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December 26, 2002

This will surprise you

The richest one percent are on the left according to an editorial in the Washington Times.

So much for Republicans being the party of the wealthy.

According to a new study by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, that moniker more appropriately belongs to the Democrats. "Republicans raised more than Democrats from individuals who contributed small and medium amounts of money during the 2002 election cycle," the report notes, "but Democrats far outpaced Republicans among deep-pocketed givers." Among donors who gave more than $200 but less than $1,000, Republicans enjoyed a substantial $68 million to $44 million edge over Democrats. The margin was closer among those individuals who gave $1,000 or more: The GOP took in $317 million, compared to the Democrats' $307 million.

But among the fabulously wealthy, the Democrats cleaned house. Donors of $10,000 or more gave $140 million to Democrats, while only $111 million went to Republicans. Among those individuals who gave $100,000 or more, the Democrats raised $72 million compared to the Republicans' $34 million. And when it comes to the millionaires' club -- those kicking in $1 million or more -- the Democratic Party skunked the GOP, $36 million to $3 million. Needless to say, despite the near-parity in overall amounts -- $384 million to the Republicans vs. $350 million to the Democrats -- the number of individual donors to the GOP exceeded those to the Democratic Party by more than 40 percent. More.