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November 16, 2002

Hebron Attack Was Planned Ambush

The horrible details
HEBRON, West Bank (AP) - The "all clear" sounded over the Israeli soldiers' radios, meaning Jewish worshippers were safely home after Sabbath prayers in the downtown Tomb of the Patriarchs, when shots rang out from an olive grove.
Border policemen in a jeep chased the gunmen into a dead-end alley Friday, only to be cut down by grenades and rifle fire.

Wave after wave of rescuers followed them and also were killed. The 12 victims included Hebron's military commander, Col. Dror Weinberg, who rushed to the scene without his helmet and bulletproof vest.

"The chain of command was quickly damaged," said military analyst Alon Ben-David of Israel television's Channel One. "All the rescuers were drawn into the alley blindly, with the terrorists holding the high ground and sniping at them."

The well-choreographed ambush killed nine members of the security forces and three private guards from the nearby settlement of Kiryat Arba. Fourteen soldiers and border policemen were hurt.

Army commanders acknowledged that soldiers made mistakes in handling the ambush. During the more than two hours it took to track down and kill three of the gunmen, the wounded were pinned in the alley.

"The wounded were screaming, 'Save us,' and I saw things ... soldiers without hands, without legs, things that tear the heart," said Arik Mariner, a member of Israel's security forces.

The radical group Islamic Jihad, or holy war, claimed responsibility for the killings, one of Israel's heaviest single military losses during the last two years of fighting.

Hundreds of soldiers patrol Hebron to protect Jewish settlers, a community of 450 people who live in three heavily guarded downtown enclaves in a city of 130,000 Palestinians. The attack stirred fears and hatreds in the tense, fractured city.

The carnage began shortly after 7 p.m. Friday. Jews had just returned from Sabbath prayers at the Tomb of the Patriarchs — a shrine built over a cave where the biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are believed to be buried. The site is holy to Jews and Muslims.

Worshippers wound their way to the Kiryat Arba settlement on Hebron's eastern outskirts.

Worshippers' Lane, as it's called, was dark. Suddenly, bullets whizzed out of an olive grove, shattering the windscreen of a jeep and killing two soldiers.

Almost simultaneously, shots were fired just up the road at security forces guarding a gate to the settlement. One of the attackers was killed by return fire, according to witness and army accounts.

Another jeep raced into a tight alley, pursuing the killers. As troops hopped out, they were hit by a hail of bullets and grenades. Soldiers and armed guards from the settlement who hurried into the dark street to help also were doomed.

"People ran into the fire," said Col. Noam Tibon, an area commander.

Flares floated down, lighting the sky with eery white light.

Mariner said he saw a wounded Weinberg, the regional commander, crawling before he died.

"He crawled to the jeep, and I ran, crawled, to him because there were shots flying above me. I got to him and there was nothing left of him."

Sharon gives Mofaz "green light" for large-scale operations in W. Bank

Let's hope the IDF does it up big this time! And that Israel does not withdraw to kiss American ass
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz spoke on the phone with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Saturday night, and briefed him on the results of the consultations he held with the heads of the security establishment earlier, media reports said.

According to a report on Israel Radio, several plans for IDF retaliation on the deadly attack Friday in Hebron that left 12 Israelis dead were discussed in the meeting. The report said Sharon granted Mofaz and the IDF a "green light" to go ahead with a large-scale operation, the report said. The two are set to meet Sunday morning, prior to the government's weekly meeting.

The report quoted an IDF source as saying several of the plans submitted to Mofaz delineated a prolonged stay in the West Bank, in Hebron as well as in other areas, and in the Gaza Strip, for an unspecified amount of time.

The IDF earlier arrested several Palestinians, among them ones known as activists of Islamic Jihad, uprooted an olive grove adjacent to the site of the attack and demolished several Palestinian houses.
Stance on Israel hurts Hansen

"I Left My Roots in San Francisco" would be a fitting title for this odd piece that is too bizarre to be left unposted. My concern is for the dumb Jews who attack the State of Israel, unless, of course, the anti-Israel protesters are in fact putting up a phoney front, pretending to be that which they are not.
Eileen Hansen's views on the Jewish state may cost her some crucial votes in the District 8 supervisor's runoff Dec 10.

Hansen has recently drawn a storm of criticism for her participation in what some have called anti-Israel efforts. A growing number of local Jewish activists believe Hansen, were she to win a Board of Supervisors seat[in San Francisco] might use the position as a platform to criticize the efforts of the Israeli government.

Hansen's presence at a Jews for a Free Palestine rally against a Jewish humanitarian group brought the issue into the spotlight.

Although Hansen attended the May protest -- which led to several arrests -- as an observer for the National Lawyers Guild, some likened the event to a KKK rally.

The group's chants were "so hurtful, so spiteful and so wrong," Lauter said. "If there were things there that offended her, she should have left."

About 150 protesters carried "Jews against Zionism" and "Zionism = racism" signs, chanted "JCF (Jewish Community Federation) you can't hide, you're supporting genocide," according to photos and media and eyewitness reports from the rally.

Zionism is the support of a Jewish state in Israel.

Jews for a Free Palestine advocates an immediate end to all U.S. support of Israel and the right of return for all expelled Palestinians to their towns and homes of origin.

A call to the group's listed number reached a recording for "Jews for Divestment from Israel" and was not returned by press time.

"People don't begrudge her her opinion," said Sam Lauter, "but they aren't ashamed of trying to beat her."
Hebron: History of Unrest

Given the history of unrest in Hebron, clearly it is the proximity of two peoples unable to live in harmony that causes hatred and bloodshed. What then does that suggest?
In the Israeli-Palestinian war over the land they share, Hebron is steeped in sacred tradition and bloodshed. According to the Bible, Abraham - considered the patriarch both of Judaism and of Islam - bought a burial plot there from the Hittites. His tomb is a shrine held holy by both faiths.

For centuries - at least from the 1500s, when Jews fled to Hebron from the Catholic Inquisitions of Europe - Jews and Arab Muslims lived together in the city. In the early 1900s, tensions rose throughout Palestine as Jewish immigration mushroomed and Palestinian Arabs resisted it.

In 1929, an Arab mob, incited by the militant mufti of Jerusalem, rioted and slaughtered 67 Jews - and the city's Jewish community fled.

Forty years later, after Israeli troops captured the city in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, a group of armed Jewish activists returned, intent on re-establishing the community. They founded Kiryat Arba - a settlement on a hill at the city's edge that has grown into a stronghold of hard-line Jewish activism.

Jewish militants said the Palestinians should welcome their presence as a way of atoning for the 1929 massacre, but Palestinians, chafing under Israeli occupation, saw the settlers' presence as a provocation.

Clashes bred extremism on both sides, which brought more violence - especially after 1979, when Jewish settlers set up an armed camp in the heart of the city's crowded, Palestinian neighborhoods. As the downtown settlements grew, the army clamped tight controls over Hebron's commercial district.

Hebron made headlines in recent years via two particular events.

In 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a settler from New York, opened fire with an assault rifle on Palestinian men and boys at prayers at Abraham's shrine, the Tomb of the Patriarch. He killed 29, and more died under Israeli army gunfire in the riots that followed.

And last year, amid the current Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation, a Palestinian sniper killed a 10-month-old girl, Shalhavet Pass, as her father cradled her in a downtown Jewish settlement.

In a sign of Hebron's times, people on one side or the other of the holy city managed to applaud both acts

Supporters of Islamic Jihad chanted anti-Israeli slogans in Gaza City last night. The group claimed responsibility for the Hebron attack, saying it was retaliation for the killing of an Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin.
Residents: Palestinian mortars hit Palestinian homes

Time for homeowner's insurance?
RAMALLAH — Palestinians residents have complained to authorities that mortar shells fired by Hamas toward Israeli communities have struck their homes instead.

Paletinian Authority officials said Fatah and Hamas mortar attacks have struck Palestinian homes near the city of Dir El Balah in the Gaza Strip.

The PA-owned Al Hayat Al Jadida daily said Dir El Balah residents complained at a recent meeting to both Fatah and Hamas representatives that most of the mortar attacks have fallen short of the Israeli communities. Instead, the mortars struck Palestinian homes and property.

"Palestinian residents of Al Barka and areas close to the community of Kfar Darom have called on the nationalist and Islamic forces to stop firing, and especially from firing mortar bombs, from areas close to inhabited houses," the newspaper said. "Firing from densely populated areas just brings damage and destruction to the residents and their property."

Fatah commanders have been urged to end their mortar attacks toward the Gush Katif bloc of Israeli communities in the central Gaza Strip from the nearby cities of Dir El Balah and Khan Yunis.

On Thursday, Palestinian gunners fired five mortars toward Israeli communities in the Gaza Strip. Nobody was injured but Israeli commanders announced the capture of two Palestinians said to be responsible for much of the production of mortars in the Gaza Strip. Later, about 20 Israeli tanks, backed by attack helicopters, entered the southern outskirts of Gaza City near the home of Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin and captured three Palestinians, one of them a PA security officer.

