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December 06, 2002

Middle East angst erupts again in Concordia's halls

The school with the most pro- and anti-Israeli clashes amongst it students does it again. But look who leads the anti-Israeli students!
MONTREAL -- Concordia University's student union has voted to suspend privileges of the campus's main Jewish club, sparking renewed turmoil at the university days after administrators lifted a ban on activities related to the Middle East.

The student body passed a motion this week demanding that Concordia Hillel apologize for placing pamphlets on an information table that sought volunteers for the Israel Defence Forces.

The Concordia Student Union, known for its pro-Palestinian positions in the past, said the Jewish group broke federal law because it was recruiting Canadians to join a foreign army.

"We treat one group just like we treat another group," Sameer Zuberi, a member of the student executive, said yesterday. "Had it been . . . people recruiting for the Iraqi army or the Saudi Arabian army, they would have been treated in a similar fashion."

The continued conflict at Concordia reflects increased tension at several university campuses.