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November 16, 2002

Stance on Israel hurts Hansen

"I Left My Roots in San Francisco" would be a fitting title for this odd piece that is too bizarre to be left unposted. My concern is for the dumb Jews who attack the State of Israel, unless, of course, the anti-Israel protesters are in fact putting up a phoney front, pretending to be that which they are not.
Eileen Hansen's views on the Jewish state may cost her some crucial votes in the District 8 supervisor's runoff Dec 10.

Hansen has recently drawn a storm of criticism for her participation in what some have called anti-Israel efforts. A growing number of local Jewish activists believe Hansen, were she to win a Board of Supervisors seat[in San Francisco] might use the position as a platform to criticize the efforts of the Israeli government.

Hansen's presence at a Jews for a Free Palestine rally against a Jewish humanitarian group brought the issue into the spotlight.

Although Hansen attended the May protest -- which led to several arrests -- as an observer for the National Lawyers Guild, some likened the event to a KKK rally.

The group's chants were "so hurtful, so spiteful and so wrong," Lauter said. "If there were things there that offended her, she should have left."

About 150 protesters carried "Jews against Zionism" and "Zionism = racism" signs, chanted "JCF (Jewish Community Federation) you can't hide, you're supporting genocide," according to photos and media and eyewitness reports from the rally.

Zionism is the support of a Jewish state in Israel.

Jews for a Free Palestine advocates an immediate end to all U.S. support of Israel and the right of return for all expelled Palestinians to their towns and homes of origin.

A call to the group's listed number reached a recording for "Jews for Divestment from Israel" and was not returned by press time.

"People don't begrudge her her opinion," said Sam Lauter, "but they aren't ashamed of trying to beat her."