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December 20, 2002

al Qaida Statement Regarding US War with Iraq

Internet Haganah has posted this translation of al Qaida's statement regarding an upcoming war between the United States and Iraq.

"The Iraqi conflict in light of the experience of the war with the Americans in Afghanistan"
by Salm al-Maqi

Summary of this article

1. The motives for the war against Iraq
2. The difference between Afghanistan and Iraq
3. Political and military advice from the experience of the war against the Americans

1.The Protestant US and its allies (Jews, and English first, then Catholics like France and Italy) is working towards world domination. They want to be the sole benefactor of the world's riches in matter and people. However, the allies have disagreements on the share of the spoils each of them should get. We (Muslims) should take advantage of this window opportunity before it shuts down, when they agree to share the spoils each by his natural power and ability to destroy. The author even claims that the Muslims are just the first - on the way are the Catholics, and then the Pagans - India, China, Japan, North Korea and several African countries. Stresses that the cause for the war is religious.

2. The US goes to total war in the arab area to achieve its interests that stem from its treaties and economy. (This is the best part - TRANS.) Those interests are tied to the Jewish enemy whose dream is to erect the temple, achieve the "big Israel", their persisting will to rule the sources of wealth in the world, and the turning of humanity into slaves in their fields and factories. (How come I never knew I wanted to do all that? TRANS.). Mentions the Republican party and how they'd support Israel in anything for religious reasons, thinking we'll bring Armageddon. They're afraid of the Muslim ways of Jihad, born in the war against the Russians in Afghanistan, and also think that Islam is evil and should be destroyed in Armageddon. Another reason for war is the economic destruction that the US suffers from since the years of the cold war, which was enhanced by the blessed strikes of the believers in New York and Washington. To solve this problem they want to control the oil of the gulf, from Iraq to the Emirates.

3. In going to war the US wants to achieve the following goals:
a. The foundation of a "Big Israel", ensuring its military dominance over all its neighbors, and making it the policeman of the middle east, working on behalf of the American interests.

b. The destruction of the Arab military force, and taking away all its different types of weapons to ensure the Jewish existence in the area for the religious purposes mentioned above (Armageddon etc. - TRANS.)

c. Stopping the Arab growth of population in the area, by having millions of them killed trying to prevent the Jewish spread in the area.

d. The re-drawing of the political map in the area, widen the disagreements between arab countries, especially populous ones like Egypt, Iraq and Iran on the question of the Jewish presence.

e. The control of the rich areas by putting them under direct occupation, or in the hands of cooperators, to facilitate getting out of the economic state of destruction and secure the welfare of the American citizens.

f. The de-militarization of the rest of the world so they'll bow to the Christian-Jewish way and become slaves under white man domination.
Conclusion: We see that the western persecution is not concerned with Muslims alone, but also with the eastern Christians, who follow a different path from the western (Protestant) alliance with the Jews. The eastern Christians, those in Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Lebanon, Palestine, Eastern Europe and Russia should join the Muslim in an alliance against the western alliance. This is the opportunity. I eagerly expect the coming war. We don't know how this will come to pass and when. All is in the hands of Allah.