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December 14, 2002

Anything you can do, I can do better!

This headline yesterday drew my attention because I am interested in the roles women play anywhere, especially unexpected places. But the reason for this post is this little snippet:
A posting by one woman on a neo-Nazi women's site makes the argument for giving women more responsibility in the movement, in a mix of women's rights and racism: "Nature intended that women use their brains to advance their race. … For comrades to suggest that women squelch this natural instinct by solely being a house-wife, they are acting unAryan and clearly violating laws of Nature. I mean look at the Talmud — the Jews are the ones who advocate treating women as breeding tools and property. How dare … comrades stoop to the level of the Jews in such a manner," the posting reads.

I admit I have not read the Talmud, but I seriously doubt that this lady did, either. And, um, what's with "comrades"?

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Reality check:

So, is it A:

JERUSALEM POST: Palestinians: Massive IDF operation underway in Gaza Strip

Or is it B:

JERUSALEM POST: IDF denies "massive" operation in Gaza Strip

I'm looking forward to the headlines on December 24th when "Palestinian witnesses" say there's a massive Santa operation underway in the North Pole.
Sean Penn Arrives in Baghdad for Three-Day Visit
"As a father, an actor, a film-maker and patriot, my visit to Iraq is for me a natural extension of my find my own voice on matters of conscience," Penn, once married to pop diva Madonna, said in a statement issued by the Institute of Public Accuracy.

"I have the privileged opportunity to pursue a deeper understanding of this frightening conflict," Penn said.

Who is his muse this time? Bonior? McDermott? Farrakahn?
As he visits the country that launched 39 scuds at Israel after stealing Kuwait, will he add up the palaces as he adds up the poverty?

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"This article superbly explains why the fight against Islamic terrorism without taking into account Islam itself is futile."
Islam Warriors Looking For Saladin
Two notes on recent news reports

(1) Where did they learn this Chutzpah?

After Canada listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization - which is merely calling a spade a spade - the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations reacted by saying “This is a sad day for Canada. The Canadian government’s approach will alienate and frighten the Arab communities” ( Ottawa Citizen, Dec 12, 2002, p. A6). “Alienate and frighten” because a terrorist group has been recognized as such? Is that because “the Arab communities” identify with these terrorists and/or support them?

Still, this reaction is “civilized” by comparison with the reaction of the terrorist organization itself, according to AP also reported by Jerusalem Post):
The Hezbollah guerrilla group said Thursday that Canada was making a "grave mistake" in declaring it to be a terrorist organization.
To add insult to injury, Lebanon too has added its voice in support of Hizbollah, as Ha’Aretz, December 13, 2002, reports:
Lebanon denounces Canada decision to outlaw Hezbollah

Lebanon called Friday for Canada to reverse its decision to add Hezbollah's military wing to its list of terror organizations, Israel Radio reported.
Lebanese Foreign Minister Mahmoud Hamoud instructed his country's embassy in Ottawa to intervene in the matter, the radio said.

(2) The new myth

It will be recalled that according to Bin Laden himself, he waged his war on the US because the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia defiled its holy soil. Then it occurred to Bin Laden and/or to his henchmen that it would be much more useful (especially in the European entity) to attribute his hostility to “the occupation” (not the occupation of Lebanon by Syria, or the occupation of Tibet by China, or the occupation of Corsica by France, and not the occupation of the Basque lands by Spain - he meant Israel’s regaining control over Judea, Samaria and Gaza).

Now this myth, "it's all because of Israel and/or the occupation", is gathering momentum, as the following piece from the Gulf News indicates:
Like Arabs elsewhere, Kuwaitis say there is a widespread sense of rage and humiliation felt by average people that is caused by the actions of Israel against Palestinians and a sense that the U.S. campaign against terrorism is a thinly disguised religious war against Muslims.

"Every day we watch on TV the scenes of Israel killing people in Palestine. Every day. What do you expect to happen in the Arab person's mind? You should expect huge anger, and sometimes it does not stay only as anger. It develops into action," said Dr Ismail Shatti, the Islamist who met with a journalist at the Galleria 2000 mall.
We must concentrate on fighting this new myth which is clearly designed to sabotage the friendship that most people in the US feel towards Israel. A good starting point is to remind the people of the US that years before “the occupation”, during the Cold War, such Arab states as Syria, Iraq and Egypt were aligned with the Soviet Union against the Western democracies. And during WW II, it took British troops to put an end to the pro-Nazi regimes in Iraq and Egypt. The humiliating expulsion of John Glubb (Pasha) and his British colleagues from Jordan, 1956, after decades of loyal service, is another episode one should mention. When did the West receive anything but hostility from the Arab world, even when Israel was hardly a concept?

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

Shimon Peres ‘We Can Still Have Peace’
You decide. Use comment section.
Rant against "sell out" former president Jimmy Carter as possible Middle East mediator
A Jewish journalist confronts an Arab American At the Corner of Hate and Free Speech

Children admitted free so they can kill themselves as Hamas threatens new attacks in rally that draws tens of thousands
Syria casts a "no" vote as UN Council condemns Kenya attacks
Exposing an anti-Israel bias and shabby professionalism. Economist against Israel

December 13, 2002

Muslim Moderate Majority? How about just a Moderate Minority?

As loud as the voices of the 'moderate' Muslims are, is how many, of the 1.5 billion worldwide, there are that do not support what Muslims are doing all over the world to non-Muslims.

1. Millions of Hindus killed by Muslims especailly in India.

Hindu Holocaust Museum

2. Millions of Africans in slavery by Muslims in North Africa.

Sudanese Slave Trade - Arab Muslims Persecution of Christians

Arab Muslim Terrorism, Persecution and Slavery of Black Christians in Africa

3. Thirty-five years of arab terrorism worldwide starting in 1968 with the murder of Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles by a 'Palestinian.'

Worldwide Victims of arab Terrorist Attacks

4. The active persecution of non-Muslims (specifcally native Christians) in over 10 countries. Including a tiny enclave of indigenous Christians within Indonesia being killed; 3,000 killed in past 3 years.

Christian Persecution Watch

5. Arabs ongoing and 5 fought wars with the tiny and young country (the only democray in region) of Israel.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Basic Facts

6. Muslim apartheid (dhimmitude)

Dhimmi Victims of Muslim religious aparthied

The Bloody Red Crescent Map

There are no voices of moderation from the 1.5 billion Muslims because it's a myth; there are no moderate Muslims.

Being a Muslim is what we see Muslims being worldwide.

If Muslims became 'moderate' as westerners claim there are, then they wouldn't be Muslims.

Believe what you see, not what people tell you.

I Don't Wanna Work, I Just Wanna *BANG!*

It's time for some more twisting of the language by the twisted PA Regime "Security Regime" in Pee Aye's Nut House. The Secret Word for today is work. When you hear Pee Aye say the Secret Word in a sarcastic manner, scream really loud, okay?

Let's start with a few job openings that have recently popped up in the Jerusalem Post:

A Palestinian man was killed and another wounded when an explosion rocked the house they were in, in the Gaza Strip refugee camp of al-Boureij Friday afternoon, Israel Radio reported.

The source of the explosion was unknown, but the report quoted Palestinian security personnel as saying it may have been the outcome of a "work accident", meaning the explosives the two were handling had gone off.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! You said the Secret Word!

Look, it's pretty simple. If building bombs in your house is work, then the unemployment rate of Gaza and the West Bank should be reported as near-zero. I'm sure the UNRWA would be proud of that fact if they thought of their years of hard work in the territories.

Euroweenies Dis Turkey Again

EU Rejects Turkey's Bid for Early Talks

The only Muslims the Euroweenies will tolerate on their soil are fanatical, Jew-hating, America-hating terrorists. Pro-Western, democratic, non-fundamentalist Turks--who helped keep Europe safe from the Soviets during the Cold War--are rejected time and again.

