme Court to overturn censorship

December 31, 2002

Say "No", to a Palestinian state

Lest we forget.

"If a Palestinian state is established, it will be armed to the teeth. Within it there will be bases of the most extreme terrorist forces, who will be equipped with anti-tank and anti-aircraft shoulder-launched rockets, which will endanger not only random passersby, but also every airplane and helicopter taking off in the skies of Israel and every vehicle traveling along the major traffic routes in the coastal plain."
Who said that?. You'll never believe it , but none other than Shimon Peres in his book "Tomorrow is Now".

Martin Sherman in Arutz Sheva explains it this way;

A Palestinian state would be a deadly threat to Israel. This is not an empty political slogan, but a well-founded strategic truth. Accordingly, any sign of support for - or even reluctant resignation to - the eventual establishment of such a state is inconsistent with the preservation of Israel´s vital national interests. Any ambivalence on this issue - any policy other than resolute rejection of the very notion of an Arab state on the fringes of the greater Tel Aviv area, having total topographical control over the urban sprawl in the coastal plain, and full hydrological control over a third of the country´s water resources - is a grave strategic error.

The approach that Israel should refrain from repudiating the idea too sharply - lest it be branded "extremist" by world opinion - is badly misguided. For this means sacrificing long-term strategic values for short-term tactical expediency. It means subordinating vital security considerations to diplomatic convenience. It means transferring the burden and the responsibility for safeguarding the national interest from diplomatic representatives in well-pressed suits in foreign capitals, to the combat soldiers in sweaty battle fatigues on the front line. This is a total inversion - indeed perversion - of the proper order of things. After all, diplomacy is supposed to be a tool to serve and promote national policy, not a constraint that dictates this policy.

In this regard, there is ample reason for severe reprimand of those who have administered Israel´s foreign policy in recent years. The grave dangers involved in the transfer of Judea and Samaria to sovereign Arab rule are so stark, so tangible and so blatant that it seems inconceivable that any foreign service worth its salt (and taxpayers´ money) could not be capable of conveying to the world that the establishment of a Palestinian state would constitute an unreasonable, and hence unacceptable, risk for Israel. No country that wishes to survive can be expected to acquiesce to such a measure; no leader who cannot repel pressures for its implementation should be allowed to continue to govern. The fact that the idea of a Palestinian state has gathered widespread international support does not testify to the merits of the idea or the inevitability of its eventual implementation. Rather it testifies to the quality - or the lack thereof - of the performance of those charged with promoting Israel´s interests abroad and the necessity for their rapid replacement.

The deadly threats that would confront Israel in the event of the establishment of a Palestinian state manifest themselves along every conceivable dimension: width, length, height and depth.
Width - because Israel will be left with less than the minimum territorial depth required for the deployment of a modern military defense system to protect the coastal plain, in which 80 percent of the country´s population and 80% of its economic activity are located;
length - because Israel will have to contend with the creation of a permanent border hundreds of kilometers long on the very approaches of the Dan region and adjacent to the nation´s major urban centers;
height - because from the highlands of Judea and Samaria, the Palestinians will have total topographical control over all the infrastructure (civilian and military) in the low-lying coastal strip, including airfields, seaports and power plants;
depth - because the Palestinians will have hydro-strategic control over crucial groundwater sources, creating a situation in which Israel´s water problem could be transformed from a grave but manageable crisis, to an insoluble catastrophe.
What could be clearer.

This was making the rounds a few months ago but bears re-posting. U.S. corporations support Hezbollah hate.
This editorial dismantles Paulin, the poet invited to speak at Harvard, who believes Israel does not have the right to exist. Ah, yes: Before Paulin there was Ezra Pound, a poet of considerable renown and skill, but an anti-semite and a nutcase. WASHINGTON DIARIST
Tutor : Tom Paulin's Opinions

Articles on Election

With all eyes on Labor and Likud, Shinui Party showing huge gains

Campaign posters at every corner

my favorite slogan: “Sharansky: Right. Sane. Clean.”

Eny meny miny mo

Iraq or N. Korea first

Many politicians and pundits when trying to undermine the resolve of the White House to go to war with Iraq , argue that N. Korea is a bigger threat and therefore shouldn't we attack them first. Here is one such discussion with Colin Powell. They don't mean it of course. Its entirely rhetorical.

But N. Korea is a case in point for going to war with Iraq sooner rather than later.

North Korea has one million men under arms, three nuclear weapons and months away from being able to produce more of them. They also have an advanced missile delivery system. As it turns out, all this mitigates against war with N. Korea. They have passed the critical point in the growth of their capability where the US is no longer willing to take them on because of the harm they could do to Japan and S. Korea and the 38,000 US troops stationed there. The US has been snookered. The military option is no longer feasible. We must negotiate and try to contain them somehow. We know that they are exporting their missiles and know how to the Arabs. Its a real mess.

Is there a better reason for getting it on with Iraq now.


This article by Chuck Morse will probably lead to a fatwa.
Moderate Muslims, thank G-d, tend to follow the portions of the Koran that cover the peaceful and worshipful early period in the life of the Prophet Muhammad. The Muslim fundamentalists, on the other hand, tend to focus on the more violent passages of Koran and Hadith, which emanated from the later period in Muhammad’s life, after he had achieved military hegemony in Medina. Bin Laden, al-Qaeda, the Saudi Wahabbists, Hizbollah, Hamas, the Iranian clerics, and a growing international network of Islamic terrorists embrace this aspect of Islam, an aspect that is entirely comparable to the Nazi faith of Hitler. We can’t afford to apologize for examining the professed faith of those who hijacked the passenger planes on Sept. 11 and who are now trying mightily hard to obtain weapons of mass destruction.


At least that is what the Theocratic Dictatorship of Peace, Lebanon, is saying in this commentary in the state run propaganda rag, The Daily Star.

Hizbullah has every right to be angry over its undeserved addition to the Canadian government’s list of terrorist organizations, but it can hardly profess to have been surprised by the move. In fact, the party’s own interpretation of what happened does much to explain how it got banned on the basis of faulty (if not deliberately skewed) reporting by an American newspaper. The party also makes a point of arguing that Ottawa’s decision was influenced by Bnai Brith, a pro-Zionist organization that actually went to court to get its way on this issue. Both of these claims are at least partly true. The only reason these flimsy efforts succeeded, however, is because Hizbullah has yet to understand the need to communicate with the outside world and so has been left unarmed in a propaganda war that its enemies take very seriously.

Oh, I think they are communicating just fine. But it must sting to be taken down by such "flimsy efforts".

Hizbullah has a special responsibility to explain itself. As the first Arab force to manage anything even remotely resembling a defeat of Israeli arms, it is widely seen as being representative of Lebanon, of the Arab world, and even of Islam writ large. Its image abroad is often affixed by Westerners to other groups and peoples far and wide. Its refusal to help craft that image is therefore a hindrance to the fortunes of both active and passive supporters everywhere. More importantly, it is an obstacle to the building of understanding between Islam and the West.

And this is why Israel should never give an inch to it's enemies.

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