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December 14, 2002

Anything you can do, I can do better!

This headline yesterday drew my attention because I am interested in the roles women play anywhere, especially unexpected places. But the reason for this post is this little snippet:
A posting by one woman on a neo-Nazi women's site makes the argument for giving women more responsibility in the movement, in a mix of women's rights and racism: "Nature intended that women use their brains to advance their race. … For comrades to suggest that women squelch this natural instinct by solely being a house-wife, they are acting unAryan and clearly violating laws of Nature. I mean look at the Talmud — the Jews are the ones who advocate treating women as breeding tools and property. How dare … comrades stoop to the level of the Jews in such a manner," the posting reads.

I admit I have not read the Talmud, but I seriously doubt that this lady did, either. And, um, what's with "comrades"?

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