The PA and Palestinian insurgency groups employ a range of mortars. They include the 60 mm, 82 mm and 120 mm mortars. The maximum range of the mortars is said to be about 2.5 kilometers.

Hamas has also deployed the short-range Kassam-class missiles. The Kassam-1 is said to have a range of four kilometers; the Kassam-2, six kilometers; and the Kassam-3, 10 kilometers.

On Wednesday, Israeli attack helicopters fired missiles toward a suspected weapons factory in Gaza City. The factory was said to produce the Kassam missile.

Palestinian sources said the PA has not directly called for an end to mortar attacks against Israel. But PA officials have helped organize forums meant to express opposition to such firings.

"The residents call upon you to take into account the well being of the population and to ensure their security before carrying out any kind of militant action

For many would-be peace makers, the Right of Return is a deal breaker. Here, a legal analysis of this "Right."

Until September 2000, hopes were high that soon an agreement on the final status of the West Bank and Gaza would pave the way for peaceful coexistence between Israel and the Palestinians. These hopes have unfortunately been shattered, as Palestinians violently attacked Israelis in both the administered territories and in Israel proper, provoking violent reactions by Israel. One could wonder what purpose there is in analyzing legal issues related to a peaceful settlement when violence is the order of the day. If we nevertheless examine some of the legal issues, it is because we have not yet lost hope that sooner or later the guns will be silenced and the parties will return to the negotiating table.

The underlying conflict is mainly of a political nature. However, for several reasons it should also be analyzed from a legal perspective. First, some of the questions involved are overwhelmingly of a legal nature. Second, the parties base their claims on legal arguments. And, third, if and when a compromise is reached, it will be drafted in legal terms and be included in a legal text. This is also true of the question of Palestinian refugees.

The Beginning of the Refugee Problem
The plight of the refugees is a serious human problem. During the 1947-48 period, many Arabs "left, ran away, or were expelled."1 At the same time, Jews escaped from Arab countries. While the Jews were integrated into the countries to which they fled, the Arabs were on purpose denied integration in most Arab countries (except Jordan) in order to prevent any possible accommodation with Israel. The refugees have been receiving support and assistance from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), established by the UN General Assembly in 1949.2

According to various estimates, the number of refugees in 1949 was between 538,000 (Israeli sources), 720,000 (UN estimates), and 850,000 (Palestinian sources). By 2001, the number of refugees registered with and supported by UNRWA had grown to about 3.5 million, since also children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are registered. Another reason for this increase is the fact that UNRWA does not systematically delete all deceased persons from its registry. According to UNRWA, in 2000 there were about 550,000 refugees in the West Bank, some 800,000 in the Gaza Strip, 1,500,000 in Jordan, 350,000 in Lebanon, and 350,000 as well in Syria. Only part of them have lived in refugee camps. The situation of the refugees has been particularly severe in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon.3

The plight of the refugees raises at least three legal questions:

Who should be considered to be a refugee?
Do the Palestinian refugees have a right to return to Israel?
Do they have a right to compensation?
Israel plans Hebron retaliation

Entering the same cycle, again. Perhaps time to up the ante, as seems to be the case for the terrorists (see article below)
The Israeli army is planning its retaliation for a gun attack by Palestinian militants which left at least 12 Israelis dead and 15 wounded in the West Bank town of Hebron.
The gunmen opened fire and threw grenades at a group of Jewish settlers and the soldiers escorting them as they returned from Friday prayers at the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a site revered by both Jews and Muslims.

Israeli helicopters destroyed a metal workshop in Gaza

In the gun battle that followed, the Israeli army said it killed three Palestinian militants believed to be members of Islamic Jihad, the group that said it carried out the attack.

BBC Jerusalem correspondent James Rodgers says Israel's retaliation is likely to be heavy in the run-up to the January elections, where security is one of the main campaign issues.

The Israeli security cabinet is due to meet after the end of the Jewish Sabbath to discuss its response to the ambush, the deadliest attack on Israelis since 21 October when 14 people were killed in a bus bombing in northern Israel.

Double ambush

The head of the Israeli army's central command, Major General Moshe Kaplinski told reporters that Israel would react accordingly.

He made it clear that one of the measures would be a reversal of last month's partial troop withdrawal from Hebron.
Secret Fatah-Hizballah alliance manifested in Hebron

DEBKA claims attack an upping of ante and is not simply terror attacks but all out warfare

Seventeen Israelis have died in two major Palestinian acts of terror in the last six days, confronting Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon’s fresh top team with their first stiff challenge. The men who will have to come up with answers are defense minister Shaul Mofaz, foreign minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Mofaz’s successor as chief of staff, Lt. General Moshe Yaalon.

Sunday, November 10, Palestinian gunmen shot five Israelis in cold blood, including a mother and two small sons, at Kibbutz Metzer inside Israel. In response, Israeli forces stormed into two northern West Bank Palestinian cities, Tulkarm and Nablus, for what were described officially as “toothcomb” operations to uproot terrorists in their lairs. The inference was of a resolute decision to come to grips at long last with the hard core of the Palestinian terrorist machine, the al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, run by Yasser Arafat’s Fatah.

The IDF momentum was brutally interrupted on Friday night, November 15, by a meticulously planned, surprise Palestinian assault on Jewish worshippers making their way home to the Hebron suburb of Kiryat Arba from prayers at the Cave of the Patriarchs. The Biblical tombs of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sara, Rebecca and Leah, this shrine is shared by Jews and Muslims under an accord reached after the 1967 war.

Striking from several directions at the route known as Worshippers’ Lane, the assailants were able to kill 12 Israelis, among them the Judea Brigades commander, Col. Dror Weinberg, 38, the highest ranking Israeli military casualty in the two-year conflict with the Palestinians. He is survived by his wife and five children. Killed in addition were 3 soldiers, 5 border police commandos and three civilians, members of the Kiryat Arba volunteer preparedness team, all of whom rushed to the aid of the trapped worshippers.

The Israeli counter-attack against the Palestinian assailants killed three members of the team of 8 to 10 estimated to have carried out the massacre. The rest got away, melting into the 130,000-strong Palestinian population of this southern West Bank city or escaping to surrounding villages.

DEBKAfile’s military experts note that, this time, the attack was no “ordinary” terrorist assault or suicide strike of the type all too familiar to every Israeli, but a close-quarters combat engagement in dense urban terrain. The Palestinians demonstrated a

While the Israeli force acted with exceptional bravery, it was admittedly taken by surprise by the high level of training, preparedness, resourcefulness and speed, and firepower encountered in this instance, never before displayed by a Palestinian killer team.

The setback to Israel is all the more galling considering that the Hizballah trainer who prepared the operation and gave the Palestinian team its new capabilities has been in Israeli hands for five months. He is Fawzi Ayoub, a Lebanese Hizballah officer, who has given nothing away so far to his Israeli interrogators.

November 15, 2002

Controversial Poet Will Not Give Lecture

Harvard English Dept gets Ezra Pound-like nut case to cancel his visit and take his anti-Israeli nonsense elsewhere. I wonder what he has to say about the post below this one.

The English Department yesterday cancelled a reading by a controversial poet after more than 100 students, alumni and faculty protested his vehement anti-Israeli views.
Tom Paulin, a Northern Irish poet and lecturer at Hertford College, Oxford, was to deliver the annual Morris Gray Lecture tomorrow evening.

He had planned to read from and speak about his new book, “The Invasion Handbook,” the first installment of an epic poem about World War II.

The controversy that led to the event’s cancellation stems from the extreme pro-Palestinian views that Paulin has expressed in interviews and one poem.

In an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly last April, the English-language edition of a leading Cairo newspaper, Paulin questioned Israel’s right to exist, and called the Israeli state “a historical obscenity.” The newspaper praised him as a voice of international support of the Palestinian cause.

Particularly offensive were his remarks about Brooklyn-born Jews who move to Israeli settlements in disputed territories. “They should be shot,” he told Al-Ahram. “I think they are Nazis, racists. I have nothing but hatred for them.”

According to English Department Chair Lawrence Buell, these views only appear once in his poetry.

In his poem “Killed in the Crossfire,” he describes a Palestinian boy being gunned down by the Israeli military, which he calls the “Zionist S.S.”

The English department says that they were unaware of Paulin’s views when they decided to invite him last winter.

“Mr. Paulin was invited solely on the basis of his accomplishment and standing as a major Irish poet,” Buell wrote in an e-mail. “From an artistic standpoint, his work, overall, seems to measure up to the standard of other Morris Gray poets.”

Though Paulin’s remarks and frequent British TV appearances have created controversy at Oxford over the past few months, little was known in the United States about his work and views.

Rita Goldberg, a lecturer on Literature who had been familiar with his work, began gathering a protest as soon as Paulin’s lecture was announced last week.

Goldberg sent out an e-mail to her students encouraging them not to attend the lecture, and asking them to contact the English department to protest the speech.

“Under rules instituted by the Rudenstine Administration, students are entitled to an environment free of racism, hostility and threatening speech,” she wrote. “An audience is oxygen to a poet, and the most effective way of showing your feelings is to deprive him of air.”

