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December 05, 2002

A Misreading Of Reality

This fine op-ed speaks to American leftists who feel their vision of a PLO terrorist state has been vindicated by the election of Arik Sharon. Nothing could be further from the truth of course, as the Lion of Judah has an impeccable record of never capitulating to the murderers despite the desperate suicidal pleadings of the hysterical anti-Israel left to do so.
By Ruth and Nadia Matar

The recent choice of Arik Sharon over Binyamin Netanyahu to head the Likud Party in the upcoming election scheduled for January 28, 2003, is in no way an endorsement of a Palestinian State. This is true despite the fact that Mr. Sharon has recently stated publicly on several occasions that a Palestinian State was inevitable, and was in fact already in existence. As part of his campaign for leadership of the Likud, Netanyahu opposed the creation of such a state. Since Sharon triumphed in the contest with Netanyahu, one might conclude that the voters in Likud agreed with Mr. Sharon, and endorsed an Arab State west of the Jordan River.

Nothing is further from the truth!

First of all, the representative Central Committee of Likud, which has 2000 members, had unanimously heretofore voted in opposition to a Palestinian State - specifically rejecting the Sharon approach. In addition, polls in Israel were in accord, and clearly showed that a large majority were opposed to another Arab State in our midst. Moreover, the 56% of Likud that elected Sharon as their leader did not thereby endorse a Palestinian State. Women In Green know this as a fact by reason of their activities throughout the Land of Israel. We have already gathered over 350,000 signatures, clearly demonstrating the public´s opposition to such an Arab State. Since we fax these signed Petitions to Sharon daily, Mr. Sharon is personally aware of the public´s strong opposition on this crucial question.

Sharon was chosen as the Likud leader mainly on the basis of his splendid past record in solving Arab insurrections against Israel. Sharon has an image of being a forceful and decisive leader with vast army experience, including the strategic and daring surrounding of the Egyptian army during the Six-Day War. It is only natural that the Jewish public would choose him over Netanyahu, in the wake of the widespread Arab terrorism and suicide bombings throughout Israel today. The public did not feel that Netanyahu had any real answers to Arab violence and therefore stayed with Sharon as their leader. Nothing More.

Moreover, there were those who voted for Sharon who did not believe what Sharon seemed to be saying about supporting a Palestinian State. These people point to the fact that Sharon had written many articles in the past violently opposed to another Arab state west of the Jordan River. In those articles, Sharon spelled out the real threat and danger of such a state to the existence of Israel. This is especially true in view of the cruel Arab terrorism over the last two years, and taking into consideration Sharon´s strong national feelings. It is not conceivable to these voters that Sharon would change his mind on this vital question of a Palestinian State.

It is more likely, they contend - taking into consideration the upcoming Iraqi war, the known positions of President Bush and the US Secretary of State Colin Powell, as well as the rest of the "Holy Four" - that Sharon decided not to openly oppose those views endorsing a Palestinian State. Since the Arabs are constantly depicting Sharon as a war criminal and oppressor of Palestinian rights, it would appear to be a tactical maneuver on Sharon´s part to appear to go along with the creation of an Arab Palestinian State. Moreover, Sharon has never spelled out the actual conditions under which he would allow such a State to exist, other than saying: "All terrorism must stop first." In reality, the conditions which Sharon requires would never be acceptable to the Arabs. Sharon´s favoring a Palestinian State, they argue, is therefore tantamount to a non-endorsement.

However, it is disturbing that Jewish organizations and others in America are misreading the full extent of Sharon´s position. They are interpreting and believing that Sharon´s victory over Netanyahu demonstrates that the majority of Jews in Israel are supporting the creation of another Arab state west of the Jordan River. This is utter nonsense. The overwhelming majority of Jews here in Israel are fiercely opposed to the creation of another Arab state. You would think that our Jewish leaders in America would be better informed and more sophisticated.