One man's restraint is another man's poison

Emanuel A. Winston writes in The Legacy of Restrained Engagement
The word and the actuality of "restraint" have different meanings and different results. "Restrained engagement" in the face of terrorism seems to be a formula of self-sacrifice for no reason whatsoever.

US President George W. Bush and US Secretary of State Colin Powell have been insisting that Israel show restraint in punishing the Arab Palestinians after every major homicide bombing or shooting attack.

"Restraint" in the face of terrorism is a formula for more casualties, longer wars and always the probability of terror re-emerging after a "restrained" assault and early withdrawal. This, then, is the formula Bush/Powell has placed on the shoulders of Israel. Having done so has resulted in a rapid growth of terrorist organizations, who have learned from Israel’s "restrained" incursions. Mr. Bush has shot us all in the foot.

The concept of "restrained engagement" is a by-product of the philosophy of pacifists, who believe that if you do not hit the enemy too hard, they will appreciate the "restraint" and show friendliness in the end. That is pure State Department appeasement.
Release the hounds...

Ted Belman

"BBC's One-Sided Headlines"


This week, BBC ran a string of three misleading headlines, presenting spurious anti-Israel accusations as if they were undisputed facts:

1) When Yasser Arafat claimed that the Israeli Mossad set up a fake al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Gaza, Israeli spokesmen dismissed it as nonsense. But BBC's headline trumpets Arafat's accusation as if it were undisputed fact:

"Israel 'faked al-Qaeda presence'"

Actually, the al-Qaeda website, in addition to claiming responsibility for the attacks in Kenya, vowed to launch suicide attacks against Israeli targets in the Middle East.

2) BBC blithely declares this headline:

"Israeli Missile Strike Kills One"

Readers have to scroll down to find out the "one" was a wanted terrorist (employed by the PA security services) responsible for several Israeli deaths.

3) And finally, when a group of United Nations workers signed a petition calling on the Israeli government to exercise more caution, BBC's headline declared:

"Israel 'threatens lives of UN workers'"

In fact, the issue is far from cut-and-dry, as Danielle Haas of the San Francisco Chronicle reports:

- Hamas admitted that a UNRWA teacher killed by the IDF was a member of the terror group.
- Posters of suicide bombers can be found on the walls of UNRWA schools.
- U.S. congressmen are saying that U.S. funding for the UNRWA should be frozen if the terror continues.

Haas also notes the bigger context of Israel-UN tensions over the years, including the UN's denial (and subsequent admission) of possessing a videotape of kidnapped IDF soldiers, the 'Zionism is Racism' resolution, the Durban racism conference, and the hypocrisy of Syria having a seat on the Security Council. Meanwhile, an Israeli government report maintains that the UNRWA provides an infrastructure for terrorist activities, with UNRWA facilities used as terrorist havens.

The report tells of UNRWA ambulance driver Nidal Nazal, arrested five months ago, who admitted using his ambulance to transport ammunition and messages between terrorist groups. Ala Hassan, a Tanzim terrorist arrested nine months ago, said that ammunition was stored and target practice was held in the UNRWA school in Nablus. Nahad Atalla also admitting using an UNRWA vehicle to transport terrorists on their way to attacks.

When Jews are being killed its old news or not even news.

An Associated Presswire story with the headline "FBI: Surge in crimes against Muslims" drew an interesting conclusion from the FBI's annual report of hate-crime statistics:
"Incidents targeting Muslims, previously the least common involving religious bias, increased from just 28 in 2000 to 481 in 2001 a jump of 1,600 percent."
Most major media outlets picked up on this and reported on this highly disturbing trend in American life since September 11, 2001.

But as always what was not raised in the media but which was a key finding of the FBI's annual report:
Of the 2,118 victims of hate crime in 2001, 26% were Muslims, but 56.5%were Jews.

In 2000, there were 1,699 victims of a hate crimes based on religion. Of those, 1,269 (approximately 75% ) were Jews.

In 1999, the numbers are similar, with a total of 1,686 reported victims of hate crimes, 1,289 of whom were Jewish.

In 1998, it was a total of 1,720 victims, 1,235 of whom were Jews.
I don't know about you but I was astounded at these numbers.

Ted Belman

Who "Owns" America?...The Saudis Do

Ordinary Americans are at a total loss to understand

- why Saudi Arabia gets away with murder, literally.
- why the State Department is their chief apologist
- why the Saudis get special treatment such as the visa express
- why President Bush makes nice
- why their horrible treatment of Americans in Saudi Arabia is tolerated
- why their vicious anti- Americanism and anti-semetism is tolerated
- why their support for terror and Wahabism is tolerated.

Why indeed?

Danial Pipes in his recent article How the Saudis Buy Friends cuts to the chase. They buy off the White House and the State Department one way or another.

Fortunately, Congress and the Senate, who are not on the payroll, are outraged.

Pipes recommends that all U S officials who have any dealings with Saudi Arabia be prohibited from receiving money, either directly or indirectly, from Saudi Arabia.

Serge Trefkovic in Islam: the Folly of Appeasement argues that
The real problem facing the United States and Western democracy is .... whether the West still has the moral strength to adopt any policy causing its power-wielders temporary financial losses. Curbing their greed — this doesn’t mean you personally, Pres. Bush, but it does mean some of your slimy oil-patch friends whispering in your ear — is a prerequisite for success in the inevitable conflict with Islam.

"The crack whore of Western petro-consumerism will always return to her john for her next fix, however much she complains about how he treats her."

So there you have it. Our government officials and have prostituted themselves for money. Our people and our economy are hooked on cheap oil. Our decision makers are influenced by big business.

Ted Belman

"Thanks to your activism, our supporters around the world, have already made a difference in the campaign against Rever la Palestine (Dream of Palestine) the best-selling novel for teens which sympathetically portrays a young Palestinian who becomes a suicide bomber and has been promoted as a wonderful book for young readers in France, Germany, Norway, Italy, and Canada."


Why one should oppose a second Palestinian-Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza - Part 15 of 23

This piece continues a series of which the first 14 parts were posted on September 8, 9, 11, 17, 20, 22, 23; October 7, 24, 28, 29; and November 6, and 26; and December 5, 2002. (Alternatively, the previous articles may be found in the IsraPundit archives as follows: September 8, 9, 11, 17, 20, 22, 23; October 7, 24, 28, 29; and November 6 and 26; and December 5, 2002). The object of the series is to provide a database that is not only reliable and well-documented but also one for which documents are easily accessible, preferably from web resources. The term "second Palestinian-Arab state" is used in order to underscore that one Palestinian-Arab state already exists: it's called Jordan, and it is located in that part of Eastern Paletsine that was originally to have been part of the Jewish National Home.

15. The scarcity of water in the region renders it imperative that Israel retain control over the this resource in Western Palestine as a whole (Israel and Yesha). Based on past experience, one has reason to suspect that should a sovereign Palestinian-Arab state control this resource, such a state would be a permanent threat to Israel.

Palestine (including contemporary Jordan, Israel and Yesha) and the neighbouring countries suffer from a serious shortage of water, a fact which makes this resource unique in its importance. Conflicts over water have coloured the relations between Turkey and her neighbours (see, for example, the official Turkish site), as well as the relations between Israel and Syria (see, for example, TimeLine or brief article). As will be shown at the end of this article, the conflict between Israel and Lebanon about water is still ongoing.

In connection with the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, the water problem stems from the fact that for Israel,
fully 40 percent of the available fresh-water resources consists of ground water drawn from aquifer wholly or partially under Judea and Samaria. This is a supply without which Israel would be brought to the brink of catastrophe...
[Cited from p. 311 of
Netanyahu, Benjamin. Durable Peace. Warner Books, 2000.]