The controversy escalated after the Wall Street Journal published an article on Monday that described his anti-Israeli views and criticized Harvard for hosting him.
At least 11 killed in Hebron

I'm sick to my stomach; I just don't even know what to say about this: 11 KILLED, 14 WOUNDED IN HEBRON SHOOTING ATTACK

Palestinian gunmen opened fire on a group of Israelis walking towards Friday night prayer services in the Jewish Quarter of Hebron killing at eleven people and wounding 14.

As security forces rushed to evacuate the wounded they came under heavy fire including hand grnades from the terrorists situated on a hill overlooking the Jewish Quarter in the divided West Bank city.

There are both civillians and soldiers among the dead.

Hate in Islam
I forget where this link is from.

Jerry Falwell is a bigot and idiot for calling the prophet Mohammed a "terrorist." Such comments should be denounced from every quarter. Ibrahim Hooper, spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations said, "When it comes to hate, silence equals consent." Hooper's statement is beautiful and absolutely right. Yet CAIR and other Muslim-American organizations are strangely mute when it comes to the diarrhea of hate spewing from mosques and madrassahs all over the Middle East.
Every Friday, imams and grand muftis at mosques in Yemen, Qatar, Iraq, and even the holy mosque in Mecca, pray: "O God, destroy the Jews, destroy the Christians, destroy the Hindus"; "O God, the Jews and Crusaders are the filthy sons of pigs and monkeys. Destroy the Jews who the Qu'ran describes as wicked"; "O God, destroy all disbelievers. O Muslims, rise up in jihad. Terrorize the disbelievers in their homes"; "Jewish women are yours to take, legitimately. Enslave them"; "Islam allows acts such as the Bali attack." Arab newspapers proclaim that Jews eat the blood of Muslim children for Purim and Passover, and TV stations propagate the lies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This hate reaches across the oceans.

New gov't center to be nuclear-proof

Good [de]fences make good neighbors

Construction of a "national emergency management center" began recently near Jerusalem.

Once completed, the center will enable the government to operate under nuclear, chemical and biological attack. However, the project is not expected to be completed for a number of years. Specific information about the center was not made available by the Prime Minister's Office.

The project is being managed by a special committee on security structures that operates out of the Interior Ministry. The committee includes one Defense Ministry and two Interior Ministry representatives. ...
New York Times Occupying Peoples' Land

The New York Times is always very quick to harshly condemn Israel for "occupying" others' land and building 'settlements' but it seems when it comes to its own interests, these type of actions are fine. The NYT wants a new headquarters. Instead of buying a piece or property to build a new building, it is having New York condemn a block of buildings so it can build its new settlement on the cheap.

From the Village Voice article:
Sidney Orbach, who owns a 16-story office building on the site with two of his brothers, pointed to the selling price last year of a lot across the street on Eighth Avenue between 41st and 42nd streets. It's half the size of the property the Times covets, but developer Paul Milstein's family bought it at auction for $111 million.

Real estate experts usually judge property values in terms of the cost per square foot of usable space permitted to be built on the site. The Milstein deal works out to $180 per square foot compared to $62.50 for the Times deal, he said.

The Times replied that the other deals were priced at the time the owners took title to the land, while the price of the Times deal factors in the risk the company faces in getting possession.

W. Tod McGrath, a professor of real estate finance at the M.I.T. Center for Real Estate, said that even when the developers' risks, demolition costs, and such amenities as a subway improvement were considered, they were getting "at least a 25 percent discount" on the property.

McGrath said a recent appraisal found costs "in that part of town" to be between $100 and $140 per square foot, compared to $62.50 for the Times deal.

A lot of the business that will be forced to move have been in their locations longer then the palestinians have even been in existence as a people:
"It's pretty horrible the whole way this was done," Scot Cohen of B&J Fabrics laments. He sits beside a functional, 77-year-old cash register his grandfather bought when he started this family business in 1940. "I think it's quite unfair that the mighty and the powerful get to push people like myself around, and that the state can just kind of come over and basically take things away from people. It doesn't seem fair, especially in a democracy."

Israel Arrests 17 in Ramadan Raid

Now confined they can digest their food and think about the virgins they missed out on

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - Israeli troops burst into a banquet hall after a brief gunbattle and arrested 17 activists from the militant Hamas group as they ate a meal after the daytime holy month fast, the military said Friday.

A dozen Israeli jeeps and armored vehicles surrounded the six-floor Badran banquet hall in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Thursday night as Palestinians gathered to break the daily fast of the month-long Ramadan observance.

Gunmen out on the street briefly traded fire with troops before Israeli forces entered the large building, which often hosts several wedding parties at once and was decked out with festive colored lights.

The raid came as Egypt and Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement pressed Hamas leaders to halt suicide attacks in Israel during Israel's election campaign, citing concerns that more violence would push Israelis to choose a hardline leader, a Palestinian official said Friday.
Sharon widens lead in Israel polls

It was but a short time ago that Sharon seemed to be losing popularity because of terror attacks gone unabated.
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has widened his commanding lead over hawkish Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in their race to head the Likud party in Israel's January election, a poll has shown.

The survey in the mass-circulation daily Yedioth Ahronoth said 54 percent of the right-wing Likud's voters would cast their ballots for Sharon in the party's November 28 primary compared to 38 percent for Netanyahu.

The findings signal that Netanyahu, an ex-premier urging even tougher policies against the Palestinians, has failed to convince the party faithful he has a solution to two years of violence and recession which has only grown worse under Sharon. [....]
Speaker at Fortune Conference Insists Zionists Are ‘Subhuman’

When Saudi speech writers use boilerplates for their bosses you get same old nonsense

WASHINGTON - A speaker at a meeting co-hosted by Fortune magazine and a Saudi-backed foundation yesterday defended his newspaper’s description of the pro-Israel lobby as “subhuman.”
Fortune, a New York-based magazine that is a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner, sponsored the symposium with the Arab Thought Foundation, a group funded with at least $17 million from Saudi royalty and prominent Arab businessmen, including $1.5 million from Bakr bin Laden, the estranged brother of Osama bin Laden. Yesterday’s Arab symposium is part of the larger Fortune Global Forum, an annual business meeting taking place this week in Washington.

The Arab Thought Foundation’s stated purpose is to promote “open dialogue among Arabs, and between Arabs and the West on pressing cultural, educational, economic, scientific and political issues.” But for an organization purporting to promote dialogue, yesterday’s conference appeared to be a continuation of the past, with plenty of criticism of Israel and American policy. Critics have argued that the Arab Thought Foundation is part of Saudi Arabia’s attempt to rehabilitate its image in the wake of September 11 without carrying out genuine reforms. The kingdom has embarked on a multimillion-dollar public relations campaign in America.[....]

November 14, 2002

Kibbutz raid suspect arrested

You can hide and you can run, but: gottcha!
The Israeli army says it has arrested a top Palestinian militant suspected of having masterminded Sunday's attack on a kibbutz which killed five Israelis, including two children.

Mohammed Naifeh, a member of Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, had been hiding in a house in the village of Shweike, near the West Bank town of Tulkarm.

Israeli army personnel surrounded the house and called on Mr Naifeh through loudspeakers to surrender.

After negotiating through human rights organisations in a standoff which reportedly lasted several hours, Mr Naifeh agreed to give himself up.

"He was told if he gave up he would not be harmed," an Israeli army spokesman said.

"Shortly afterward he left the house and turned himself in to Israeli forces."
Yuli Tamir - Far Left Israeli Oslonik, Minister Under Barak - Attacks the Critics of Clitoridectomy -

This is from a 1996 article (link from IMRA)
But we also should be suspicious about the role of clitoridectomy in current political debate. Despite their liberal appearance, references to clitoridectomy commonly reveal a patronizing attitude toward women, suggesting that they are primarily sexual beings. Moreover, those references involve a certain degree of dishonesty. They intentionally widen the gap between our culture and those in which clitoridectomy is practiced, thus presenting those other cultures as incommensurable with ours. The effect of this distancing is to disconnect criticism of their practices from criticism of our own, and turn reflection on other cultures into yet another occasion for celebrating our special virtues. We should resist such self-congratulation. And if we do, the debate about clitoridectomy takes on an entirely different cast. . . . .

Does the overwhelming disgust at clitoridectomy signal an emerging social commitment to structural change -- to ensuring equal social, economic, and political status for women? I'm afraid not. Of course, the absence of such
commitment is no justification for clitoridectomy. My purpose, however, is not to justify clitoridectomy, but to expose the roots of the deep hostility to it -- to reveal the smug, unjustified self-satisfaction lurking behind the current condemnation of clitoridectomy. Referring to clitoridectomy, and emphasizing the distance of the practice from our own conventions, allows us to condemn them for what they do to their women, support the struggle of their women against their primitive, inhuman culture, and remain silent on the status of women in our society.
Two Faces of Terror

Seven Lies of Jenin
Even though the claim that there was a massacre in Jenin has been proved untrue by the UN and the human rights whiners, the Arabs are still at it. A new film called "Jenin, Jenin" is out peddling the lie. Naturally, the Arabs and their Jew-hating friends in Europe and elsewhere--and the fifth-column self-hating Jews in Israel itself and in the U.S.--will love it.

