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December 13, 2002

Muslim Moderate Majority? How about just a Moderate Minority?

As loud as the voices of the 'moderate' Muslims are, is how many, of the 1.5 billion worldwide, there are that do not support what Muslims are doing all over the world to non-Muslims.

1. Millions of Hindus killed by Muslims especailly in India.

Hindu Holocaust Museum

2. Millions of Africans in slavery by Muslims in North Africa.

Sudanese Slave Trade - Arab Muslims Persecution of Christians

Arab Muslim Terrorism, Persecution and Slavery of Black Christians in Africa

3. Thirty-five years of arab terrorism worldwide starting in 1968 with the murder of Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles by a 'Palestinian.'

Worldwide Victims of arab Terrorist Attacks

4. The active persecution of non-Muslims (specifcally native Christians) in over 10 countries. Including a tiny enclave of indigenous Christians within Indonesia being killed; 3,000 killed in past 3 years.

Christian Persecution Watch

5. Arabs ongoing and 5 fought wars with the tiny and young country (the only democray in region) of Israel.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Basic Facts

6. Muslim apartheid (dhimmitude)

Dhimmi Victims of Muslim religious aparthied

The Bloody Red Crescent Map

There are no voices of moderation from the 1.5 billion Muslims because it's a myth; there are no moderate Muslims.

Being a Muslim is what we see Muslims being worldwide.

If Muslims became 'moderate' as westerners claim there are, then they wouldn't be Muslims.

Believe what you see, not what people tell you.