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December 31, 2002


This article by Chuck Morse will probably lead to a fatwa.
Moderate Muslims, thank G-d, tend to follow the portions of the Koran that cover the peaceful and worshipful early period in the life of the Prophet Muhammad. The Muslim fundamentalists, on the other hand, tend to focus on the more violent passages of Koran and Hadith, which emanated from the later period in Muhammad’s life, after he had achieved military hegemony in Medina. Bin Laden, al-Qaeda, the Saudi Wahabbists, Hizbollah, Hamas, the Iranian clerics, and a growing international network of Islamic terrorists embrace this aspect of Islam, an aspect that is entirely comparable to the Nazi faith of Hitler. We can’t afford to apologize for examining the professed faith of those who hijacked the passenger planes on Sept. 11 and who are now trying mightily hard to obtain weapons of mass destruction.