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December 31, 2002

Eny meny miny mo

Iraq or N. Korea first

Many politicians and pundits when trying to undermine the resolve of the White House to go to war with Iraq , argue that N. Korea is a bigger threat and therefore shouldn't we attack them first. Here is one such discussion with Colin Powell. They don't mean it of course. Its entirely rhetorical.

But N. Korea is a case in point for going to war with Iraq sooner rather than later.

North Korea has one million men under arms, three nuclear weapons and months away from being able to produce more of them. They also have an advanced missile delivery system. As it turns out, all this mitigates against war with N. Korea. They have passed the critical point in the growth of their capability where the US is no longer willing to take them on because of the harm they could do to Japan and S. Korea and the 38,000 US troops stationed there. The US has been snookered. The military option is no longer feasible. We must negotiate and try to contain them somehow. We know that they are exporting their missiles and know how to the Arabs. Its a real mess.

Is there a better reason for getting it on with Iraq now.