Here's commentary from a reservist who was in Jenin:

(Commentary by Dr. David Sangan, Ma'ariv, 8.11.2002, Weekend Supplement)
[Translation by Israel Government Press Office]

I watched Muhammad Bakri's film Jenin, Jenin in a limited forum, with Jerusalem Cinematheque Director Leah Van Leer and several journalists. After the private screening, I responded and indicated each lie and lack of credibility. One of those present at the screening was outraged: "If you don't accept the facts in the film, you apparently don't understand anything; how can you be a doctor?"

For a moment, I forgot that I had been in Jenin last April, serving as a regional brigade doctor, while this viewer had, at best, been fed on rumors. Bakri expertly weaves together lies and half-truths until it becomes very difficult not to be seduced by the distorted picture he creates.

I did not succeed in convincing the Cinematheque management to cancel the screening. I was told that the pictures of destroyed homes were authentic and that there was, therefore, truth in the film, and that the film would be shown around the world in any case. Even so, I was invited to its premiere screening in Jerusalem and I arrived in order to explain my position to the audience. Following are several points that I wished to raise to the audience:

1. Dr. Abu Riali, director of the hospital in Jenin, claims in the film that the western wing of the hospital was shelled and destroyed and that the IDF knowingly hit the hospital's water and power supplies. There never was any such wing and in any case, no part of the hospital was either shelled or blown up. IDF soldiers took care not to enter its grounds even though we knew that it was serving as a refuge for several wanted fugitives. We guarded the water, electricity and oxygen supplies to the hospital all throughout the fighting and assisted in setting up an emergency generator after the city's electrical system was damaged. Bakri himself is seen in the film wandering the hospital's clean and well-kept corridors, but not in the blown up wing. I met him outside the theater and asked him if he had visited the western wing. At first he said no, then he corrected himself and said, "You remember one moment in the film with shattered glass - it was from there." It is important to point out that this Abu Riali is one of the "authorized sources" for the claim of a "massacre." At the beginning of the operation, he was interviewed on Al-Jazeera television and spoke of, "thousands of victims."

2. Another impressive part of the film is the interview with a male 75-year-old Jenin resident who mumbles and cries and tells how he was taken out of his bed in the middle of the night, shot in the hand, and after he failed to obey the soldiers' command to get up, was shot again in the foot. I met this very same old man as he was brought to me after an operation to clear one of the Hamas cells' houses in the refugee camp. He had indeed been lightly injured in the hand and was suffering from a minor scratch on the foot, but certainly not as the result of a bullet. IDF soldiers transferred him to a secure station that had been set up to treat wounded and there he was treated by me, among others. One of the military doctors identified diagnosed a heart problem. We suggested that he be transferred immediately to Haemek Hospital in Afula for treatment. He asked to be treated at the hospital in Jenin since he did not speak Hebrew. After the hospital refused to admit him, we transferred him to Afula and he stayed there for three days in the internal medicine department for treatment of his heart problems and the anemia that he suffered from as a result of another chronic illness.

3. Another person who was interviewed spoke about a baby who suffered a chest wound from a bullet that entered through his chest and exited his body, creating a hole in his back. According to the film the baby died after IDF soldiers prevented his evacuation to hospital. A baby's body with this type of injury has never been found. Moreover, such an injury would have been fatal, and evacuation would not have saved his life. What is this baby's name? Where did his body disappear to?

4. The same person interviewed also told how, using his finger, he opened the baby's airway in his neck after he was injured. Again, a complete lie. Such an action cannot be carried out with a finger. This "witness" adds that tanks ran over living people many times until they were completely crushed - this never happened and is imaginary.

5. The film mentions a mass gravesite that IDF soldiers dug for Palestinian dead. Every international organization that investigated the matter concur that there were 52 Palestinian dead in Jenin, and that all the bodies were returned to the Palestinians for burial. Bakri does not bother to show the supposed location of this mass gravesite.

6. Israeli planes that supposedly bombed the city are mentioned in the film. There were no such planes. In order to prevent civilian casualties, only focused helicopter fire was used.

7. It is interesting to note that Bakri was not present in Jenin at the time of the operation, and only arrived two weeks after it was completed. In pictures shot at the site in the center of Jenin, the damage appears much larger than it was in actual fact, and the martyrs' pictures and jihad slogans - which had been present at the time of the IDF military operation - had disappeared from the walls of houses. The film systematically and repeatedly uses manipulative pictures of tanks taken in other locations, artificially placing them next to pictures of Palestinian children.

In general, this is a vulgar, but extremely well done, work of manipulation.

At the conclusion of the film, hundreds of viewers gave Bakri and the film's editor a standing ovation. Bakri asked the audience if there were any questions. I presented myself, I went up to the stage and began to systematically list the lies and inaccuracies in the film.

At first there were whispers in the audience, and later scornful calls, and I was labeled a "murderer," "war criminal" etc. I had barely succeeded in finishing my second point when a man in the audience aggressively came up on stage and tried to take the microphone out of my hand. I decided not to be dragged into violence. I allowed him to take the microphone and left the stage. I was surprised that only a few people stood up for my right to free speech and free expression. I was shocked that the audience was unwilling to hear the facts from someone who had physically been there.

It was difficult for me as a person, as a father and a doctor to hear calls of "murderer" from my people. I said that I did not kill anyone. But the calls became more heated, immense hatred was directed towards me. It left me with a hard feeling that has not subsided. I am not sorry that I went to the Cinematheque that evening. I am certain that in any case there were people who heard my doubts, and that this changed a small amount of their feelings towards the "facts" they saw. I am sure there were other people who were shocked at the intolerance demonstrated by the audience, but even so, it is hard for me [to accept] that they were the silent minority.

Allow me to say what I was unable to say to those people that evening. I am proud that I was part of this excellent and ethical force that operated in Jenin, regular army soldiers and reservists with motivation and a fighting spirit, who went to destroy the terrorist infrastructure in its capital. Many suicide-bombers came from Jenin, and were responsible for the murder of the elderly, women and children on our streets. I am proud that we were there, that we fought, and I also am proud of the morality of the battle.

The camp was not bombed from the air in order to prevent innocent civilian casualties, and artillery was not used even though we knew about specific areas in the [refugee] camp where terrorists were holing up. IDF soldiers fought against terrorists, and terrorists only. Before destroying a building where terrorist fire against our soldiers had originated from, as many warnings as could be allowed, were given, so that the people could leave without injury. The medical team administered medical aid to all casualties, even if they had Hamas tattoos on their hands. At no point was any person refused medical treatment.

This battle, heroic on one hand and ethical on the other, took a heavy toll from the best of our fighters! We who had to be there - the soldiers that fell there, their families and the IDF - do not deserve that Muhammad Bakri should incite the world to murder and hatred at our expense.

B'tselem: IDF Violates Court Ban In Using Palestinians As 'Human Shields'

The Kapos at B'tselem continue their never ending struggle in support of a second holocaust. They have managed to undermine the IDF and risk Jewish lives by securing an injunction against the IDF's so called use of "human shields." This is how the "peace" traitors like to refer to the IDF tactic of using a Palestinian civilian to warn a neighbor in a target building of the IDF presence. This tactic saves both IDF lives and civilian lives. While IDF soldiers fight to protect the lives of Jewish children, these traitors make every conceivable effort to provide aid and comfort to the terrorist murderers. G-d willing the day will come when these vermin face judgement for their crimes.
(Jerusalem Post) The Israeli human rights group B'tselem said Thursday that the army is continuing to use Palestinian civilians as human shields in operations to arrest suspected militants, in defiance of an Aug. 18 Supreme Court injunction prohibiting the practice.

The army says is has forbidden the practice and is investigating the allegations.

In a report Thursday, B'tselem listed a number of cases it said violated the court order.

The report cited Jenin resident Khaled Kamil as saying that he was forced to help troops in a hunt Saturday for an Islamic Jihad leader, Iyad Sawalha, in the West Bank town.

"The (Israeli army) commander pulled me back and said: `We want you to go inside, call Iyad and tell him that he's better off coming out, because if he doesn't, we'll destroy his house and the houses nearby,"' Kamil's testimony said.

"I walked in and stood at the opening of the alcove. It was dark and I couldn't see inside. One of the soldiers was standing by the ruined wall pointing his gun at me. I called out to Iyad," he said.

Sawalha refused to give himself up and died after a five-hour gunbattle with troops.

Kamil was unharmed. [Read More]
Fighting Terror without Fighting the Palestinian People: Does Israel’s massive military presence in the territories prevent terror?

