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November 30, 2002

Thousands join Mideast protest

And for 4 July, thousands in Great Britain plan to protest the founding of The United States of America and vow to take back their country
Tens of thousands of people demonstrated Friday across the Middle East in a day of solidarity with Palestinians, with some calling for trying Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel as a war criminal and for punishment for the United States for supporting Israel.

President Mohammad Khatami of Iran joined the estimated 10,000 people who converged on Tehran's Enqelab Square in the annual protest for Jerusalem Day, known as al-Quds in Arabia.

Similar protests took place in Bahrain, Egypt, Syria and southern Lebanon. The demonstrations occurred on the anniversary of the 1947 decision by the United Nations to partition Palestine and allow creation of a Jewish state.

In Nabatiyeh, Lebanon, thousands of Hezbollah supporters turned out to hear Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah vow ongoing support for the Palestinians.

''On al-Quds Day, we affirm that our choice is clear: Resistance which will regain [Arab] rights and holy sites [in Jerusalem],'' Nasrallah said.