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December 09, 2002

A UN agency assisting terrorists

Maariv says that Israeli defense authorities have prepared a secret report, in which they accuse the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (UNRA) of abetting terrorists in the territories. The report was compiled following the shooting of an UNRA employee by an Israeli soldier about two weeks ago in Jenin. The soldier is said to have believed that the UNRA employee was a terrorist, since the UNRA facility where he was shot was used by terrorists. The report says that such use of UNRA facilities is routine.

Also in the report: about 5 months ago an UNRA ambulance driver Nidal Nazal admitted that his ambulance was used to carry ammunition and messages between terrorists.

Ala Hasan, a Tanzim member, who was arrested 9 months ago, said that an UNRA school in Nablus is used for target shooting practice, and for ammunition storage.

Nahad Atalla, a man on Israel's "wanted" list said that he used an UNRA vehicle to deliver suicide bombers to their targets.

The report says that UNRA's policy is hostile towards Israel, and that Israel will only give immunity to UNRA workers who are foreign citizens, and not residents of the territories.

Update: related news here.

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