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December 26, 2002

America’s Travel Plans

It looks for certain that America is on the road to Bagdad, but do its travel plans include following the European Road Map to Palestine.

This is part of a larger question. Is America, in pursuit of “peace” in the Middle East, going to force the Palestinians or the Israelis to make the major concessions needed? Which is part of an even larger question. Is America, in pursuing its own interests, going to appease or confront its erstwhile “partners” and enemies? And finally, what is America’s global strategy?

Webster’s Dictionary defines fascism as “a system of government, characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, the retention of private ownership as the means of production under centralized governmental control, forcible suppression of the opposition, belligerent nationalism and racism and glorification of war”. Communism, although it negated private property, was fascist in all other ways. Islamism in no different. The people are nothing and the state is everything. The people are lead to believe that the goals of the dictators are good for the people yet in reality they are only good for the dictators and the people suffer.

America is now under attack, both covert and overt, by Islamists who are just plain fascists. Throughout the Twentieth Century, much of the Arab World lay comfortably in bed with the Nazis and the Communists. They were allies with Germany during the Second World War and with the USSR during the Cold War. Now they are the leading fascists and they are embracing the melody, “Whatever was good enough for Hitler, is good enough for me.” This is nowhere more evident than in their control of the media and the use of the “big lie” to vilify the Jews and the Americans and to de-legitimize Israel.

This threat exceeds the threat of Nazism and Communism because it is not just an external threat but also an internal one as well and one armed with WMD. Just after the end of World War II, America overreacted to the internal threat posed by Communists in their midst and McCarthyism was born. Unfortunately, America is now under reacting to the internal threat posed by Islamists, which is aimed at the body and the soul. This is due to the legacy of McCarthyism. Just as the legacy of Vietnam stole American resolve to defend American interests abroad for decades after, McCarthyism likewise stole our resolve to protect ourselves at home. The Universities and the Administration are infused and dominated by people who have grown up in the shadows of McCarthyism and Vietnam and are unprepared or unwilling to protect us. They are against war, against profiling, against restrictive immigration policies, against strengthening law enforcement, against anything that smacks of protecting the national interest at the expense of individual rights.

This attack is made more threatening because our natural allies, the Europeans, and to a lesser extent the Russians, are not “with us” as Bush would put it but in fact, against us. After 9/11, NATO, according to its Charter, accepted the attack on America as an attack on all the member states of NATO, but where are they today. Running for cover. But they are also guilty of commission.

The EU support of the Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular is no different from the USSR support, during the Cold War, of any and all groups and countries that would rise up against the US. As Bush has proclaimed, you cannot support the terrorists and not suffer their fate. Yet the EU continues to provide political and financial support to Arafat and the PA knowing full well that such support enables the use of terror against Israel. Germany is the biggest supplier of contraband to the Iraqis. France, Britain and Russia, to name a few, all trade with Iran and assist in its attempt to gain a nuclear capability with the means to deliver it. Syrian President Assad was invited to London to visit the Queen. The EU has not yet banned Hamas or Hezbollah. Make no mistake, the EU is playing the Palestinian Card to gain influence in the Middle East at the expense of America. It is more of a threat to American interests now, than Russia or China.

The irony is that any gains the EU might achieve will be short lived. It is like winning the battle and losing the war. Notwithstanding all the appeasement and kowtowing, the EU is still threatened daily by terrorist attacks and by the relentless forces of Islamization. In fact, the more it appeases terrorists, the more it encourages them. The Muslims within its borders resist assimilation, are responsible for a higher proportion of crime than their numbers warrant and are a drain on its welfare system. In a few decades Europe will not be recognizable. Rather than aligning themselves with America against Islamization, they align themselves with the Arabs who support terror against America and Israel. Who would have imagined it?

What about the really big picture? The Islamists’ challenge is not the only thing for America to concern itself with. A new world order is in the making. What should and can America do to make it compatible with American interests? What are America’s travel plans in this regard. Europe is starting to assert itself. Europe is long on know how and short on resources. They are looking to the oil rich Arabs to gain influence, markets and a secure oil supply. Russia could potentially be a partner given their abundance of raw materials, good knowledge base and large oil reserves. Russia may have a fight with Chechnya and other Islamic Republics to the south, but they do not have a fight with Arabs and court them assiduously. The one impediment to cutting the umbilical cord to the US is that EU does not have the military strength to protect itself at home and abroad. They are accordingly working toward a new world order that shackles America and eschews force yet at the same time they depend on America to defend them. Russia on the other hand needs American capital.

When America makes its travel plans, it must remember that there is another road under construction and it runs through Israel, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and India. The EU has rejected Israel and Turkey while America embraces them. Both countries are drawing closer and closer together. Iran appears on the brink of another revolution that will see a separation of Mosque and State. Polls have shown the Iranians to be pro-American. The Afghan war secured American influence in the Caucasus where they are now entrenched. Finally, India is subject to the same Islamic terror that Israel is subject to and this makes them natural allies. It wasn’t long ago that India was in the Soviet orbit but now they have recognized Israel diplomatically and are working closely with them economically, culturally and militarily. It is a major challenge for America to be friendly with both Pakistan and India and with both the Arab world and Israel. So far America has not succeeded in this task and there is no signs that they will abandon the attempt of succeed in it.

So what should America’s road map to peace and security be?

America must lead rather than follow. The more America shows a willingness to talk, build coalitions, make deals and refrain from unilateral action, the more it encourages its enemies to hang tough and up the anti and the more it worries its friends that it doesn’t have the necessary resolve. The friends naturally hedge their bets.

America must realize that Israel is an extension of itself. To force Israel to be restrained or to withdraw, or to make concessions is to undermine their own war on terror. America cannot expect to sacrifice Israel on the alter of appeasement and not create expectations that America too will also exercise restraint, withdraw and make concessions in order to appease. They are joined at the hip. A withdrawal by Israel is a withdrawal by America.

America should stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel in the War on Terror. It should say “no“ to a second Palestinian state under present conditions and “yes” to moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Israel should be named the first member of the coalition against Iraq and the devil be damned. America should stop being ashamed of their Israeli cousins. It must announce to the world, that Israel and America are one and indivisible. Above all, it should make clear that it will not sell Israel out in any way shape or form. This resolve will accomplish more for American interests than continuing the path of appeasement.

Bush’s great defining speeches have set out the road map for the US. He should make certain that there are no detours and that no mixed messages are entertained or expressed.

The World must know that the American travel plans are made in the USA.