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December 27, 2002

Are the Left, idiotarians.

The other day I was talking with a knowledgeable Israeli who was irked by my reference to the Left as being idiotarians. Her point being that the Right should not disparage the Left as being idiots, appeasers, stupid or blind because they include many smart people. And therefore the Right should respect the opinions of the Left even though it disagrees with them.

It got me to thinking whether the Right has given the Left a bum rap.

I think it is fair to say that the Left in Israel wants to better Barak’s offer and the Right wants to reduce it. The Left also wants unilateral withdrawal which the Right eschews.

If this is not appeasement by the Left, what is it?

It could be motivated by the belief that;

a) the Palestinians were dispossessed and were victims of an injustice and therefore Israel has the duty to redress the historic wrong.
b) it is morally wrong to occupy another people and therefore Israel must withdraw
c) time is not on Israel’s side and the sooner we cut a deal the better
d) Israel can’t ignore world opinion
e) withdrawal is better for Israel economically and militarily then the status quo.
f) there is no military solution
g) the Palestinians are entitled to a state.

All these reasons to my mind have value and reasonable people can hold such opinions.

So why do I, or other people on the right, consider the Left, idiotarians. While there are those on the left who are concerned with the “poor Palestinians”, the majority want to do what is best for Israel. What is best for Israel is to achieve peace and security. In fact you can’t have one with out the other.

Now the Right is of the opinion that Israel must not make any other withdrawals until the pig can fly which is never. Or in other words until the Palestinians are ready for compromise and are trustworthy which may not be never, but which will take a long time.

The Left is recommending withdrawal in the belief that it will be better for Israel because the world will like them better, the Palestinians will have less to be upset about, that Israel will no longer be occupiers, that Israel would be better able to defend itself and there will be less to feel guilty about. Even if all this were true, would it bring us any closer to peace and security? I think not. It brings to mind a Yiddish expression “Es vet dir gournisht helfen.” Translated it means “It will help you not at all.”.

As I see it the Left does not contend itself with arguing that withdrawal will make Israel more secure. They know they would be on shaky ground so they give collateral reasons why withdrawal is appropriate. Since peace and security are a life and death issue, there should be no collateral reasons given. The whole debate should be on achieving this singular goal.

Given the history of Arab rejection, hostility, untrustworthiness, duplicity and deception without exception, and given the axiom that to reward aggression and terror is to invite more of it, can anyone argue that to try to make a deal one more time or to believe that if a deal is struck that it won’t once again be violated or to withdraw unilaterally in order to achieve peace and security is at all supportable, reasonable or rational.

The Right thinks not and therefore considers those who suggest it “idiotarians.”