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December 19, 2002

Belgium, Islam and the Boomerang of “Multiculturalism”

Michael Radu, in an article published in Front Page Mag reports
With some 20 million Moslems, Western Europe is increasingly having to face the issue of their unwillingness to play by the historic rules of immigration – assimilation and respect for national laws. Long avoided by the cultural and political elites, the issue is being brought to the fore by radical, vocal and media savvy, albeit often self appointed spokesmen of the Moslem populations , as well as by an electorate increasingly fed up with high immigrant numbers, criminality and refusal to adapt to local customs. Not surprisingly, the more "tolerant, progressive and open minded" a country, the more likely that such problems become critical. While few European countries are more "progressive and open minded" than little Belgium, its recent problems with the Moslems serve as a likely preview for the others. MORE
This problem is just in its infancy. Its not going away.
The Muslims, both in America and in Europe, are growing in number, power and influence. And they are just getting started. The liberal West is unprepared for their onslaught. Luckily those on the right are girding for battle. But they too, are just getting started.

In essence, the Islamicists are using our own values of freedom, free speech and the rule of law to impose on the West their presence and their values. Saudi Arabia sees it as its duty to "to raise the banner of Islam all over the globe and raise the Islamic call either inside or outside the Kingdom." as was quoted in the Article below "The Saudis are Coming".

Taken individually, there are many demands that we can't quarrel with, but taken collectively, there is a revolution going on. Europe is at the head of the curve and the US is soon to follow. This revolution seeks to Islamicize the West and impose shaari law and values. I call it Islamic imperialism. You think it won't happen. Don't be too sure.

So far our values have worked to make us stronger. Regrettably, I feel these same values make us vulnerable to unintended consequences and will work to our disadvantage. The enemy is motivated and well financed. We must gird our loins for battle.