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December 07, 2002

Current news items about Israel/Palestinians: 13 links
Source Articles:
Sharon outlines his peace vision (BBC News 12/05/2002)
Israel says al-Qaeda active in Gaza (BBC News 12/05/2002)
Members of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network have infiltrated the Gaz... (NY Post 12/06/2002)
Al Qaeda May Be Moving In On Israel (CBS News 12/05/2002)
Israel Several members of Usama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network have infi... (FOX News 12/05/2002)
Gaza killings prompt Palestinian rage (BBC News 12/06/2002)
Ten dead in Gaza shelling (BBC News 12/06/2002)
BUREIJ, Gaza Strip - Israeli troops, backed by tanks and helicopters, ... (NY Post 12/06/2002)
Israeli tanks and troops raided a Gaza refugee camp in the dead of nig... (CBS News 12/06/2002)
Gaza Strip Israeli troops backed by tanks and helicopter gunships hunt... (FOX News 12/06/2002)
Israel's Top General Denies Remarks (CBS News 12/04/2002)
Israel investigates Arafat funding (BBC News 12/05/2002)
JERUSALEM - An Israeli businessman who said he couldn't live with the ... (NY Post 12/06/2002)