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December 18, 2002

Why does America ask Israel to let its people get blown up?

That is what many of us would like to know, including Claudia Rossett at
Much talk these days centers on the process we've come to call nation-building and the recognition that for peace, one needs democracy. So far, so good. The pity is that there is not more wisdom brought to bear on defending the democracies that already exist, especially that most beleaguered of all free states: Israel.

That might sound strange, given the billions the U.S. spends on Israel's military defense. But undercutting this effort for decades has been the strange history of Washington-backed peace-processing, in which Israel at every turn has been urged to do something that the U.S. itself immediately foreswore after Sept. 11--negotiate, compromise and above all show "restraint" with terrorists and their sponsors.

The folly and the danger of discussing a "peace process" while Israelis daily live with the threat of terrorism.