This “catastrophe” could come about by denying Israel water through diversions, by contaminating the aquifer, whether deliberately or through mismanagement of sewer/waste disposal systems, by depleting the aquifer, by or by damaging it irreversibly in other ways.

Should Israel lose control over the source of its water through granting sovereignty to the Palestinian Arabs, Israel would have to live perpetually under the Sword of Damocles.

Israel has good reasons to be sceptical about the environmental awareness of her Arab neighbours and their willingness to share water. Suffice it to recall the persistent sabotage in which Syria engaged during the period in which Israel was constructing her National Water Carrier. In the same vein, the first act of sabotage in which the PLO was involved was an attempt to sabotage the National Water Carrier on January 3, 1965. And the current conflict with Lebanon is yet another element to heighten Israel’s concern (see end of article).

According to a report published in Grist Magazine, Israel attempted to manage the water in Yesha by freezing the status quo, i.e., by :
capping Palestinian consumption, banning the digging of new wells, and putting quotas on how much water could be extracted from existing wells.
Hostile as this magazine is towards Israel, it had to admit that Israel hooked Palestinian towns into the water network; because of the Palestinian poor management, however, “as much as half of the water meant to supply some Palestinian towns may be lost to leaking pipes”. Imagine the situation had Israel lost control entirely!

On January 31, 2001, several months after the PA organized the recent Intifada, Iaraeli and Palestinian Arabs met to flesh out an agreement that would put the water/sewage system beyond the conflict. The way the Palestinian Arabs adhered to the agreement is described by Ha’Aretz:
The declaration stating that the water and sewage infrastructures must not be harmed despite the military conflict was signed at the Erez Junction on January 31.
Chlorine for purifying drinking water is manufactured in the Haifa Bay, and Mekorot workers make sure to deliver it to meeting points in the West Bank, often at personal risk to themselves. The Palestinian water officials are grateful to them for this. Recently, when the IDF trisected the Gaza Strip, Israeli water officials made sure that chlorine would be delivered to the southern part of the strip to purify drinking water there.

But despite this openness for the Palestinians' water needs, Israel is quick to respond any time the Palestinian side purposely breaches the interim agreement on water. An example of this is the situation in the Jenin area. Palestinians privately drilled in 30 spots there for agricultural irrigation without permission or coordination with Israeli authorities. As a result, Israel is refusing to approve large-scale drilling for drinking water in that area.
Again, imagine the Palestinian Arabs gaining sovereignty over the water sources!

It will be recalled that the Oslo Accords of 1993, 1994, and 1995, deferred the issue of water, together with the issues of refugees, Jerusalem, Israeli settlements in Yesha, boundaries, and security, to the final negotiations. The assumption was that during the interim period, the Palestinian Arabs would show their intentions for a peaceful solution. But as reality indicates, and as this series has documented, peace is the last thing on the mind of the Palestinian Arabs, and under these realities, sovereignty for the Palestinian Arabs, which would deprive Israel of control over the regions water, is a recipe for Israel’s destruction.

Exacerbating the water issue is the phenomenal population increase of the Palestinian Arabs in Yesha, a topic which will be discussed in a forthcoming article, in the context of the economic viability of a Palestinian-Arab state in Yesha. Suffice it to note here that the annual rate of population increase has been recorded by the CIA Factbook (“West Bank” and “Gaza Strip”) at 3.39% for Judea and Samaria, and at 3.95% for Gaza (data for 2002). Using the demographic “rule of 72", these rates correspond to doubling the population within 21.2 and 18.3 years, respectively.

In response to peace overtures by her neighbours, Israel has shown incredible generosity in all areas, including water. For example, as part of the 1994 peace pact with Jordan, Israel agreed to distribute water to Jordan, notwithstanding the chronic shortage from which Israel herself suffers. But the belligerent Palestinian Arabs are clearly a different kettle of fish.

So are the Lebanese/Syrians. Their recent conflict with Israel is a two-prong conflict, namely, water and sewage, demonstrating the seriousness of the analysis outlined above with regard to the Palestinian Arabs.

The water prong of the conflict came to the fore in September, 2002, when it became clear that the Lebanese intended to install and operate a pumping station to remove water from the Wazzani tributary of the Jordan river. On September 15, the Jerusalem Post reported:

Diversion of waters from the Wazzani River was a top concern raised by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres in meetings with US officials on Friday.

Peres met with Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, and other administration officials in Washington.

"The Americans said [they] see as very grave what the Lebanese are doing with the water in the North but [they] are looking for a solution, not an escalation," one source in Peres's delegation said.

Peres, in a meeting with Israeli reporters, called Lebanon's moves a "senseless provocation."
The Lebanese government has apparently taken heart from reports that the US has asked Israel to tone down rhetoric on the issue.

Israel Radio yesterday quoted senior sources in Jerusalem as saying that Hizbullah is behind Lebanese plans to divert the river. The sources said that despite the imminent attack on Iraq, the organization has not changed its strategic outlook and is trying to stir up the northern border with Syria's full support.
One month later, on October 15, the Jerusalem Post reported about the provocative opening ceremony of the pumping station:

High-ranking Lebanese officials led by President Emile Lahoud and foreign diplomats joined with an estimated 10,000 people on Wednesday to participate in the inauguration of the controversial Wazzani River project.

Watched by IDF troops on the border with Lebanon, the cavalcades of the Lebanese hierarchy arrived one after the other to attend the ceremony, including Hizbullah's leader in south Lebanon, Sheikh Nabil Kaouk.

It was party time for the Lebanese and especially Hizbullah's Shi'ite rival, the Amal movement, which was the motivating force behind what the Lebanese view as the "liberation of the water."

Despite Israel's warnings and mediation efforts by the US, which did not send a representative to the ceremony, as well as the European Union and the United Nations, the official opening of the Wazzani project went ahead on a grand scale.

Israel has vehemently opposed Lebanon's unilateral action on the grounds that it sets a dangerous precedent and breaks the status quo on water use in the region that has existed for decades.
With regard to sewage, IMRA reported on November 3, 2002, that
[T]he Ministry of the Environment confirms that the Lebanese are dumping sewage water in the Ayoun River on the border
with Israel. The Director of the Northern District of the Ministry of the Environment, Shlomo Katz, asked senior officials to act to put an end to the polluting. He said that the four tanks of sewage that the Lebanese dumped flow down a route that ultimately reaches the Kinneret - a key source for drinking water in the nation. The Israel Radio correspondent noted that drinking water is also drawn from the river itself.

Israel Television Channel Two reported that the move by Lebanon is seen as another attempt to draw Israel into conflict after the recent water pumping operation failed to lead to an Israeli reaction on the ground.
A story by the Jerusalem Post, November 6, 2002, elaborates:
IDF troops are closely monitoring the dumping of sewage and other waste on the Lebanese side of the border, apparently into Nahal Ayoun, which flows into Israel.

Trucks have been seen dumping fluid waste there raising concern that the sewage will spilinto Israel when winter rains flow into the stream, which runs past Metulla on its way to nearby Tanur waterfall.

Trucks and tankers are reportedly being used to drain cesspools of villages in south Lebanon.
The sewage is then being poured into the Ayoun and possibly other riverbeds which are dry in the summer, but flow across the border in the winter and early spring.

The prime concern is that the sewage will ultimately seep into and pollute tributaries of the Jordan River which flows into Lake Kinneret, as well as damaging the water table.
The argument that a soverieing Palestinian-Arab state could be subject to a hypothetical “water agreement” should be discounted in the same way that the argument of “demilitarizing” a Palestinian-Arab state in Yesha is refuted: the stakes are too high, the means of verification and enforcement are too feeble, and the malevolent intentions of the Palestinian Arabs too manifest to permit Israel to relinquish control over water (or the borders, or the air space). At the same time, such control is bound to be a primary demand of a sovereign Palestinian State.

