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December 13, 2002

Who "Owns" America?...The Saudis Do

Ordinary Americans are at a total loss to understand

- why Saudi Arabia gets away with murder, literally.
- why the State Department is their chief apologist
- why the Saudis get special treatment such as the visa express
- why President Bush makes nice
- why their horrible treatment of Americans in Saudi Arabia is tolerated
- why their vicious anti- Americanism and anti-semetism is tolerated
- why their support for terror and Wahabism is tolerated.

Why indeed?

Danial Pipes in his recent article How the Saudis Buy Friends cuts to the chase. They buy off the White House and the State Department one way or another.

Fortunately, Congress and the Senate, who are not on the payroll, are outraged.

Pipes recommends that all U S officials who have any dealings with Saudi Arabia be prohibited from receiving money, either directly or indirectly, from Saudi Arabia.

Serge Trefkovic in Islam: the Folly of Appeasement argues that
The real problem facing the United States and Western democracy is .... whether the West still has the moral strength to adopt any policy causing its power-wielders temporary financial losses. Curbing their greed — this doesn’t mean you personally, Pres. Bush, but it does mean some of your slimy oil-patch friends whispering in your ear — is a prerequisite for success in the inevitable conflict with Islam.

"The crack whore of Western petro-consumerism will always return to her john for her next fix, however much she complains about how he treats her."

So there you have it. Our government officials and have prostituted themselves for money. Our people and our economy are hooked on cheap oil. Our decision makers are influenced by big business.

Ted Belman