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December 10, 2002

Follow the Money

Ginossar Probe Triggered from Washington

It seems that Ginossar assisted Arafat through Rashid to transfer $300 million to a secret Swiss bank account which is now missing $65 million. But this is a much bigger story than that.

According to a DebkaFile Special Report
This missing sum has been the subject of investigations by the United States and the European donors.

The president’s Rose Garden speech on June 24, as DEBKAfile was authoritatively informed at the time, signaled the exit of the Palestinian Authority under Arafat’s leadership and, more than anything, a resolve to put an end to the corrupt financial structure through which Arafat personally funded his terror movement.

The president’s demand for reforms and transparency in Palestinian government also targeted the Israeli “business channel” to the Palestinian Authority, which hs been active since the 1993 Oslo peace accords

Muhammed Dahlan, former chief of Palestinian preventive security in the Gaza Strip and currently Arafat’s national security adviser needs to buy immunity. Dahlan was named as the live wire in exchanges between Arafat and Osama bin Laden
that took place as early as 1995 and Dahlan has been relaying information to Washington ever since.

According to our sources in Washington, a decision was taken to make an example of Ginossar as a cautionary message to Israeli business interests to withdraw from dealings with the Palestinians – especially the partnerships in the monopolies supplying essential products to the Palestinian Authority that grew out of the Oslo accords.

The message from Washington came loud and clear: Drain the money swamp that sustains Palestinian terror. Break up the Israeli-Palestinian monopolistic partnerships.

DEBKAfile recalls that under the Oslo accords, those monopolies were set up as Israel government-approved partnerships between Palestinian entrepreneurs close to Arafat and Israeli business interests associated with the architects of those accords.

The police investigation ordered last week is aimed at getting to the bottom of how the Israeli-Palestinian monopolies system worked and who profited from them, a project that could jolt a few high-placed individuals and groups.

The Ginossar case is also a signal to certain members of his close circle, who were drawn into the Oslo business channel and continue to sponsor Rashid and Dahlan. The most prominent is the Tel Aviv lawyer Dov Weissglass. On recent visits to Washington, he angered the president’s national security adviser Dr. Condoleezza Rice by tipping Dahlan and Rashid as favorites for the reformed Palestinian government.

The former defense minister and Labor leader, Binyamin Ben Eliezer walked into the same pit on his only visit to Washington. He informed the White House that his plan for pacifying the Gaza Strip, then Bethlehem and later Hebron was based on understandings with Dahlan. He was not invited again and a short time later, his career drew to a close.

His successor as Labor leader, Amram Mitzna, may go the same way if he insists on negotiating with the Palestinians “as if there is no terror.” Some of his most powerful sponsors belong to the Oslo group of entrepreneurs.
It seems that both the EU and Labour are heavely invested in Oslo and in dealing with the Palestinians even if there is terror while the US is showing the necessary resolve and leadership to get rid of terror and corruption. Long live the USA.

Ted Belman