Once again we point to the only viable solution that will grant Israel security and grant the Palestinian-Arabs the self-determination they supposedly seek: an autonomous Palestinian-Arab entity within a sovereign Israel in the entire area of western Palestine.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

December 12, 2002

What can America do.

Doug Bandow in his article Rethinking the Saudi-US Alliance is long on the problem but short on the solution.

Currently the US prostrates itself before the Saudis for whatever crumbs they offer us in the "war" on terror. While at the same time the Saudis are financing Islam's war on America including terrorism, the madrassas and the anti-American propaganda. But most of their income is spend on the lavish lifestyles of the 7000 princes or investing in the US (currently estimated at 700 billion).

If the US gets out of Saudi Arabia then some group, possibly al-Qaida, will take over and a larger share of this revenue will be spent on their war against us. What is America to do about it.

Let's have some suggestions.

Ted Belman

This Makes Me Sick

Mainly b/c the usually reliable Wall St. Journal carries this fawning article:

New Palestinian Goal: A Shot At Soccer's 2006 World Cup

On the other hand, let's see what creative names for the Palestinian team we can come up with.
Why not blame the "Zionist entity" for this too? Crime Wave in West Bank as Unpaid Palestinian Cops Turn Rogue
Tenure means never having to be moral or decent again.British academic boycott of Israel gathers pace
Keep up the pressure

Recent incidents in Canada indicate just how well organized the supporters of the Palestinian Arabs are. The other day, Bnai Brith posted a full page ad in the Ottawa Citizen, calling upon citizen to demand that Canada place Hizbullah on the list of terrorist organizations. In no time flat the terrorists’ supporters mobilized and protested outside the offices of the Ottawa Citizen. They also gained free publicity, as the following piece from the Ottawa Citizen, December 9, 2002, indicates:
Arab group protests 'hateful' Citizen ad


An organization representing Arab Ottawa professionals held a demonstration outside the Citizen yesterday protesting the newspaper's decision to publish an advertisement they claim was "hatefuL"

Some 60 to 75 members of the Coalition of Canadian Arab Professional and Community Associations stood outside the Citizen offices on Baxter Road for about two hours, waving signs and shouting "no more lies, no more hate.”

Group leaders handed out leaflets decrying the newspaper'S "insensitivity" in publishing the advertisement, which featured a gun-toting cartoon man dressed in army fatigues and a Lebanese head scarf, who holds a Canadian passport in one hand and [a] book called Manual for Terrorists in the other under the caption: "A 'teacher' in the 'social service' branch of Hezbollah."

The full-page ad, placed Nov. 29 by Jewish advocacy group B'Nai Brith Canada, asks readers to protest Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham's refusal to ban the Lebanese extremist group as a terrorist organization because of calls by its leader for a global suicide bombing campaign.

The ad also recalls a recent statement made by a man claiming to beal-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, naming Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Germany and Australia as enemies because of their support for the United States.

Jim Orban, vice-president of sales and marketing for the Citizen, said the advertisement would be reviewed Monday. "We receive all sorts of ads of an advocacy nature, and we try to filter (them) internally to minimize ads that individuals will find offensive," said Mr. Orban.

"People should feel free to publish their point of view, provided certain internal standards are met," he added. Hassan Zeirreddine, president of the Lebanese Community Centre Ahlul-Bayt, called the ad "hate-mongering”. "This has the community very angry," Mr. Zeh'reddine said.

At one point, demonstrators confronted two men and a woman who arrived to protest the protesters.

One man, who refused to give his name, called the protest an example of anti-Israeli propaganda, and shouted "killing children is shameful."
[Scanned copy from the Ottawa Citizen, Dec 8, 2002, p.A12.]

Add this incident to the Concordia stories and you begin to see a pattern.

I suggest that an appropriate answer would be counter-mobilization: a rally for a rally, a boycott for a boycott.

With this in mind I reproduce below the letter sent by five Columbia U alumni to the University’s president in connection with the invitation extended to Tom (“Appalling”) Paulin. The letter was posted on December 9, 2002, on the IMRA site:
Monday, December 9, 2002

Re: Tom Paulin

Dear President Bollinger,

One might have thought Columbia's perpetually troubled English Department had already brought enough shame upon the university. First came the Edward Said saga: membership in an international terror organization; fabrication of the facts of his life to fit the myth of Palestinian dispossession; throwing stones at Israelis from the border of Lebanon. Then followed the Gayatri Spivak performance in Leeds in June of this year, celebrating both the suicide hijackings of 9/11 and the daily suicide bombings in Israel as (in her inimitable prose) "purposive self-annihilation, a confrontation between oneself and oneself, the extreme end of autoeroticism..."

But now the English Department may be on the verge of offering a permanent appointment to a racist hoodlum (in a line descending from Ezra Pound to Leroi Jones-Amiri Baraka) who makes Said and Spivak look morally sensitive and intellectually tactful. This, of course, is the notorious Tom Paulin, the Irish poet apparently seeking to relocate from England to NY.

Mr. Paulin, long known as a stalwart of the IRA school of poetics, has more recently turned his attention to Israel. According to the London Daily Telegraph ("Oxford poet 'wants US Jews shot'", 13 April 2002), Mr. Paulin told an interviewer for Al-Ahram that he abhorred "Brooklyn-born" Jewish "settlers" and believed "they should be shot dead." He added, for good measure, that he had quit the Labor Party because Tony Blair presides over "a Zionist government" and that he for his part "never believed that Israel had the right to exist at all." Columbia's James Shapiro, English professor and one of Paulin's ardent defenders, has told the COLUMBIA SPECTATOR (20 November 2002)) that these remarks "did not step over the line." Apparently Professor Shapiro's moral dividing line is like the receding horizon: he walks towards it, but can never reach it.

Has incitement to murder now become one of the qualifications for appointment in a department that once employed John Erskine, Mark Van Doren, F.W. Dupee, and Lionel Trilling? As alumni of Columbia, we hope not. Do we, as Orwell famously asked, have the right to expect common decency even of a (minor) poet? We hope yes.

Sincerely yours,

Edward Alexander (BA, '57)
Jerold S. Auerbach (PhD, '65)
Stephen M. Rittenberg (BA,'57, MD, '63)
Sol Z. Rosen (LLB, 1960)
Albert Silbowitz (BA, '62)
Irony of ironies: while the Appalling Paulin was issued an invitation notwithstanding the “US Jews Should Be Shot” comment, the Israeli journalist and professor, Gideon Kouts was initially banned from delivering a talk at Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM). The ban was reversed, according to the Ottawa Citizen, December 9, 2002 (p. A4), after “accusation of censorship from the Canada-Israel Committee”.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

December 11, 2002

ADL Resources

There's a lot of great stuff at the Anti-Defamation League
website. In particular, I recommend the
Advocating for Israel: An Activist's Guide:

KEY POINTS FOR ADVOCACY: a invaluable framework for casual conversations or formal presentations.

Israel has demonstrated its sincere desire for peace and its readiness to make the difficult decisions required for peace. Israel is fully committed to pursuing negotiated agreements with her Arab neighbors so that it may finally live in peace and security...

There is no excuse for Palestinian terrorism...

Israel has a right to exist in peace within secure borders. Faced with attack on its city streets, Israel has a fundamental right and an obligation to its citizens to defend itself...

A Bit Dated But...

This is an ADL comment on the NPR series on the Middle East that ran last month

ADL Analysis: Concerns with NPR's The Mideast: A Century of Conflict:

In a letter to National Public Radio, the Anti-Defamation League expressed disappointment with the recent seven-part series, The Mideast: A Century of Conflict. While the series did include some excellent segments, particularly the program on the 1967 Six-Day War, ADL noted endemic problems that would lead listeners to develop serious misperceptions about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...

1. Imbalance in Discussion of Israeli/Palestinian Policy on Negotiations...
2. Imbalance in Discussion of Terrorism...
3. Discussion of Key Issues are Incomplete...

