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November 19, 2002

Smart Money on Likud, with Sharon as PM

JTA says Likud is way ahead, and Sharon has 20-point lead over Netanyahu, but don't count Bibi out.

Winner of Likud primary seen as clear favorite for prime minister
By Leslie Susser
JERUSALEM, Nov, 18 (JTA) — The smart money says Israelis won’t have to wait until next January’s general election to know who their next prime minister will be: Nearly all the pundits agree it will be the winner of the Nov. 28 Likud Party leadership primary between Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu. The reasoning is that the Likud is so far ahead of Labor — and the right wing-religious bloc’s lead over the center-left is so great — that it would take a major political upheaval for anyone but the Likud leader to form the next government....