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December 06, 2002

Judeophobia in Europe

In a very important interview, Pilar Rahola explains what drives the pro-Palestinian hysteria of the European Left.

She is the second Oriani Falacci. Three cheers for both of them
A former parliamentarian, Pilar Rahola sat in the national legislature in Madrid for eight years, first as part of the republican left, then as the founder of the Independence Party.

She decided to step forward to denounce the flagrant imbalance in the handling of information from the Middle East. Her most recent piece, “In Favor of Israel,” is to be published in a book in which fifteen Spanish intellectuals, including Jon Juaristi, president of the Cervantes Institute, and Gabriel Alviac, a well-known journalist with El Mundo [translator’s note: a Spanish daily newspaper], seek to reestablish the facts.
If you want to understand where the European Left is coming from, this interview is a good place to start.

Ted Belman