This piece, found at Americans For a Third, addresses the occupation as a method of controlling terrorism, and discusses this issue from a number of perspectives. You decide.
The tragic story of the lone Palestinian gunman who murdered five people on Kibbutz Metzer last Sunday night has dominated the Israeli press over the past few days. The degree of outrage has exceeded what has sadly become “the usual” following a terror attack. The images of this attack are particularly disturbing – a mother killed as she tried to shield her two children in their bedroom, the children murdered beneath her, a woman shot in front of her boyfriend as she enjoyed a late night stroll. The setting was also ironic – Metzer is a kibbutz particularly proud of its good relations with neighboring Arabs; a left-leaning community that has been outspoken for Palestinian rights.

According to Israeli Ambassador Danny Ayalon, who spoke to Israel Policy Forum on Tuesday, the Metzer attacks were carried out by two members of the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, a military wing of Yasir Arafat’s Fatah faction. “Terror,” the Ambassador said, “still goes straight to the top.”

Whether unable or unwilling to prevent terror, Arafat’s impotence in stopping Palestinian terror attacks is the main justification offered for the seven month long Israeli military occupation of the West Bank. Towns like Ramallah, Tulkarm, Jenin, Nablus, and Qalqiya, which had been under Palestinian self-rule since the signing of the Oslo accords, have been under house arrest since April, when Israel launched Operation Defensive Shield.
A Palestinian man from the Jenin area of the West Bank was sentenced today to life in prison and another 40 years for two bombing incidents in which one Israeli was killed and 11 were wounded.

Zayad Kilani was captured in March 2001 when he was wounded in a bomb that went off apparently prematurely as police were chasing after him on the Wadi Ara Highway in northern Israel.

That incident occurred shortly after he planted a bomb in a Tel Aviv cafe killing an Israeli. [link]

The guy is responsible for TWO terrorist attacks, in which an Israeli was murdered. In Virginia he would have been fried a long time ago.
Inshira Mahameed, 30, of Umm el-Fahm, has announced her intention to run for a position on the Likud's list for the Knesset. She is reported to have been a member of the Likud's Wadi Ara branch since 1998.

According to reports in the Hebrew press, Mahameed expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the Arab parties, maintaining that only the Likud can make changes for the benefit of the Arab community. [link]

In related news, Inshira Mahameed, 30, of Riyahd has anounced her intention to drive a car. Her public beheading is scheduled for tomorrow, exact time to be announced.
Israeli forces in Gaza City swoop

The cycle repeats itself and the terror groups seem to have an endless supply of willing murderers.
About 50 Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles backed by helicopter gunships have raided the outskirts of Gaza City, detaining four men before swiftly pulling out, Palestinian security sources and witnesses say.

The Israeli army said it seized three wanted Palestinians in the operation who were involved in making mortar bombs and other weapons used in attacks against Israelis. It said one of the men was an officer in the Palestinian Preventive Security force.

Two Palestinian policemen and a local resident were wounded in Thursday's raid, the third big incursion into Palestinian cities in successive days following an attack on a kibbutz in Israel in which a Palestinian gunman killed five people on Sunday.

The attack, the raids and sporadic violence have added to problems besetting a fresh U.S. peace mission that has been overshadowed by a stormy Israeli election campaign and the possibility of a U.S.-led war to disarm Iraq.

In Washington, U.S. officials said they were resigned to slow progress in Middle East talks at least until the scheduled Israeli election on January 28.

November 13, 2002

Annan calls Israel an expropriator of Arab land, says it must give up "nearly all of the territory" for peace

Ho, hum...give up land for what? peaceful and secure borders? Tell that to the terror groups under Arafat.
Annan calls Israel an expropriator of Arab land, says it must give up "nearly all of the territory" for peace
Wed Nov 13, 3:58 PM ET
By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer

WASHINGTON - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan (news - web sites) denounced Israel as an expropriator of Arab land and said it must give up "nearly all of the territory" for peace with the Arabs.

Annan, in a speech at the University of Maryland, also accused the Israeli government of imposing "condition upon condition" to block peace negotiations.

Palestinian farmers have been shot dead by extremist settlers intent on robbing them of their olive harvest and are trying to drive them off the land to which the Palestinians are entitled, Annan said Wednesday.

The tone was different at the State Department. Spokesman Richard Boucher said he did not have "any particular comment" on the biggest Israel sweep on the West Bank in months.

Responding to the slaying of five Israelis, troops stormed into Nablus, a hotbed of militants, with dozens of tanks and and armored vehicles and rounded up 30 suspected terrorists.
Indiana U. Professor Calls for America to Bomb Israel Instead of Iraq.

Amr Sabry is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Indiana University Bloomington. On his web page on the university's own site he has a lot of anti-Israel propaganda and says "Don't Bomb Iraq. Bomb Israel." He also calls for a boycott of Israel and Starbucks (the founder is Jewish) and features an article on the History of Hizbullah which is on the State Department's list of terrorist groups. He also links to this article defending suicide bombers.

Boy I really wish I had a professor like this when I went to collage.

You can send him an email (Amr Sabry- telling him what you think and perhaps more importantly also send an email to Indiana University asking them why this guy is employed and using university resources in this tasteless manner.

Click here to send email to President, officers and Trustees(;;;; )

You have to write a note or just paste this post into the body with the title in the subject box.

NJ Orthodox Jews get their eruv

A federal appeals court ruled that Orthodox Jews in Tenafly, N.J., may keep their eruv. In its decision Oct. 24 decision, the court said the religious demarcation that allows Orthodox Jews to carry items on the Sabbath should be allowed on the town's utility poles. Tenafly officials had argued that allowing the plastic strips on the poles constituted government endorsement of religion. However, the court said that by singling out the eruv, Tenafly was "selectively" applying an ordinance and discriminating against the Orthodox community. (The Washington Jewish Week, Nov. 7)

Palestinian Authority Racism and Anti Semitism: “Jews are monkeys and pigs, conceited, arrogant, disloyal and treacherous, and will be tortured on Judgment Day”

We are all the children of G-d, right? Not for the Palestinians

This Friday’s sermon on PA TV is indicative of one of the most loathsome aspects of Palestinian Authority [PA] ideology- its vicious Racism and anti-Semitism. According to PA religious ideology the Jews' essence includes numerous inherent evils, as follows:
“Allah described them [Jews] in His Book, characterized by conceit, pride, arrogance, rampage, disloyalty and treachery... deceit and cunning... for which Allah transformed them to monkeys and pigs.” They are guilty of “trickery, plotting and treachery, and ideological terrorism...” and are the “cursed enemies of Allah; curse upon curse up to Judgment Day.”
Jews' behavior, they teach, has always been evil:
“They coveted, and they covet still. They killed, and they kill still. They betrayed, and betray still. They spilled blood, and they spill blood still... They have a single common denominator: enmity of Islam and Moslems, enmity of the bearers of truth... We must know the true situation and be on our guard, for our enemy does not distinguish between the mighty and the dependent, between big and small nor between the aged and the nursing baby.”
Muslims therefore have a special role to torment the Jews:
“We shall battle them and wage Jihad against them ... Allah loves those who battle for Him in one line... Oh, servants of Allah, be you the ones by whom Allah tortures the Jews with harsh torment."
The Jews’ future has been determined for ultimate punishment:
"[Allah] will not resurrect them [Jews] until Judgment Day, and then they will be tortured harsh torture.”

The Palestinian Racism is particularly dangerous because it is portrayed as the will of Allah. The hatred of Jews thus receives not only the stamp of divine approval but also is transformed into obligatory religious practice. A religious Palestinian Muslim, virtually the entire population, is thus faced with the obligation to hate Jews and to fight them or go against the will of Allah.

The following is from this week's PA Official Friday sermon:

“Praise unto Allah, Who cursed our enemies; curse upon curse up to Judgment Day. And He has cursed them as well through the words of His prophets and emissaries, may they rest in peace...
It is He who warned us of the Jews and of the Jews’ nature in the clearest of terms. We shall battle them and wage Jihad against them -after they attempted to kill the Call [to Allah] and to assassinate the Prophet [Muhammad] ...
“Their attempts were repeated more than once; but Allah, Who said of the Prophet: ‘Allah will protect you from man’, shielded His prophet from their [the Jews] trickery, plotting and treachery, and their ideological terrorism...”
“The Prophet, upon emigrating from Mecca to Medina where Allah granted him victory over his enemies, wrote a document between himself and the residents of Medina, among them Jews... The Prophet and the Moslems upheld this contract. The Jews, however, as is typical of them and as Allah described them in His Book, characterized by conceit, pride, arrogance, disloyalty and treachery... ‘Each time they forge a treaty a group within them breaches it.’ [Sura 3]....
"And they coveted the Moslems for the Prophet not having come from among them. They coveted, and they covet still. They killed, and they kill still. They betrayed, and betray still. They spilled blood, and they spill blood still. They ignited and still ignite the flames of war. And each time they ignite the flame of war, Allah extinguishes it. And still, they light it up... They have a single common denominator: enmity of Islam and Moslems, enmity of the bearers of truth, enmity of the sons of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, enmity of the bearers of the historical and religious truth in this good, blessed land.
Hit by a terrorist, kibbutz still shares a well with Arabs

Is this decency, idealism, or simply naivety?
KIBBUTZ MEZER, ISRAEL – After one of the more shocking terrorist attacks in the past two years, reprisal was on the mind of many Israelis, including some in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's cabinet. Sunday night, five people - including two children - were killed at this kibbutz by a Palestinian gunman, who then escaped.
But at a meeting Monday with Mr. Sharon, leaders of this dovish community wanted something else: a commitment that a new, security fence - stretching some 66 miles through the West Bank to block terrorist infiltrations - will not be built on land taken from their Palestinian neighbors in Kafin village, just across the old border in the West Bank.

