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December 22, 2002

If only there were more of them

Khaleel Mohammed, Professor of Islamic Studies, Imam and Jurisconsult, writes:
When a Saudi Arabian newspaper takes upon itself the task of propagating slander and lies against a religious community, against the people of Moses, then it puts itself into a particular category--that of the followers of Satan. How dare this ancient lie about Jewish blood use be perpetrated? Does Islam allow the use of lies in order to vilify? If the answer is yes, then Islam is inherently evil. If the answer is no, then those who do so are evil, acting against the tenets of the religion they profess to follow.

The Protocols of the elders of Zion is a work known to be forged, and just anti-semitic drivel. THose who read it and believe it are to be likened to apes and swine who mimick and digest swill. On the aspect of the Quran saying that Jews are apes and swine...I wish that the propagators of Quranic exegesis would read carefully...those who are deemed as pigs and apes are those who do not hold the sabbath sacred, and
violate its sanctity. And if the Jews are indeed descendants of apes and swine, then Muhammad must have been into bestiality, because he married Safiyyah the Jewess. No, this is not a Jew polemicizing against Muslims.

I am a Muslim...and I am commanded to respect the prophets, Moses in particular, to whom, according to Islamic belief, God spoke directly. How dare anyone lie about rabbis! Have we sunk to the level of creating lies as a defence? If this is Islam, then I hereby resign from that faith. If it is not Islam, then those who wrote those evil slurs should reexamine themselves. Seeking forgiveness from God in private is not enough; a public apology should be made.