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December 11, 2002

Shin Bet Documents UNRWA Collaboration In Terrorist Atrocities

A new report from Shin Bet exposes the full magnitude of UN duplicity in actively supporting and participating in terrorist activities.
(Jerusalem Post) A secret Shin Bet report documenting how UNRWA facilities are used by terrorists was prepared long before UNRWA worker Iain Hook was killed by the IDF during clashes with Palestinian gunmen in Jenin last month, senior Israeli officials said.

One diplomatic official said the IDF's investigation on the circumstances surrounding the death of Hook will be passed on to UNRWA and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan within a few days.
The official denied speculation the Shin Bet report was prepared recently to deflect UNRWA criticism of the IDF stemming from the Hook incident.

According to the report, the facilities of UNRWA the UN body charged with running the Palestinian refugee camps have been used both to hide terrorists and aid terror activity.

The report stated that a number of Palestinians who have been arrested say that they have used UNRWA facilities and vehicles to plan and carry out attacks.

For instance, the report stated that Muhammad Ali Hassan, who was arrested in February, used an UNRWA school near Nablus for target practice and to store ammunition.

The report also documented the use of a UNRWA club in the Jabalya refugee camp and a social club in the El Aroub refugee camp as meeting points for Tanzim members.

In addition, the report stated that numerous UNRWA schools were used to hide suspected terrorists.
According to the report, Nidal Nazal, an UNRWA ambulance driver arrested in July, admitted that his ambulance was used to transport ammunition between terror cells. Other detainees admitted that UNRWA vehicles were used by terrorists on their way to attacks. [Read More]