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December 07, 2002

U.S.: Palestinians have violated accords

Does this report, critical of the Palestinians, mean anything?
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 (JTA) -- For the first time, the White House has officially determined that the Palestinians are not in compliance with the agreements it has signed with the United States and Israel.

But despite the determination, President Bush immediately waived any sanctions required by law, invoking national security as the reason.

The president's findings coincide with the release of the State Department's semiannual report on Palestinian compliance.

The report, obtained by JTA on Tuesday, says the Palestinians have not complied with several elements of its agreements, including recognizing the right of Israel to exist in peace and security, solving all disputes through negotiation and peaceful means and renouncing the use of violence.

Because of the sanction waiver, Monday's actions have no concrete effect.

Some American Jewish organizational officials and lawmakers are nonetheless praising the symbolic gesture of chastising the Palestinians for their noncompliance, but are criticizing the president's waiver of the sanctions.