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December 20, 2002


JEDDAH, 20 December 2002 Saudi Arabia is planning a brand new state sponsored terror fundraiser for their Palestinian brethren. What a total surprise this is. Up till now, they have been such a good ally in this war against terror, and now this. What are we ever to make of it? This could give people the wrong idea.
One million people, each contributing a riyal, are to be involved in a massive signature campaign launched at King Abdul Aziz University here yesterday to express solidarity with the Palestinians.

The proceeds of the campaign, organized by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, will go to WAMY’s charitable projects for the Palestinians. The first day of the signature campaign was reserved for the staff of the Faculty of Science. Students of the department will start the signature process tomorrow, then the campaign will move from one faculty to another until the entire university is covered.

Dr. Hisham Abunnaja, administrative manager of the Faculty of Science, called on all the staff, students and workers to support the campaign. Participation of the teaching staff would be a good stimulant for the campaign, he added.

Dr Abdullah Al-Harbi, professor of statistics, said he considered the drive a religious obligation for each individual. He thanked Makkah Governor Prince Abdul Majeed who has sponsored the program. Other university staff described the campaign as an ideal means of fundraising, with each person having to contribute only a riyal for a worthy cause.