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December 31, 2002


At least that is what the Theocratic Dictatorship of Peace, Lebanon, is saying in this commentary in the state run propaganda rag, The Daily Star.

Hizbullah has every right to be angry over its undeserved addition to the Canadian government’s list of terrorist organizations, but it can hardly profess to have been surprised by the move. In fact, the party’s own interpretation of what happened does much to explain how it got banned on the basis of faulty (if not deliberately skewed) reporting by an American newspaper. The party also makes a point of arguing that Ottawa’s decision was influenced by Bnai Brith, a pro-Zionist organization that actually went to court to get its way on this issue. Both of these claims are at least partly true. The only reason these flimsy efforts succeeded, however, is because Hizbullah has yet to understand the need to communicate with the outside world and so has been left unarmed in a propaganda war that its enemies take very seriously.

Oh, I think they are communicating just fine. But it must sting to be taken down by such "flimsy efforts".

Hizbullah has a special responsibility to explain itself. As the first Arab force to manage anything even remotely resembling a defeat of Israeli arms, it is widely seen as being representative of Lebanon, of the Arab world, and even of Islam writ large. Its image abroad is often affixed by Westerners to other groups and peoples far and wide. Its refusal to help craft that image is therefore a hindrance to the fortunes of both active and passive supporters everywhere. More importantly, it is an obstacle to the building of understanding between Islam and the West.

And this is why Israel should never give an inch to it's enemies.