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November 11, 2002

Powell is full of crap

Here is a piece of an interview with Colon Powell (from IMRA) in which he, in my opinion unsuccessfully, tries to distinguish between Israel killing terrorists and America killing terrorists:
MR. BLITZER: The U.S. took an action this past week in firing Predator missiles at these al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen, including a U.S. citizen. What's the difference between that targeted killing and the targeted killings the Israelis engage in -- which the State Department has criticized?

SECRETARY POWELL: We believe that there are significant differences. This was a case of clearly somebody engaged in a direct conflict with the United States. We believe that there are other ways to deal with the problems of the Middle East - other ways that are not enhanced. The likelihood of these other ways working is not enhanced by those kinds of targeted assassinations. So we believe there are differences and distinctions between the two situations.