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November 01, 2002

Shaul Mofaz

Israel's newest proposed defense minister is former army head Shaul Mofaz. Not many countries have foreign born defense ministers but leave it to Israel to break down barriers. Mofaz was born in Iran and moved to Israel at 9 years of age. I assume therefore that he speaks Persian. It would be interesting for Israel to put him on the shortwave beaming to Tehran and have Mofaz in Persian introduce himself to the Iranian people. He could tell them about how he enjoys living in a free country and invite Iran to make peace with Israel. He could also throw in how the Iranians should rise up and throw off their shackles. Maybe a few hints at to what Israel will do to Iran if threatened would be instructive as well. All of this should probably get the Mullahs wound up a bit. I believe outgoing Defense Minister Ben Eliezer was born in Iraq, is N. Korea next?