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December 23, 2002

The road map vs. Iraq

The Jerusalem Post in an editorial today, argues for consistency. Here are some extracts;
The problem with the road map is that it directly undermines the lesson that the US is readying to spend blood and treasure to teach in Iraq.

The "axis of evil" speech was not followed by swift action, and Washington, not to mention the Europeans, felt the need to protect Arafat from Israel, even after the June 24 speech.

The road map, regardless of Bush's supposed endorsement of it, drips with old thinking: namely, that the conflict is not the result of the Arab side refusing to make peace with Israel under any circumstances, but of Israel's unwillingness to create a Palestinian state under any circumstances.

This, more than the liberation of the Iraqi people, more than disarming Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction as important as these goals are is the strategic purpose of the war in Iraq: to show that the West will defeat Islamism. Anything that contradicts this basic lesson endangers both Israel and the United States.

It is critical, therefore, that the US begin to view the Arab-Israeli conflict through the prism of the wider battle against Islamism, rather than as a distraction from it. The way to do this is to stop pretending that every demand on the Palestinians must be balanced by a demand on Israel, as if the West is, at best, a disinterested party between Israel and its enemies.

Such a road map, far from being a fitting sequel to the war in Iraq, stands in contradiction to it. Confronting some Islamists while appeasing others will not work, and will deliver neither peace nor security, here or anywhere else.