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December 11, 2002

IDF Bans Speaker For Calling Dir Yassin A Non-Massacre

The lunatics of Meretz are once again persecuting someone who refuses to indulge in the sort of delusional anti-Semitic self hatred that has become the mainstay of the radical left. Apparently they believe that by mindlessly chanting in unison every conceivable blood libel they somehow create a moral framework for their suicidal ideology of self immolation. Of course they must immediately silence anyone who dares dispute their outrageous claims lest the light of truth expose the true depths of their dementia.
(Arutz Sheva)The IDF has decided that former Lechi fighter Ezra Yachin will no longer be allowed to lecture to soldiers as part of the army's educational seminars. Meretz MK Naomi Chazan complained that Yachin tells his audiences that Lechi soldiers did not carry out a massacre in Dir Yassin in 1948. Yachin himself, who took part in the Dir Yassin battle, says that the decision to keep him away from soldiers "astonishes" him. He says that just as there was no massacre in Jenin, there was none in Dir Yassin.

A work by ZOA National President Morton A. Klein, entitled, Dir Yassin: History of a Lie, brings to light important documents disproving the claim that 250-300 Arab civilians were massacred by Jewish fighters in the Jerusalem-area village. The study finds that Dir Yassin was actually a legitimate military target overlooking the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, from where Jewish traffic was regularly attacked.

Arutz-7's Nissan Ratzlav-Katz reports that Hazen Nusseibeh, an editor for the Palestine Broadcasting Service's Arabic news in 1948, once told BBC the true origins of the "Dir Yassin massacre." Nusseibeh said that in consultation with Hussein Khalidi, then-Secretary of the Arab Higher Committee, "we wrote a press release stating that at Dir Yassin children were murdered, pregnant women were raped. All sorts of atrocities." When residents of the village protested this portrayal of events, Nusseibeh said, they were told that the lies were necessary to incite Arab armies to help fight the Jews, and that Khalidi said outright, "We have to say this so the Arab armies will come to liberate Palestine from the Jews."