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December 05, 2002

Al-Qaeda's Global Jihad

IDF document presents world-wide plan of terror group.
During the month of the Ramadan (which ended this week), an announcement was published by an active Al-Qaeda cell on a website connected to the Al-Qaeda Islamic terror network. The announcement called for Muslim nations to unite around the "common goal", and that the solution to the Islamic nation's problems, was to follow the path of Allah and Jihad.

The announcement requests that Muslims not remain silent in the face of the injustices caused to Islam since the fall of the Caliphs dynasty. It talks of the loss of "Andalusia" to the "Christian occupation" of Spain in 1492, the loss of Palestine, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, The Balkans, the Caucases, Kashmir, Burma and Sudan.

The article in the Al-Ansar newspaper (volume 21) Nov. 20, 2002

Thanks to the Al-Qaeda leadership [Al-Qaeda is headed by Mullah Omar and Iman Al-Zawahari], Jihad warriors have managed to break through the boundaries and spread their Jihad activities through many countries. These include Afghanistan, Chechnia, The Balkans, Kashmir, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Algiers, Libya, Tunis, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. They also include several other countries in Africa, Scandinavia, South and North America and Australia". Said the announcement.

The role of the Muslims in the realization of Islam's goals:

The role of religious scholars and teachers:
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