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November 13, 2002

What is the Opposite of a Boycott?

And now for the good news
The November 8, 2002 edition of Israel Line, an online publication of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, reported on the way in which one Christian organization has decided to lend a helping hand to Israeli businesses - and act as a counterweight to the Arab-backed boycott of Israeli products. The International Christian Chamber of Commerce, which recently held the meeting of its international board of directors in Tel Aviv, is giving Israeli companies free access to and prime location on its business matchmaking website.

The site, part of a project called Markets Unlocked, allows buyers from around the world to search for suppliers of any product anywhere else in the world through an online database. In general, registering companies need to pay a registration fee to be listed on the site. With the exception, that is, of Israel-based suppliers, who will also be listed first on any database search made through the ICCC website. According to Globes newspaper, the ICCC is expecting millions of Christian buyers from around the world to access the website.

The Markets Unlocked initiative is just the latest of a series of actions taken by the ICCC demonstrating its solidarity with the business community of the Jewish state. In June, reports Israel Line, the Chamber sponsored an international business conference in Jerusalem, during which 400 businessmen from 40 nations met with representatives of Israeli companies and representatives of the Israeli Manufacturers Association, the Israeli Export Institute and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. “According to the ICCC more than 1,000 matchmaking appointments were conducted during the two days of the congress,” reports the Foreign Ministry.