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December 07, 2002


This is a breakthrough! The "Zionist entity" is not blamed! But note that Syria, occupying Lebanon, is working jointly with Lebanon to investigate, and the cleric worries about Lebanon's unity and security.
NICOSIA [MENL] -- Lebanese and Syrian authorities are investigating an explosion that destroyed a mosque in the Bekaa Valley.

Officials said 50 kilograms of TNT exploded in the 800-year-old Al Azeer mosque in the first such attack in years. They said the bombing in the town of Majdal Anjar appeared to connected to a land dispute between local Muslims and Armenians. Nobody was hurt in blast.

Muslim clerics convened on Wednesday, the night after the explosion, and termed it a provocative and unprecedented attack. They called on authorities to arrest those responsible and suggested that those behind the attack have been identified.

"The goal of the attack was to threaten the political, security and social unity of Lebanon," Sheik Khalil Miss, the chief cleric of the Bekaa area, said.