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December 23, 2002


[via meryl Yourish] This New Jersey blogger has a very good post on countering the EU and other Leftists that demand, with the terrorists, that Israel must leave the "Palestinian" occupied terrirtories.
Every time you hear the EU and Loud Left scream to high heaven that Israel needs to withdraw the IDF from the territories, and ease up their "chokehold" on the Pals, come back here and read this:
IDF forces blew up a large bomb factory in the Askar refugee camp in Nablus on Friday. Forces searching the building discovered five large bombs containing ten to fifteen kilograms of explosives, a bomb to be used against armored vehicles that was still in the preparation stage, scores of bombs of different sizes, detonators, screws and bolts, and parts used to make up explosive belts.

In addition, security forces found large quantities of chemicals and scores of kilograms of TATP explosives. In one of the rooms soldiers also found women's clothing and new bags to be used to transport the bombs to various locations.

She has other examples that are as important to remember, and remind other people of, when they are stupid directly in front of you.