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December 10, 2002

Getting Warm And Glowing at Haaretz
By Steven Plaut

Haaretz is all aglow. The Palestinians are moving towards peace. The evidence? The latest opinion poll of Palestinians by the Jerusalem Center for Communications. We thought we should mention this, to balance the story we posted earlier in the week on Israeli public opinion.

According to the poll of Palestinians, reported with such joy in Israel's Far Leftist anti-Israel daily Haaretz Dec 10, is the fact that the portion of Palestinians who say they support suicide bomber mass murders of Jewish civilians is now ONLY 64.3%, remarkably down from 74% in December last year and 68.1% this past June. Now the possibility that the poll may represent calls by some prominent Palestinians to stop the suicide bombings briefly to help Amram Mitzna get elected and then destroy Israel - THAT is a possibility that has never crossed the Haaretz "mind". The main thing is that ONLY two thirds of Palestinians are open declared nazis.

Oh, and suicide bombing aside, a full 80.6% of Palestinians support continued intifada violence directed against Jewish children and other living things, which is not down from anything. I guess the other 19% did not understand the question…...