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December 19, 2002


Man Gets Life for Following False Prophet:
MULTAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - A Pakistani man has been sentenced to life in prison under the country's blasphemy laws for being a follower of a self-proclaimed prophet, court officials said Thursday.

Ahsan Azamtullah, 45, was convicted of being a disciple of Sardar Ahmed, a self-proclaimed prophet who died in prison last year after a prolonged bout of mental illness, officials said.

Azamtullah was also fined $1,700 in the verdict handed down Wednesday by a court in the eastern Pakistani town of Faisalabad.

Another man and woman are being sought to answer similar charges.

In Islam, the prophet Mohammad has been declared the last messenger from God. Under the law in Pakistan, an Islamic nation, those claiming to be latter-day prophets are guilty of blasphemy, which carries the maximum death penalty.

And this story is buried in Yahoo's "Oddly Enough" section. Yes, oddly enough this man is going to rot in jail for blasphemy.

Bravo to Reuters for it's ability to be "neutral" in it's reporting of the rules of this death cult.

I can't help but feel that cold "objectivity" on matters like this, is not possible, and striving to archive it only lends credibility to the barbarism being covered.

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