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December 22, 2002

Who's growing kidneys? It's the J-E-W-S!

Get out your tinfoil hats, because there's another one of those Zionist plots out there to rule the world and conquer all. This time, it's embryonic stem cell research to grow kidneys in mice and, hopefully some day, humans!

Odd behavior for a supposedly vicious band of conquerors, murderers, and massacre-mongers... let's take a closer look:

Complete working kidneys have been grown in mice using stem cells derived from human and pig fetuses. If the feat can be repeated in humans, it will allow doctors to replace damaged organs without the need for a donor.

The Israeli team, who used three-month-old mice as recipients for the growing kidneys, were able to avoid immune rejection by using embryonic stem cells. The developing kidney takes time to acquire 'antigen presenting cells' which are recognised by the host immune system as foreign.

Embryonic stem cells are also able to adapt to their host, reducing the chance that they will be rejected later in development, says Camillo Ricordi, University of Miami, who works on transplanting islet cells into the pancreas to cure type I diabetes.

"Our data pinpoint a window ... that may be optimal for transplantation in humans," say the researchers in their paper in Nature Medicine. If the cells are too young, they do not develop into all the necessary cell types. But if taken too late, the developing kidney will be rejected.

The kidneys functioned well enough to produce dilute urine. But the organs did not connect up with the host's excretory system. Instead, the researchers, led by Yair Reisner at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, connected a catheter directly into the developing organ. If the technique were used on patients, surgery would be required to connect up the developing kidney.
Strange. They're working to heal people. These people... they... aren't a brutal vicious evil gang of warmongers?

Who are?

I guess those Palestinians are wrong after all. Maybe they can drop the rhetoric for a while and go back to working out the details on the Qassam-4 rocket. Those are supposed to cure baldness and relieve the symptoms of the flu... um... right.