Judging Israel

John Knox in todays Globe and Mail insists that we must be free to judge Israel. What follows is my letter in response.
Who says we're not. Israel's policies are judged more, and more harshly, then anyones.

Knox misses the point. What we and Knox are not, is free to judge Israel unfairly. And surely it is unfair to base such judgement on false assumptions and lies as opposed to facts.

Knox takes aim at what "in the view of many is an illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza" which he later refers to as Palestinian land. Israel and its supporters are constantly refuting such allegations "on their own grounds" as he demands, but no one is listening. UN SC Res 242 authorized Israel to remain in the territories until they had an agreement for secure and recognized borders. In the absence of such agreement there is no illegal occupation.

To call these disputed territories, "Palestinian lands", is to put the cart before the horse. First the Palestinians have to cut a deal with the Israelis and then what lands they get can rightfully be called Palestinian lands. Until then, they are disputed territories. Knox doesn't bother to debate these underlying facts but proceeds to judge Israel in disregard of them. This he can not do.

Finally he takes Israel to task for its "indefensible failure to protect Palestinian civilians". Israel has a greater duty in which they have failed, namely, to protect Israeli civilians and both these duties are mutually exclusive. Knox doesn't care.

If Israel was truly "vindictive", as he says, and was not acting to minimize Palestinian causualties, as they are, the death toll among Palestinians would be ten fold greater.

Ted Belman tedbel

Official Israeli Site for Current News

The other day I wrote about Israel’s scientific achievements, which I find particularly remarkable considering that the country has been under siege since its birth. Today I found the following item which should bring relief to many a teenager:
FDA Approves Israeli Acne Treatment

U.S. teenagers and adults who suffer from acne are now able to benefit from a new Israeli-developed treatment using light therapy technology, GLOBES reported. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the ClearLight device, which causes acne bacteria to self-destruct without damaging surrounding skin or tissue. Clearlight is produced by Curelight, a daughter company of Lumenis LTD of Yokneam, Israel, and is the first such device to win FDA approval.

"Acne often causes social withdrawal, depression and embarrassment, which can have a devastating effect on self-esteem and self-confidence," says dermatologist A. R. Shalita, M.D. of SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, one of the world's leading acne experts, who led the ClearLight clinical trials leading up to the FDA approval. He added that "ClearLight is effective, painless and, most importantly, has no known side effects."
Nearly 17 million people in the United States have acne, making it the most common skin disease. The US market for acne remedies exceeded $1.1 billion in 2001 and is the most rapidly growing therapeutic category in the dermatology sector. The Clearlight system, now on the market in the United States, is based on photoclearing technology, which uses intensive light rays to destroy acne bacteria.
This item was e-mailed by Israel Line, which is associated with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One can receive Israel Line by filling out a subscription form at

Additionally, current news may be found at these official sites:

And finally, in this context,
or, Face2Face, is the “fresh new webzine about Israel, created by the Consulate General of Israel in New York.”

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.


Nathan Musselman, Susan Barney and Katie Thomas profess to seek peace between Jews and Arabs, yet all they have done is aggravate the conflict and further endanger the very people they want to help - the poor Palestinians whom they pity.

Not to mention the Israeli soldiers who are on constant edge in this senseless war.

These are young Americans and Britons with no personal stake in this conflict who are not content with holding up protest signs at college campuses in Boston, Virginia or England.

No, they have to fly 7,000 miles and head straight to places like Bethlehem and Ramallah to inject themselves into the middle of a war zone.

All three were arrested by the Israeli army to face deportation and achieved their 15 minutes of fame in their respective communities through news stories in The Boston Globe, The Richmond Times Dispatch and the London-based Guardian.

They have not achieved the worldwide fame enjoyed by Adam Shapiro, the Jewish Brooklyn native who got to break bread with Yasser Arafat during an overnight stay in Ramallah as the town was shelled by Israeli soldiers.

A number of Americans, Britons and other foreigners - many of whom are neither Jewish nor Muslim - have snuck food into the Church of the Nativity during the 39-day siege in Bethlehem; disrupted work associated with the construction of the security fence aimed at keeping suicide bombers out of Israel; blocked a road out of Hawara near Nablus; and tried to persuade Israeli soldiers into allowing ambulances into trouble spots.

Never mind that their very presence added to the confusion and havoc, which in turn could have led to further loss of lives - including that of the soldiers, Palestinian civilians and themselves.

Most of them were hosted by a group called the International Solidarity Movement whose Web site describes its mission as sending foreign activists to support Palestinian protests against Israeli settlers and soldiers on the West Bank.

ISM contradicts itself by claiming in one breath to ‘utilize nonviolent, direct-action methods of resistance,’ yet in the next breath professing to ‘support the Palestinian right to resist the occupation.’ Of course, it does not clarify if the ‘right to resist’ allows for violence.

It would be one thing for these people to lobby their members of Congress and legislators in the Knesset or hold demonstrations in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, but their activities in the territories are downright dangerous. Just being there means they could be in the way of Israeli troops who have enough on their hands without them. Such moves could lead to the deaths of even more people, including the very Palestinians whom they profess to be helping.

Musselman, a Roanoke, Va., resident, majored in theology and peace studies in college and went on to stand at Israeli checkpoints to ensure that soldiers were not harassing Palestinians, his mother, Karin Musselman, told The Richmond Times Dispatch. He graduated to being arrested for helping to feed Arab gunmen holed up inside the Church of the Nativity last May.

Her mother told the newspaper, ‘The American embassy has not been helpful at all. I think they feel they’re just kids who are meddlesome and they need to have their hands slapped.’

It sounds more like they got off easy.

Katie Thomas, who was deported to England in August, told a reporter for The Guardian during an interview in Bristol that she was inspired to fly to Israel partly because she learned that a friend was shot in the stomach by Israeli soldiers at a peaceful demonstration in Bethlehem.

As if her friend had no idea that this was possible. And you might think that this would be sufficient reason to deter her from playing with fire.

Susan Barney of the Boston area was among the latest of Americans and others detained after demonstrators tried to disrupt destruction of trees and land to make way for the security fence last month.

As for the future, Musselman’s mother says, ‘I fear once he gets home, he’ll be even more frustrated because he won’t be able to go back, and he’s always been interested in that part of the world and he wanted to finish his studies.’

Whose fault is that? That’s right: Blame the Jews again.

Contributed by Bruce S. Ticker, Philadelphia,

Bending Over Backwards

Islam: the Folly of Appeasement is the title to an article adapted from The Sword and the Profit:A Politically-Incorrect Guide to Islam.
The author makes some interesting points
How have Western attempts to co-opt and manipulate Islam fared? Decades of covert and overt support for “moderate” Islamic movements, countries, and regimes, whenever they were deemed useful to Western foreign policy objectives—and especially if they have lots of oil, or prove willing to make peace with Israel, or both—have been an unmitigated moral and political disaster.

Operationally, this means not only overlooking the radical activities of the supposedly “moderate” Moslem states — for example, Saudi Arabia’s and Pakistan's support for the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and assistance by virtually all Islamic nations to the thinly disguised radical regime in Sarajevo — but also a consistent American bias in favor of the Moslem party in virtually every conflict with a Christian nation.

So we bombed Serbia, a nation that has never done anything to the US, in support of the Bosnian Moslems. [ We also aligned with the Chechens against Russia and the Kosovos against Serbia.]

Islam might have been made much less threatening if the West had not conciliated or sponsored its most threatening exponents. Islam was exposed to a devastating collapse in credibility within the Arab world itself in the middle of the twentieth century. The forces of secularism were very strong indeed. But America opposed them every time because they were socialist, communist, or simply anti-American nationalist. America gave whole-hearted support to the worst fascist freak-show in the region: Saudi Arabia. As the economies of real states faltered and halted in accord with Islam’s eternal difficulty in establishing a viable economy upon a predator mindset, the Saudi petrodollars were poured into establishing violent fanaticism as the big alternative.

