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December 18, 2002

Kissenger reappears

Ira Stoll reports Course Set for War, Kissinger Says
“We no longer have any choice except to go forward on Iraq,” Henry Kissinger told a high-powered group at a private lunch in New York yesterday.

He said he considered the question of whether the weapons inspectors find any forbidden weapons in their current round of inspections in Iraq to be “almost irrelevant.”

“The war against Iraq is an integral part of the war on terrorism. How else can we convince the Saudi Arabias of the world that it is too dangerous to collude in challenging the United States?” Mr. Kissinger said in remarks to about 150 of New York’s top businessmen and philanthropists gathered yesterday at the “21” Club for a lunch sponsored by the Center for Security Policy. “The point of no return with respect to Iraq has been passed.”
Wasn't Kissenger supposed to be anti-war according to the N.Y. Times.