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November 11, 2002


The Sites of the Week this week once again features one information site and four blogs. On the left is a section linking to these sites. Visit them, they are worth the read.

The Jewish Center for Public Affairs’ Daily Alert Article summaries and links. Very good.

Once again the blogs selected can be referred to as some of the Big Boys of Blogging (“boys”, of course is meant in a gender neutral way). If you have time after reading Israpundit, these are some of the sites you should be looking at. These sites are all similar in that they are all very good reads with intelligent and incisive posters.

Andrea Harris’ Spleenville
Pejman Yousefzadeh's Pejman Pundit (Iranian but not believed to have been involved in the U.S. Embassy takeover. He is not your usual Iranian)
Steven Green’s Vodka Pundit
Eugene Volokh’s Volokh Conspiracy (really a group blog)