After September 11, they are hoping that the US will settle for destroying Bin Laden and the Taliban and gradually resume its oil-dictated pro-Moslem policies. The crack whore of Western petro-consumerism will always return to her john for her next fix, however much she complains about how he treats here.

The West cannot wage “war on terror” while maintaining its dependence on Arab oil, appeasing Islamist designs around the world, and allowing mass immigration of Moslems into its own lands.

The proposed strategem.

On the ground, the reversal of existing policies means, inter alia, active Western help, diplomatic and when necessary military, to relieve Indonesia of West Papua and the Christian parts of the Moluccas, to expel Syria from Lebanon and create a Christian state in part of Lebanon, to create an independent Christian state in southern Sudan, to detach the Serb-populated and Croat-populated parts from Moslem-dominated Bosnia-Herzegovina, to stop Albanian attempts to take over Kosovo or Macedonia and to force the Arabs to give "land for peace" to Israel. It also means supporting India against Pakistan and independence for oil-producing, Christian provinces of Nigeria.

The inevitable argument against such a policy reversal will be that it will set off Islamic terrorism "on a never before experienced scale." It is as spurious as the logic that combines "globalization” and "promotion of democracy" with support of Moslem dictatorships. The real problem facing the United States and Western democracy is not how the Moslems will respond to a policy hostile to their interests but whether the West still has the moral strength to adopt any policy causing its power-wielders temporary financial losses. Curbing their greed — this doesn’t mean you personally, Pres. Bush, but it does mean some of your slimy oil-patch friends whispering in your ear — is a prerequisite for success in the inevitable conflict with Islam.

It also requires understanding that Islam regards lies, violence, and threats of violence as legitimate means of gaining political ends and that the only capacity Islam respects in an unbeliever is the capacity to use diplomacy or military force successfully against it.

Pandering to Islam’s geopolitical designs, and sacrificing smaller Christian nations – Timorese and Sudanese yesterday, Serbs and Orthodox Cypriots today, Bulgars and Greeks tomorrow – is counterproductive: such morsels will only whet the Islamic appetite, paving the way to a major confrontation some time in this century.
What more need be said?

Ted Belman

"If someone kills my Muslim brother, I can kill him."

This is not news: extremism in Saudi Arabia, the same Saudi Arabia who claims to disallow extremism. It is simply more evidence for the pile already collected.
When confronted with statements like these, Saudi officials say they're the views of a small minority. But they concede these views are being promoted by extremist religious teachers, and even in some school textbooks.

"If I can't target the enemy who did wrong, then I can sacrifice other people."

As Victor Davis Hanson put it in his article, "Our Enemies, the Saudis," in Commentary's July 2002 issue, "It may be true that the Saudis are neither Iraqis nor Iranians nor Libyans, but it is quite dangerous enough that they are Saudis."

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Tom Friedman sees a real role for NATO in the Middle East. Go Slow-Mo, NATO
Neo-nazi scum outnumbed in a Neo-Nazi Protest
Rant against Labor Party The Seeing and the Blind
In case you missed these two items

(1) Super Hipocrites!

An unbelievable headline in the Jerusalem Post, December 10, 2002: “Russia calls on Israel to avoid using heavy weapons in Palestinian areas”.

Have they never heard of Chechnya?

(2) An unflinching friend

Joseph Farah, a Lebanese Christian and columnist for WorldNetDaily, has been posting pro-Israel articles "since forever". His recent chocked-full-of-information article deals with the PLO and a second Palestinian-Arab state. Don’t miss it.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.

This is how low they stoop

On Monday, December 9, 2002, IMRA reported the arrest of the Palestinian-Arab sniper who targeted the 10-month old Shalhevet Pass while she was sitting in her stroller; Shalhevet was murdered:
The ISA, along with IDF forces, recently arrested Tanzim militant Mahmud Muhammad Mahmud Amro, 26, a resident of Wadi Alhariah/Hebron. During questioning, he admitted perpetrating the 26 March 2001 murder of 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass.
Shalhevet, seated in her stroller, was going with her parents to visit her grandparents in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron. A Palestinian sniper opened fire from the Abu Sneneh neighborhood on the hill opposite. Shalhevet was fatally wounded by a shot to the head. Her father, Yitzhak, was moderately wounded in both legs.
Following the murder, Amro was detained by the Palestinian Police, but was released shortly afterwards.

Amro has also been involved in numerous attacks in the Hebron area in the past two years.
This heinous crime joins a long list of abominable acts which includes the lynching of two Israeli reservists in Ramallah on October 12, 2000. This incident was reported by the Jerusalem Post on October 13, 2000, as follows:
The two reservists received their call up notice on Wednesday and set off by car to their base from the coastal region. Instead of travelling on the Ramallah bypass road, they reached the Ofer Base near Givat Ze'ev and drove in the direction of Beituniya. Meters later they were stopped at a Palestinian Police roadblock near the Prince School.

According to a senior IDF officer, the two were escorted in their car to the local police station. "It is not clear why the Palestinian policemen did not tell them to turn around and guide them in the right direction, instead of taking them into Ramallah," he said.

Shortly before 10, Israeli security officials received word from "various sources" that the two were being held at the station. "Immediately a harsh message was conveyed to the PA security services, informing them that we hold them directly responsible for the soldiers' well-being and fate," said a senior IDF commander.

Word of the soldiers' detention spread quickly and a mob, most returning from the funeral of a Palestinian killed in clashes, converged on the station. They quickly pushed back Palestinian policemen and beat the two soldiers to death.

An Italian TV crew filmed the attack, which showed them tossing the body of one soldier out of the second-story window to the ground, where another mob continued to beat him.
(This incident was also reported by the IDF).

The courage and objectivity of the international media was demonstrated anew when the Italian reporter who was involved in filming the lynching apologized to the Palestinians in an ad he took out in the PA paper. This part of the incident was documented by the Government of Israel. The text of the grovelling ad alluded to reads as follows:
Special Clarification by the Italian Representative of RAI, the Official Italian Television Station

My dear friends in Palestine. We congratulate you and think that it is our duty to put you in the picture (of the events) of what happened on October 12 in Ramallah. One of the private Italian television stations which competes with us (and not the official Italian television station RAI) filmed the events; that station filmed the events. Afterwards Israeli Television broadcast the pictures, as taken from one of the Italian stations, and thus the public impression was created as if we (RAI) took these pictures.

We emphasize to all of you that the events did not happen this way, because we always respect (will continue to respect) the journalistic procedures with the Palestinian Authority for (journalistic) work in Palestine and we are credible in our precise work.

We thank you for your trust, and you can be sure that this is not our way of acting. We do not (will not) do such a thing.

Please accept our dear blessings.

Ricardo Christiano
Representative of RAI in the Palestinian Authority
(the official Italian station)
(Note: On June 25, 2001, Israel announced the arrest of two of the terrorists who were involved in the lynching. See official Israel site.)

Another example of conduct beyond the pale is the consistent use of ambulances for terrorism. For example, on March 27, 2002, the Jerusalem Post reported:
Reserve soldiers stationed south of Ramallah this morning stopped a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance and, upon inspection, found a suspected suicide bomber on board.

The Palestinian man was reportedly wanted by the Shin Bet, Israel's internal security agency, for suspected participation in terror-related activities.

During an initial on-site investigation, the man said he had hidden an explosive device inside the ambulance.

Sappers were dispatched to the scene to examine the ambulance, Israel Radio reported.

Four days later, on March 31, 2002, the Palestinian Arabs did even better, as reported by the Jerusalem Post:
A suicide bomber blew himself up at an ambulance station in the Gush Etzion community of Efrat, southeast of Bethlehem, a few minutes ago.