"As it stands, a grave injustice is being done to our neighbors," said Doron Lieber, the economic coordinator of the kibbutz, the only Israeli community to argue for rerouting the fence. According to current plans, Kafin would lose two square miles - 60 percent of its farmland. Mr. Lieber says this will not only be bad for the Palestinians, but bad for the kibbutz, fueling enormous resentment throughout the area.

"The moment those beautiful trees are cruelly uprooted, our island of tranquility is turned into any other place in Israel," he says.

This kibbutz prides itself on a half century of good relations with neighboring Arab Israeli villages. So the irony that it was targeted by a militia linked to Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement was not lost on anyone, including Palestinian leaders.

But on Monday and Tuesday, it seemed to be precisely that history, as well as the kibbutz's humanistic ideology that were coloring the initial responses to the attack. "I feel like someone who has been slapped in the face," said Lieber. "My hand was stretched out in peace. But a slap in the face is only temporary. It rings in your ears a bit, but when the ringing stops you go on."

For others, it will be ringing for a long time.
What is the Opposite of a Boycott?

And now for the good news
The November 8, 2002 edition of Israel Line, an online publication of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, reported on the way in which one Christian organization has decided to lend a helping hand to Israeli businesses - and act as a counterweight to the Arab-backed boycott of Israeli products. The International Christian Chamber of Commerce, which recently held the meeting of its international board of directors in Tel Aviv, is giving Israeli companies free access to and prime location on its business matchmaking website.

The site, part of a project called Markets Unlocked, allows buyers from around the world to search for suppliers of any product anywhere else in the world through an online database. In general, registering companies need to pay a registration fee to be listed on the site. With the exception, that is, of Israel-based suppliers, who will also be listed first on any database search made through the ICCC website. According to Globes newspaper, the ICCC is expecting millions of Christian buyers from around the world to access the website.

The Markets Unlocked initiative is just the latest of a series of actions taken by the ICCC demonstrating its solidarity with the business community of the Jewish state. In June, reports Israel Line, the Chamber sponsored an international business conference in Jerusalem, during which 400 businessmen from 40 nations met with representatives of Israeli companies and representatives of the Israeli Manufacturers Association, the Israeli Export Institute and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. “According to the ICCC more than 1,000 matchmaking appointments were conducted during the two days of the congress,” reports the Foreign Ministry.
Playwright blacklisted after his trip to Israel

"Freedom's just another word for...."
CAIRO — Ali Salem was once one of Egypt's most prominent playwrights, but his curiosity about Israel has brought him expulsion from his country's cultural circles.

Since visiting Israel in 1994, Mr. Salem hasn't found a producer for his works. He has two plays and a movie script gathering dust and, he says, nobody talks with him anymore about theater, only about politics.
"I'm a playwright by nature, and a writer by coercion," Mr. Salem, 66, who still writes newspaper columns, said in an interview. "I have become similar to [Franz] Kafka's heroes — I don't know what exactly is demanded of me."
A big, loud man known for his satiric wit, he had thought about visiting Israel since President Anwar Sadat went to the Jewish state in 1977. Mr. Sadat's visit led to Egypt becoming the first Arab state to sign a peace treaty with Israel, in 1979, but many Egyptians are still outspokenly anti-Israel — including the leftist intellectuals who once made up Mr. Salem's social set.
Mr. Salem, a retired Ministry of Culture bureaucrat, has written about 25 plays and 15 books. Among his most famous plays is "School of the Troublemakers," a 1971 comedy about a class of riotous teenagers reformed by a kind female teacher.
Shortly after Israel and the Palestinians signed the 1993 Oslo peace agreements, Mr. Salem announced plans to visit Israel "to know who are these people, and what are they doing."
But when he finally went the following year, he told no one, not even his wife and three daughters. He drove his car across the border to Israel and stayed for more than three weeks.
"It wasn't a love trip, but a serious attempt to get rid of hate. Hatred prevents us from knowing reality as it is," he said.
He wrote a series of stories about his trip for an Egyptian weekly and later a book, "Journey to Israel," published in September 1994.
Fellow writers labeled Mr. Salem a sellout, but he replied in print that those who accused him of working for Israel really understood he was "working for Egypt and Egyptians' sake."
"I'm sorry for the pain I caused them by my trip — I forced them into independent and responsible thinking," Mr. Salem wrote.
Intellectuals stopped shaking hands or talking with him. Still not exactly welcomed in the Egyptian press, Mr. Salem contributes columns to the respected London-based Arab-language newspaper Al-Hayat.
After a series of warnings, Mr. Salem was expelled last year from the Writers Syndicate for "his normalization activities with the Zionist entity," as many Arabs call Israel. He recently persuaded a court to overturn the union's action, then resigned, saying he went to court to prove a point.
War prep: U.S., Israel compete for access to same weapons

Fortunately they are friends so competition can be coordinated.
TEL AVIV — Israel and the United States are quietly competing for the same weapons rolling off production lines as both countries prepare for a Middle East war.

Israeli defense officials said they are trying to prevent their weapons requirements from being hampered by U.S. military orders from major American defense manufacturers.

"There's a competition for the production line [between Israel and the United States]," Brig. Gen. Shimon Sarid, head of the equipment division of the Israel Air Force, said. "We are getting good treatment despite the rearming of the U.S. military."

Over the last six months, Israel has accelerated orders for such weapons as TOW anti-tank missiles, Joint Direct Attack Munition systems, air-to-air missiles and other systems. Officials said the orders are meant to maintain combat readiness for any regional war in the Middle East over the next year.

The Israel Defense Forces has set as a priority military readiness for a major war during 2003. Officials said such a war could take place on the eve of or during a U.S.-led military campaign against Iraq.

Sarid said the U.S. military has accelerated orders of many of the same weapons required by Israel. He said the two countries have coordinated production schedules with major American contractors.

Officials said much of the strategic dialogue with the United States regards assurances that Israel will not see significant delays in the deliveries of a range of systems and weapons it has ordered. "There's a dialogue on this all the time," Sarid said. "But in the end, we get what we need."

The air force procurement chief said his service has launched an intensive effort over the last few months to raise the level of ammunition, weapons and spare parts. He said the air force has absorbed new U.S. weapons, including the JDAM.

Sarid listed other procurement priorities for 2003. They include the absorption of the F-16I multirole fighter as well as the introduction of the S-70 Black Hawk helicopter. The air force also plans to prepare for the procurement of the B-200 Beechcraft aircraft and the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter beyond next year.
Israelis descend on Nablus

Payback time.
Israel has begun a pre-dawn military operation in the West Bank town of Nablus.
Palestinian security sources described a mass incursion at 0400 (0200 GMT) with dozens of tanks and armoured vehicles, which took up position around the old city quarter.

The Israeli army confirmed the attack, but gave no further details.

Earlier, Israeli military helicopters fired missiles on Gaza City, targeting a metal workshop which was also attacked in the early hours of Monday morning.

An army spokesman said the workshop was a weapons-making facility.

The operations come a day after Israeli leaders began a military response to a Palestinian attack on a kibbutz on Sunday that killed five Israelis.

Israel says the gunman in the kibbutz attack came from Tulkarm, which was targeted in a raid on Tuesday.

But he allegedly received his orders from the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, an offshoot of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement in Nablus.

November 12, 2002

Putin on Islam

He said Islamic "radicals have much more ambitious goals" and that is to kill all non-Muslims but also many Muslims.

"They talk about setting up a worldwide Caliphate and the need to kill Americans and their allies," Putin said. He added,

"They talk about the need to kill all ... non-Muslims, or 'crusaders,' as they put it. If you are a Christian, you are in danger.

"If you decided to abandon your faith and become an atheist, you also are to be liquidated according to their concept.

"I Will Expel Arafat

"As prime minister I will expel Arafat! I promise Yasser Arafat will be expelled," Netanyahu said to the cheers of the crowd.

"Only if we get rid of him will an opening for peace come about. Then and only then is there a possibility of peace... That our enemies will live together with us in Peace," he said.

"I am convinced I can restore the security," said Netanyahu.

For this war, Jordan switches sides

If you are Iraqi living in an Arab country that is not Iraq, you wonder why the Arabs are opposed to toppling
Saddam. But then, who ever said there was a rational approach to matters in the ME?
AMMAN - A group of Iraqi exiles sitting down at the end of a day of fasting in Café Central in downtown Amman are not worried that the US wants to attack Iraq. But they are surprised by the opposition to it from many Arabs.

