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December 26, 2002

Latest Poll on Elections

The latest Haaretz Poll says as follows:

Party: Seats in Knesset

Likud: 35
Labor: 22
Shinui: 15
Shas: 8
Agudat Yisrael: 7
National Union: 7
Meretz: 7
National Religious Party: 3
Arab Parties: 10
Yisraeli B'Aliyah: 4
One Nation: 2

Why? Winds of war halt Likud slide

So, the scandal hasn't hurt Likud as badly as may have been feared.

Still, the high number for Shinui is problematic, especially for the religious. Shinui is a bitterly anti-religious party, and its leader, Tommy Lapid is a dangerous hate-monger.