Of the four wounded, one was in serious condition, police spokesman Rafi Yaffe said.

At least some of the wounded were members of a mobile intensive care unit that was operating outside the ambulance station at the time, medics said.

The attack took place near a shopping center at the heart of the community.
Another use of ambulances for terrorism was reported in January 2002 and documented by IDF:
On 27 January 2002 Wafa Idris, a young Palestinian volunteer of the Red Crescent, detonated in the center of Jerusalem an explosive charge she was carrying. In this attack, the first one perpetrated by a female suicide bomber, one Israeli was killed and some 150 were wounded.
Related to this issue are the incidents in which the Palestinian Arabs opened fire on an Israeli ambulance, as reported on November 27, 2002 by Arutz 7:
Arab gunmen shot at an IDF ambulance today near N'vei Dekalim. No one was hurt, but the ambulance was damaged.
On April 1, 2002, Arutz 7 reported yet another related story:
Chief of IDF Planning Branch Maj.-Gen. Giora Eiland revealed yesterday an incident in which Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulances were exploited by the Arabs for non-emergency purposes. Following a gun battle between IDF forces and Arab troops within Yasser Arafat's Ramallah headquarters, PLO officials requested that Israel allow a Red Crescent Ambulance to enter the compound in order to evacuate two wounded gunmen to a nearby hospital. Israel agreed to this demand on humanitarian grounds. Upon the vehicle's exit, Israeli forces inspected it. Inside they found fourteen healthy Arabs along with the two wounded men, who were trying to smuggle themselves out of the besieged building.
Another appalling act committed by the Palestinian Arabs concerns the story of Ann-Marie Murphy. This incident was summarized (with sources) in a CitCUN article posted on July 21, 2002. The Ottawa Citizen run a story on the same incident on November 4, 2001, from which the following paragraphs are cited:
On the morning of April 17, 1986, Anne-Marie Murphy arrived by taxi at London's Heathrow airport to catch El Al Flight 16 for Tel Aviv. A pleasant-looking Dublin girl, Murphy was six months pregnant and probably brimming with excitement. Her boyfriend and the father of her baby, an Arab named Nezar Hindawi, had finally proposed marriage, insisting that the ceremony be held in the "holy land" of Israel. It was an exotic proposition for Murphy. She worked as a housekeeper at the Hilton Hotel in London, and had met Hindawi a year and a half earlier when he had stayed as a guest. On the day of her flight, Hindawi accompanied her to the airport. He himself was not flying. He had business to take care of, he said, and would join her in Israel later that week.
A search of her luggage revealed several pounds of plastic explosives, equipped with a timing device hidden in a calculator. The bomb was set to detonate at 1:04 p.m., when Murphy and her 350 fellow passengers would have been high over the Mediterranean. It was clear Murphy had no knowledge of the plot, nor did she know her fiance was an agent of the Syrian government. She appeared as a witness at Hindawi's trial and, in an courtroom outburst, cried to him: "How could you do this to me?" An English judge sentenced Hindawi to 45 years in prison. As he was led to his cell, he smiled and flashed a V-for-victory sign.
[This story is not available on the Web but can be retrieved from Lexis-Nexis.)

This is the caliber of the people the EU/UN supports with unrelenting zeal.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.


Charles Krauthammer says it is immaterial how many angels can dance on the head of a pin or whether Islam to be a religion of peace or war. What matters is the the practice and not the theory.

In his own words
Is Islam an inherently violent religion? A debate on this subject has received much attention in the United States. The question is absurd. It is like asking whether Christianity is a religion of peace. Well, there is Francis of Assisi. And there is the Thirty Years' War. Which do you choose?

Religions are interpreted by the people of their time and thus change over time. Scripture can be invoked to support almost any position. Islam has its periods of violence and its periods of tolerance. The Ottomans gave refuge to the Jews expelled from Catholic Spain in 1492. Today the Arab world is the purveyor of the most vicious anti-Semitic propaganda since Nazi Germany…

Which stands for the real Islam? The question is not just unanswerable, it is irrelevant. The real issue is not the essence of an abstraction--who can say what is the real Christianity or the real Judaism?--but the actions of actual Muslims in the world today. And there is no denying the fact, stated most boldly by Samuel Huntington, author of "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order," that "Islam has bloody borders." From Nigeria to Sudan to Pakistan to Indonesia to the Philippines, some of the worst, most hate-driven violence in the world today is perpetrated by Muslims and in the name of Islam.
Ted Belman

IDF Bans Speaker For Calling Dir Yassin A Non-Massacre

The lunatics of Meretz are once again persecuting someone who refuses to indulge in the sort of delusional anti-Semitic self hatred that has become the mainstay of the radical left. Apparently they believe that by mindlessly chanting in unison every conceivable blood libel they somehow create a moral framework for their suicidal ideology of self immolation. Of course they must immediately silence anyone who dares dispute their outrageous claims lest the light of truth expose the true depths of their dementia.
(Arutz Sheva)The IDF has decided that former Lechi fighter Ezra Yachin will no longer be allowed to lecture to soldiers as part of the army's educational seminars. Meretz MK Naomi Chazan complained that Yachin tells his audiences that Lechi soldiers did not carry out a massacre in Dir Yassin in 1948. Yachin himself, who took part in the Dir Yassin battle, says that the decision to keep him away from soldiers "astonishes" him. He says that just as there was no massacre in Jenin, there was none in Dir Yassin.

A work by ZOA National President Morton A. Klein, entitled, Dir Yassin: History of a Lie, brings to light important documents disproving the claim that 250-300 Arab civilians were massacred by Jewish fighters in the Jerusalem-area village. The study finds that Dir Yassin was actually a legitimate military target overlooking the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, from where Jewish traffic was regularly attacked.

Arutz-7's Nissan Ratzlav-Katz reports that Hazen Nusseibeh, an editor for the Palestine Broadcasting Service's Arabic news in 1948, once told BBC the true origins of the "Dir Yassin massacre." Nusseibeh said that in consultation with Hussein Khalidi, then-Secretary of the Arab Higher Committee, "we wrote a press release stating that at Dir Yassin children were murdered, pregnant women were raped. All sorts of atrocities." When residents of the village protested this portrayal of events, Nusseibeh said, they were told that the lies were necessary to incite Arab armies to help fight the Jews, and that Khalidi said outright, "We have to say this so the Arab armies will come to liberate Palestine from the Jews."
Shin Bet Documents UNRWA Collaboration In Terrorist Atrocities

A new report from Shin Bet exposes the full magnitude of UN duplicity in actively supporting and participating in terrorist activities.
(Jerusalem Post) A secret Shin Bet report documenting how UNRWA facilities are used by terrorists was prepared long before UNRWA worker Iain Hook was killed by the IDF during clashes with Palestinian gunmen in Jenin last month, senior Israeli officials said.

One diplomatic official said the IDF's investigation on the circumstances surrounding the death of Hook will be passed on to UNRWA and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan within a few days.
The official denied speculation the Shin Bet report was prepared recently to deflect UNRWA criticism of the IDF stemming from the Hook incident.

According to the report, the facilities of UNRWA the UN body charged with running the Palestinian refugee camps have been used both to hide terrorists and aid terror activity.

The report stated that a number of Palestinians who have been arrested say that they have used UNRWA facilities and vehicles to plan and carry out attacks.

For instance, the report stated that Muhammad Ali Hassan, who was arrested in February, used an UNRWA school near Nablus for target practice and to store ammunition.

The report also documented the use of a UNRWA club in the Jabalya refugee camp and a social club in the El Aroub refugee camp as meeting points for Tanzim members.