"Arabs don't know what we've been through, they don't know what life is like under Saddam's regime," says Jamal Boustani, an Iraqi writer in exile. "I don't understand why they're angry and why they want to demonstrate against a US war to topple Saddam when we are actually hoping for change."

Such views are not uncommon among the some 300,000 Iraqis in Jordan. They are skeptical of Saddam Hussein's apparent softening toward his opponents in releasing political prisoners last month, and in declaring an amnesty. The Iraqi embassy in Amman says some 700 new passports have been issued to exiles since then, but few believe that figure. And no one thinks that any outspoken opponent of the Iraqi regime is among the applicants.

Jordan is a haven for Iraqis fleeing Saddam Hussein. The kingdom is regarded as among the most stable and loyal allies of the West in the region. But many Jordanians vehemently oppose an attack on Iraq.

During the Gulf War the late King Hussein represented the will of the people in keeping Jordan out of the coalition against Iraq. Other Arab countries such as Egypt and Syria backed the US and received its largesse in return.

Jordan not only angered the US but also Gulf nations that had given Jordan much-needed economic aid, and provided work opportunities for its people. Jordan was severely punished for its perceived pro-Saddam stance after the Gulf War, and many of those sources of money dried up.

As trade with Iraq collapsed, Jordan suffered more than most of Iraq's neighbors. Only recently have some of the Gulf countries restored their ties to the old levels. And it is only after the 1998 oil-for-food protocol that trade has recovered. US aid to Jordan has also risen, to a record US$235 million in civilian aid and some US$200 million in military support in the current US financial year.

The tables seem to have turned in the Arab world. Syria and Egypt are now counselling the US against attacking Iraq, while the Jordanian government is said to be quietly aiding the US effort. In the streets of Amman this has inevitably led to grumbling that "America is running this country"

Netanyahu Says Remove Arafat's 'Terror Regime'

Israel made plans Monday to retaliate for a shooting at a kibbutz that left five people dead, including a mother and her two sons. Israel has decided to take military action soon in the Nablus area of the West Bank in response to the killing of five Israelis in a Palestinian attack on a kibbutz, security sources said on Monday. A car exploded and killed the two Palestinians inside as Israeli police moved to stop the vehicle, in one of three incidents Sunday in which Israeli authorities said they foiled suicide attacks. A gunman slipped overnight into Kibbutz Metzer, near the dividing line between northern Israel and the West Bank, and opened fire outside a dining hall, killing a woman visitor and the kibbutz's chief administrator. 19 links to news from Israel.
Scores of wounded, killed persons in Maan, Arabs arrested, the city is besieged

Islamists not content to strike at Jews and Westerners but are beginning to cause chaos in Jordan too
Confrontations resumed between the city of Maan and the Jordanian authorities. The city lived its second day under a "siege" imposed by the security forces to arrest persons described by the authorities as "a gang."

In addition to the killing of three persons and scores of wounded, according to several persons, the clashes which took place in the southern city, which often witnesses protests concerning internal Jordanian issues, or concerning national issues like Palestine and Iraq; revealed that that what is taking place in Maan is beyond dealing with a "mere gang."

The siege, announced by the Jordanian authorities, besides acts of arrest which targeted more than 50 Islamists, and other Arab and foreigners, gave the city a scene of a "war against terrorism;" especially at a time when the security forces have received instructions to attack "hills area where several wanted gunmen seemed to have hide in."

Moreover, the large scale security attack against the city, 215 Km to the south of Amman, left the impression that the government has actually started the implementation of the slogan "Jordan first" recently advocated by the Jordanian King Abdullah to summarize his views concerning the Iraqi and Palestinian developments in the coming phase. A vision which necessitates at the current phase to show the "state's dignity and will."

Eye- witnesses said that the Jordanian special forces clashed with hundreds of gunmen in the largest security invasion of Maan in order to arrest Islamists, and this was after the end of a grace period given by the authorities to wanted persons who are hiding in the city to surrender themselves.
Could Israel die of thirst?

A growing shortage of drinkable water, as noted by the great scientist E.O. Wilson a few years ago, will cause warfare, deaths, and chaos in many areas of the world. In the ME, this shortage becoming increasingly apparent and represents a threat in addition to the terrorists from the Arab world, as noted hee by Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
Yesterday, the Washington area was drenched by a steady, hours-long downpour that began at night and continued into the day. As the rain fell, a natural first reaction was gratitude that the drought that had been afflicting our region would be eased somewhat as reservoirs, rivers and wells inched back toward normal levels.

No such relief is in prospect for Israel, an arid nation that even in good times contends with water shortfalls that make those confronting Washington and other parts of the United States pale by comparison. At the moment, however, the Jewish State confronts a combination of forces — a meteorological drought, regional efforts to deny it access to water and misbegotten U.S. diplomacy — that could threaten Israel's very existence.

An Israeli online publication called Globes reported on Nov. 6 that Israel's Meteorological Service is forecasting a winter drought over the period from December 2002 to February 2003, historically the country's wettest months. If the predictions prove accurate, Israel will see little precipitation, prompting its Water Commissioner, Shimon Tal, to warn that "Israel's reservoirs will be empty by the end of the 2003 winter, posing a real threat to the supply of drinking water." According to Mr. Tal, "This situation will last until the desalination facilities [being built in Israel] are fully operational and other water sources, including imports in 2004, are created, which will provide 400 million cubic meters of water a year."

Unfortunately, Israel's access to drinking water could be even more dramatically afflicted, and for far longer, if one or more of the following eventuate:

• Lebanon has unilaterally initiated a program to provide water for communities in its south by tapping the Wazzani Spring, a tributary to the Hatzbani River that flows, in turn, into Israel's Sea of Galilee. By some estimates, Lebanon controls as much as 20 percent of the Jewish State's fresh water resources and its plan for the Wazzani would divert as much as 50 million cubic meters a year from downstream Israel. According to the Jerusalem Post, "This is the same amount of water Israel supplies to Jordan each year under the peace accord between the two countries and more than the allotted amount given to the Palestinians. It is equivalent to the quantity of fresh water proposed to be imported from Turkey and the total annual production capacity of a major seawater desalination plant."

In the face of Israel's already acute drought, the prospect of the loss of the Wazzani water prompted Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to warn that Israel would take militarily action to destroy Lebanon's new pumping station. This threat brought promises of retaliation from Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorists and called to mind a similar moment in the mid-1960s when Israeli artillery fired on Syrian positions in order to prevent Damascus' diversion of the Banias River. Newsday recently noted that this, in turn "trigger[ed] a series of skirmishes that eventually led to the 1967 Arab-Israeli war."
Arafat’s Road Map: More Killing

Either Arafat is unable to control his minions or he does not want to. In either case: boot him out!
The terrorists Yasser Arafat’s Fatah admitted sending to Kibbutz Metzer on the Israel-West Bank border carried out their killing rampage on Sunday, November 10, concurrently with the Fatah-Hamas conference taking place in Cairo under the European Union’s aegis.

Far from being mutually contradictory, the two events fit neatly together.

Sunday night, two or more Palestinians burst into an avowedly pacifist rural kibbutz, shot dead its secretary Yitzhak Dori, 44, and a visitor from Moshav Eliachin, Tirza Damari, 42. They then burst into a home and murdered Revital Ochayon and the two small sons, Matan 5 and Noam, 4, she sheltered with her body, before disappearing into the night. They struck hours after the Israeli military pullback from the Palestinian city of Jenin.

In Cairo, “External Hamas”, and Arafat’s Fatah representatives were charged by their European sponsors with discussing ways and means of ending terrorist and suicide attacks in Israel.

The Hamas is represented by its real bosses, the Damascus-based leaders, Khaled Mashal and Abu Marzuk, who tell Sheikh Ahmed Yasin and Abdul Aziz Rantissi in the Gaza Strip what to do. The conference is the fruit of tireless efforts by EU external affairs executive Javier Solana and his envoys, Miguel Moratinos and Alistair Crook. Their closest Israeli collaborators lead the Labor party that walked out of Ariel Sharon’s national unity last week. They include former ministers Shimon Peres and Binyamin Ben Eliezer and hopefuls Haim Ramon and Amram Mitzna. The Haifa Mayor, who hopes to topple Ben Eliezer as party leader, believes Israel should negotiate with the Palestinians “as if there is no terror” and fight terror “as if there were no negotiations”.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell is the wirepuller behind the EU initiative.
Israelis Fear Charges Of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity

This is pathetic. The article doesn't mention the International Criminal Court though it makes a swooning reference to "a growing trend towards global justice". I don't see how the countries mentioned would have the jurisdiction to prosecute even one Israeli official.

Most disappointing is seeing Britain on the list of countries likely to prosecute Israeli officials. There's no justification for any of these countries to prosecute anyone that doesn't commit a crime on their soil. In fact, if I were Israel I would consider the abduction of an Israeli traveling abroad an act of war.
The Israeli government has ordered an urgent assessment of whether its politicians and soldiers could face arrest and trial for war crimes while travelling abroad.

