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November 20, 2002

PCPO Poll of Palestinians November 11-16,2002

I am not sure how accurate this poll is but it does provide some interesting views by polled Palestinians in he West Bank.
IMRA: If you only have time to read one poll of Palestinians this is the
- support for Arafat plunged to 38.3%:37.8%
- only 18.7% say militias should hand over their weapons for confiscation if
ordered to
- only 28.7% say vilence would be alleviated if Israel takes serious and
sincere measures to lift the siege and security belt on the Palestinian

A poll carried out by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) and
prepared by President Dr. Nabil Kukali.

· 61.2% Would to varying degrees support Iraq if the United
States struck it.
· 48.9% See no difference between a labor-led or Likud-led
Israeli government
· 38.1% Believe that the 1996 general elections law must be
· 41.7% Believe to varying degrees that the Al-Aqsa Intifada was
in favor of the Palestinian interests.
· 60.8% Evaluate the general economical conditions in the
Palestinian territories as bad.
· 50.5% Worried to varying degrees for their means of
· 56.8% Pessimistic about the future
· 62.4% Believe that the PA is incapable of creating job
Opportunities for the Palestinians workers in Israel