In addition, the report stated that numerous UNRWA schools were used to hide suspected terrorists.
According to the report, Nidal Nazal, an UNRWA ambulance driver arrested in July, admitted that his ambulance was used to transport ammunition between terror cells. Other detainees admitted that UNRWA vehicles were used by terrorists on their way to attacks. [Read More]

December 10, 2002

Getting Warm And Glowing at Haaretz
By Steven Plaut

Haaretz is all aglow. The Palestinians are moving towards peace. The evidence? The latest opinion poll of Palestinians by the Jerusalem Center for Communications. We thought we should mention this, to balance the story we posted earlier in the week on Israeli public opinion.

According to the poll of Palestinians, reported with such joy in Israel's Far Leftist anti-Israel daily Haaretz Dec 10, is the fact that the portion of Palestinians who say they support suicide bomber mass murders of Jewish civilians is now ONLY 64.3%, remarkably down from 74% in December last year and 68.1% this past June. Now the possibility that the poll may represent calls by some prominent Palestinians to stop the suicide bombings briefly to help Amram Mitzna get elected and then destroy Israel - THAT is a possibility that has never crossed the Haaretz "mind". The main thing is that ONLY two thirds of Palestinians are open declared nazis.

Oh, and suicide bombing aside, a full 80.6% of Palestinians support continued intifada violence directed against Jewish children and other living things, which is not down from anything. I guess the other 19% did not understand the question…...
Court orders Jericho prisoner's release

Lock 'em up; cut 'em loose: No wonder Israel has to take care of terrorists their own way.
The Palestinian high court has ordered the release of a high-ranking Palestinian official jailed over an attempt to smuggle tons of weapons by ship from Iran to the Gaza Strip.

Fuad Shobaki, former financier to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, was imprisoned in May after Israel accused him of involvement in the so-called Karine-A affair.

If we remove Shobaki from where he is right now, he may be abducted or killed by the Israelis.

Mr Shobaki has been held under international guard at a jail in Jericho, the only West Bank city not under Israeli control.

Israel said his release would violate a deal under which Israel relented in its demand that the Palestinian Authority (PA) extradite Mr Shobaki to face trial in Israel.

Senior aides to Mr Arafat, who must approve the release, said it was unlikely the prisoner would be freed because of international repercussions.
Another Example of the Israeli Left's Perfidy

JTA reports that a new financial scandal could hurt both Arafat and Israel’s Labor Party
Yossi Ginossar, a former senior official in the Shin Bet security service, and his partner Ezrad Lev...succeeded in opening the doors of Switzerland’s Lombard Odier Bank to the Palestinian money.

The cooperation continued until the summer of 2001, well into the Intifada.

Like some other former senior officers, Ginossar had been involved in business transactions between Israeli and Palestinian companies ever since the early days of Palestinian Authority rule under the Oslo peace accords. The Palestinians dubbed him “Mr. 5 Percent,” a reference to the commissions he earned on business deals.

The hidden Swiss accounts eventually grew to more than $300 million. The Israeli partners managed the accounts, though they were not authorized to make withdrawals.

But then, in August 2001, something unexpected happened: Mohammed Rashid, Arafat’s closest financial advisor, suddenly withdrew some $65 million from the account, which then couldn’t be traced.

Lev suspected the money was going to finance terrorist activities...

[T]he depth of Israeli involvement in the accounts...undermined international pressure on Arafat to implement fiscal reforms and full financial accountability...

The Israelis believed that financial interactions with the Palestinian Authority — even if not strictly kosher — ultimately would strengthen ties and lead to a peace agreement.

“They believed that the strengthening of the dictator would bring about a strong peace,” Israel’s housing and construction minister, Natan Sharansky, said this week. “The money which was designed to serve the Palestinian people went, with the knowledge of Israel’s governments, to the private bank accounts of Arafat.”
CNN: "Israel's Labor picks dovish Knesset slate"

I beg to differ. Mitzna was chosen earlier in separate elections. In yesterday's elections Labor has dropped some of its most dovish members, such as Beylin (Finally. Sarid offered him a spot - tells you something). In fact, what really happened yesterday is that both Likud and Labor moved to the right: in Likud Netanyahu's buddies have lead the list, although allegations of bribery are abundant. In labor Vilnai is backing Mitzna, but I think it is mainly for lack of an alternative: he was not stupid enough to go down the drain together with Fuad.

(Crossposted here).

Efraim Karsh disconnects Iraq from the Palestinians

From his fact-packed article, "Saddam and the Palestinians" in the December 2002 issue of Commentary:
The Gulf War illustrated a fundamental if too often disregarded fact of modern Middle Eastern politics: that the Arab states have never had any real stake in the "liberation of Palestine." Though anti-Zionism has been the core principle of pan-Arab solidarity since the mid-1930's, it has almost always been an instrument for achieving the self-interested ends of those who proclaim it.
I have resolved to read anything he writes, as my learning from him began with his also fact-packed May 2001 article, "The Palestinians and the 'Right of Return.'" Because we cannot defend Israel at this website alone, Karsh's language will help us in the debate.

Honest Reporting refutes Christian Science Monitor article: "U.S. AID TO ISRAEL"

Canada Screws up then Declares Itself Morally Superior.

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Joseph Alexander Norland

Follow the Money

Ginossar Probe Triggered from Washington

It seems that Ginossar assisted Arafat through Rashid to transfer $300 million to a secret Swiss bank account which is now missing $65 million. But this is a much bigger story than that.

According to a DebkaFile Special Report
This missing sum has been the subject of investigations by the United States and the European donors.

The president’s Rose Garden speech on June 24, as DEBKAfile was authoritatively informed at the time, signaled the exit of the Palestinian Authority under Arafat’s leadership and, more than anything, a resolve to put an end to the corrupt financial structure through which Arafat personally funded his terror movement.

The president’s demand for reforms and transparency in Palestinian government also targeted the Israeli “business channel” to the Palestinian Authority, which hs been active since the 1993 Oslo peace accords

Muhammed Dahlan, former chief of Palestinian preventive security in the Gaza Strip and currently Arafat’s national security adviser needs to buy immunity. Dahlan was named as the live wire in exchanges between Arafat and Osama bin Laden that took place as early as 1995 and Dahlan has been relaying information to Washington ever since.

According to our sources in Washington, a decision was taken to make an example of Ginossar as a cautionary message to Israeli business interests to withdraw from dealings with the Palestinians – especially the partnerships in the monopolies supplying essential products to the Palestinian Authority that grew out of the Oslo accords.

The message from Washington came loud and clear: Drain the money swamp that sustains Palestinian terror. Break up the Israeli-Palestinian monopolistic partnerships.

DEBKAfile recalls that under the Oslo accords, those monopolies were set up as Israel government-approved partnerships between Palestinian entrepreneurs close to Arafat and Israeli business interests associated with the architects of those accords.

The police investigation ordered last week is aimed at getting to the bottom of how the Israeli-Palestinian monopolies system worked and who profited from them, a project that could jolt a few high-placed individuals and groups.

The Ginossar case is also a signal to certain members of his close circle, who were drawn into the Oslo business channel and continue to sponsor Rashid and Dahlan. The most prominent is the Tel Aviv lawyer Dov Weissglass. On recent visits to Washington, he angered the president’s national security adviser Dr. Condoleezza Rice by tipping Dahlan and Rashid as favorites for the reformed Palestinian government.

The former defense minister and Labor leader, Binyamin Ben Eliezer walked into the same pit on his only visit to Washington. He informed the White House that his plan for pacifying the Gaza Strip, then Bethlehem and later Hebron was based on understandings with Dahlan. He was not invited again and a short time later, his career drew to a close.

His successor as Labor leader, Amram Mitzna, may go the same way if he insists on negotiating with the Palestinians “as if there is no terror.” Some of his most powerful sponsors belong to the Oslo group of entrepreneurs.
It seems that both the EU and Labour are heavely invested in Oslo and in dealing with the Palestinians even if there is terror while the US is showing the necessary resolve and leadership to get rid of terror and corruption. Long live the USA.

Ted Belman