The move follows a report by the justice ministry that singled out Britain, Spain and Belgium as the most likely to prosecute Israeli officials who breach international law. But the government fears there is a growing trend towards global justice that could see Israelis effectively barred from visiting a host of states.

"We are building a map of all those countries that might give us a headache," said Ra'anan Gissin, spokesman for the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon. "They want to arrest Israelis who are enforcing the law while the real war criminals, like Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat, get away scot free."

The report was ordered after lawyers presented the cabinet with a report commissioned in the wake of a failed legal action in the Belgian courts last year accusing Mr Sharon of war crimes over the massacres of Palestinians in refugee camps 20 years ago.

Last month, Scotland Yard launched an investigation of Israel's new defence minister, Lieutenant General Shaul Mofaz, during his short visit to Britain.

Amnesty International has called on signatories to the Geneva conventions to put on trial Israeli soldiers "responsible for war crimes" as defined in the Geneva conventions, such as unlawful killings, torture and the use of Palestinians as human shields in Jenin and Nablus earlier this year.
Of course, the increasingly offensive Amnesty International isn't considering context and the fact that Israel is fighting terrorists who don't wear uniforms, not a proper army.

November 11, 2002

Powell is full of crap

Here is a piece of an interview with Colon Powell (from IMRA) in which he, in my opinion unsuccessfully, tries to distinguish between Israel killing terrorists and America killing terrorists:
MR. BLITZER: The U.S. took an action this past week in firing Predator missiles at these al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen, including a U.S. citizen. What's the difference between that targeted killing and the targeted killings the Israelis engage in -- which the State Department has criticized?

SECRETARY POWELL: We believe that there are significant differences. This was a case of clearly somebody engaged in a direct conflict with the United States. We believe that there are other ways to deal with the problems of the Middle East - other ways that are not enhanced. The likelihood of these other ways working is not enhanced by those kinds of targeted assassinations. So we believe there are differences and distinctions between the two situations.

Hawkins on Hanson

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has an exclusinve interview with Vioctor David Hanson (often of the National review):
John Hawkins: Why do you think there is such a profound difference between the American and European view of the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

Victor Davis Hanson: There are a variety of reasons that can properly be debated about their relative roles. But we can agree on the general picture -- fear and appeasement of terrorists, rising Muslim populations (largely unassimilated) in France, Germany, and Scandinavia, inherent anti-Semitism, identification of Israel with the US as an overdog, proud power, guilt over past colonialism, financial interests in the Arab world, along with concerns for oil supplies, and generally the largely backdrop of easy and cheap ways of opposing the United States in ways that cost nothing but alleviate European concerns about stature, pride, and their own diminished role in the world. That is not to say there are not legitimate issues; it just explains why the Europeans would allow a quarter-million Muslims to be butchered under their noses in the Balkans when they had the power to stop it, and yet fret impotently over Palestinians far away. The end of the Soviet threat and the rise of the EU are creating a new tension in the West, and it will only quicken and manifest itself in ways well beyond disputes over the Middle East.


It is funny that it is not OK for 450,000 Jewish settlers to live in their historic homeland (for three generations in some cases) from which they are refugees and it is fine to argue directly that they should be transported but the same people who advocate this wouold be up in arms if someone advocated transporting the 12 million muslims settlers living in France. All else head equal, if the Jews were made to 'go back to where they came' (we will say the West although half are not from the West) and all the muslims in the west were sent back to where they came, the West would be better off and the muslims would be worse off.


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Arafat’s Road Map: More Killing

Dump Arafat! Why wait till the world sees what Sadaam may or may not do? The ArabLeague has approved the resolution for Iraq to disarm or suffer. Meantime, Israel suffers under American restraints.
The terrorists Yasser Arafat’s Fatah admitted sending to Kibbutz Metzer on the Israel-West Bank border carried out their killing rampage on Sunday, November 10, concurrently with the Fatah-Hamas conference taking place in Cairo under the European Union’s aegis.

Far from being mutually contradictory, the two events fit neatly together.

Sunday night, two or more Palestinians burst into an avowedly pacifist rural kibbutz, shot dead its secretary Yitzhak Dori, 44, and a visitor from Moshav Eliachin, Tirza Damari, 42. They then burst into a home and murdered Revital Ochayon and the two small sons, Matan 5 and Noam, 4, she sheltered with her body, before disappearing into the night. They struck hours after the Israeli military pullback from the Palestinian city of Jenin.

In Cairo, “External Hamas”, and Arafat’s Fatah representatives were charged by their European sponsors with discussing ways and means of ending terrorist and suicide attacks in Israel.

The Hamas is represented by its real bosses, the Damascus-based leaders, Khaled Mashal and Abu Marzuk, who tell Sheikh Ahmed Yasin and Abdul Aziz Rantissi in the Gaza Strip what to do. The conference is the fruit of tireless efforts by EU external affairs executive Javier Solana and his envoys, Miguel Moratinos and Alistair Crook. Their closest Israeli collaborators lead the Labor party that walked out of Ariel Sharon’s national unity last week. They include former ministers Shimon Peres and Binyamin Ben Eliezer and hopefuls Haim Ramon and Amram Mitzna. The Haifa Mayor, who hopes to topple Ben Eliezer as party leader, believes Israel should negotiate with the Palestinians “as if there is no terror” and fight terror “as if there were no negotiations”.
Some Good Questions Concerning the War on Terror

I was reading a book review in Foreign Affairs and these paragraphs struck me:
Imagine for a minute that, instead of being Saudis (as they in fact were), 15 of the 19 hijackers had been Iranian. Imagine, too, that the Taliban got its diplomatic and economic support not from the House of Saud but from the regime in Tehran, and that bin Laden enjoyed the backing of Iranian clerics, charities, and businesses rather than their Saudi counterparts. Does anyone doubt that if any of the above were true, the United States would have already taken aggressive actions against Iran?

In fact, as Talbott and Chanda observe, Iranians responded to the attacks of September by holding two large candlelight vigils. By contrast, the Saudi defense minister told The New York Times in December that American news media coverage of the kingdom's links to Islamic extremism amounted to a "slanderous campaign."
Russia adds range to Iran's latest missiles - maybe Israel should start aiding the Chechen rebels.

"Iran has been supplied by Russia with powerful new technology and parts for long-range missiles that will put Israel and the whole of the Middle East - including British and US forces in the region - within its reach, The Telegraph has learned."
Yellow Bellied Palestinians

One thing the Palestinians (or any Arab country, for that matter) can not be described as is courageous, honorable or manly. Here is a picture of two of the imperialists purposely shot in Israel (Kibbutz Metzer) by an A rab freedom fighter. If any one can be lead to believe by their religious leaders that purposely killing kids is going to get you to heaven, what can be said about such a so called religion. Who are the real pigs and dogs? How many Islamic leaders denounce such attacks done in the name of tehir belief system. If such a thing was done in the name of the real western religions it would be resoundingly denounced.

Israeli security forces are still hunting the gunman who was reported to be in hiding at a house in Kibbutz Metzer.

Israel hits back after kibbutz attack

Israeli helicopters have fired rockets into Gaza City in retaliation for a gun attack on a kibbutz which left five people dead.

Earlier two Palestinian suicide bombers blew themselves up in a car when their bomb went off prematurely.

Israeli security forces are still hunting the gunman who was reported to be in hiding at a house in Kibbutz Metzer.

The attack came after Israeli troops pulled back from the West Bank city of Jenin after a two-week hunt for suicide bombers ahead of the arrival of a US envoy to pursue a Middle East peace plan.

Israeli military sources said rockets from a helicopter destroyed a metal foundry believed to be making mortar bombs in Gaza City early on Monday. No injuries were reported.

Earlier, police erected a checkpoint near Metzer, after receiving information of a potential attack being launched from the Palestinian city of Nablus.

Two Palestinians inside a car apparently blew themselves up after border police spotted what they said was a suspicious looking" vehicle and asked the driver to pull over.

Israeli media said one of the men was wearing an explosives belt, while the second detonated a booby-trapped bag.
Fatah Condones Terror Against Israeli Civillians

No sign of abatement of any sort
Israel's relentless fight against indiscriminate Palestinian terror was further justified after the Saudi daily " Ukaz" published on November 6, 2002 that the Fatah Central Committee headed by Yasser Arafat, has condoned suicide attacks against soldiers and Israeli civilians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Central Committee emphasized the continuation of the armed struggle, and the right of the Palestinians to pursue their struggle in the ' 67 territories.

Click here for Hani Al - Hassan's expression [go to link]

This policy, accepting terror as a legitimate weapon, has been espoused recently by none other than the new Palestinian Interior Minister Hani Al - Hassan, who does not oppose suicide attacks against Israeli settlers. Moreover, Palestinian officials have stated that the minister supports the military wing of the Fatah- the Al - Aqsa Martyrs Brigades- and opposed their dismantling. One must be aware that the Al- Aqsa Martyrs Brigades appear on the European and U.S lists of terrorist organizations.