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November 27, 2002

Schroeder pledges Germany will supply Israel with Patriot missiles (UPDATE)

No comment needed. The irony too obvious.

Germany will provide Israel with Patriot anti-missile systems, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was quoted Tuesday as saying, indicating that Germany wants to help Israel defend against any Iraqi attack if war erupts in the Middle East.

"If Israel needs an increase in security, we will help - and on time," Schroeder was quoted as saying by the weekly Die Zeit. Germany had "a historic and moral duty," he added.

Earlier, the German Defense Ministry said it was examining an Israeli request to supply Patriot missiles.

In Jerusalem, the Israeli Defense Ministry said it asked Germany for Patriot missiles more than a year ago and was waiting for an answer. Israeli officials raised the request again during talks at the German Defense Ministry last week, the Israeli statement said.