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December 30, 2002

Don't reward terrorism. Say "no" to a Palestinian State

Gary Bauer, president of American Values and Morton A. Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America authored a piece entitled "Rewarding terrorism" which was published in The Washington Times.

I recommend that you read the whole article. Here are some extracts.

If a Palestinian Arab state is created, its western border will be just a few miles from Israel's central airport and terrorists carrying shoulder-launched missiles will be able to take aim at every plane taking off or landing at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Despite such grave dangers, President Bush, who has said we must end terrorist states, is now laying the groundwork for creation of what will be a Palestinian Arab terrorist state. The Middle East "Road Map" that the Bush administration is promoting proposes to create a "provisional" Palestinian Arab state next year. This plan sends a wrong and dangerous message to the terrorists who are murdering innocent Israelis in buses and cafes. It tells them their massacres will reap political dividends — that the more Jews they kill, the more the United States will seek to meet their demands.

Can the administration really believe that giving a sovereign state to the Palestinian Arabs will create a civilized democracy, rather than a new terrorist state?

68 percent of Israeli Jews believe that "regardless of the size or strength of a Palestinian state, if one is established it will constitute a threat to the State of Israel"; and only 9 percent of Israeli Jews believe creating a Palestinian Arab state would reduce the Arab states' threat to Israel.

Furthermore, the PA has not disarmed or outlawed terrorist groups; it has not seized their tens of thousands of illegal weapons or shut down their bomb factories; nor has it honored any of Israel's 45 requests for the extradition of terrorists. It has not closed down the terrorists' training camps. It has rewarded terrorists with jobs in the PA police force. In short, the PA has actively collaborated with and sheltered the terrorists. It has also created an entire culture of anti-Jewish hatred in its official media, schools, summer camps, sermons by PA-appointed clergy, and speeches by PA representatives.

The creation of a Palestinian Arab state would force Israel back virtually to the pre-1967 borders, stripping it of the protective Judea-Samaria mountain ranges and leaving the Jewish state just 9 miles wide at its midsection.

Advocates of Palestinian statehood claim such a state would be demilitarized; but there is no way to ensure that it would be. A Palestinian Arab state will also endanger Israel's water sources.

The last thing the world needs now is yet another totalitarian, anti-American terrorist state.

The only way to advance the chances for peace is, first, by defeating the terrorist regime. The training camps must be shut down; the weapons must be seized; the terrorists must be apprehended and brought to trial; and the PA-controlled areas must be completely demilitarized. These actions must be followed by a lengthy period in which the PA's culture of hatred is stamped out, comparable to the de-Nazification process that the Allies imposed on Germany after World War II and the de-Saddamization plan that has been proposed for Iraq after Saddam Hussein's regime is ousted.

The only long-term hope for Middle East peace lies in permanently weaning the Palestinian Arabs off their diet of hatred.
The Road Map is the gravest threat facing Israel today. We must raise our voices loud and clear and stand shoulder to shoulder against it.