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December 23, 2002

Let Us Never Forget Jonathan Pollard

Women in Green urge everyone to read the article by Sara Levinsky-Rigler, "The Spy Locked into the Cold".

For the past eighteen years, Jonathan Pollard has been in prison in the U.S. serving a life sentence. Despite widespread misconceptions, Pollard was never indicted for harming the United States; nor compromising codes, agents, or war plans; nor was he ever accused or convicted of treason. Jonathan Pollard was indicted on only one charge: passing classified information to an ally ­ Israel. The normal sentence for this offense is 2-4 years. Perhaps to appease Saudi Arabia and the other Arab states, Jonathan Pollard received a life sentence - the only person to have received such a sentence for spying for an ally! Judge Steven Williams of an Appellate Court, in a dissenting opinion, had described the Pollard case as a "fundamental miscarriage of justice".

Certain disturbing questions require an answer. The photos that Jonathan Pollard turned over to the Israelis were of a number of Iraqi chemical weapons manufacturing plants which the U.S. Government at the time did not want to admit existed. Why? The fact is that the U.S. had tacitly condoned the creation of an Iraqi chemical weapons manufacturing capability. The Wall Street Journal, on February 15, 1991, pointed out that the Americans may have brought about the very reason for the war for which the world is now bracing. Pollard could confirm these facts by reason of the disclosures for which he was convicted.

In a recent New Yorker Magazine article, [Annals of Government ­ In the Loop: Bush's Secret Mission] a clear picture is provided of the direct involvement of the U.S. in arming Iraq. That article shows how the U.S. provided Saddam Hussein with technology, weapons, intelligence and funding, enabling Iraq to amass the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction that now threaten the world. As long as the U.S. does not own up to its responsibility in its role in arming Iraq, Jonathan Pollard will continue to be buried alive in prison by successive American administrations, who fear exposure and embarrassment. The real wrongdoers are those in the U.S. State Department who deliberately (against U.S. prior commitments) withheld the information that Jonathan Pollard disclosed to Israel that caused him to be convicted. This information included Iraqi, Syrian, Libyan and Iranian nuclear biological and chemical warfare capabilities which we are so concerned about today.

Many people do not know the actual facts about Jonathan Pollard. All kinds of lies have been spread, in effect demonizing him. These lies have caused Jewish leaders and organizations not to get themselves involved in actually demanding the release of Jonathan Pollard.

Write, fax, e-mail or phone Prime Minister Sharon and President Bush to secure the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard from prison. Jonathan is an Israeli agent in peril. Israel has a legal and moral obligation to secure his release. To hold him captive a day longer is an injustice which no longer can be tolerated.