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November 23, 2002

Palestinian Suicide Bombers Hit Israeli Naval Boat

Then let them eat cake instead of fish. Stop the fishing boats till terrorists stop their killing
World - Reuters
GAZA (Reuters) - Two Palestinian suicide bombers blew up an explosives-laden fishing boat close to an Israeli patrol craft on Saturday, wounding four sailors, in the first such attack since the start of the Palestinian uprising.

The militant Islamic Jihad group said the two suicide bombers, aged 19 and 21, were killed in the overnight attack on the 20-meter Israeli patrol craft in waters near the Gaza Strip (news - web sites).

The Israeli army said four sailors were wounded, three moderately, when the fishing boat blew up as the patrol boat, armed with 20 mm cannon and 12.7 machine guns, approached to warn it to turn back.

The army imposed a complete ban on Palestinian fishing boats plying waters off the Gaza Strip coastline after the incident.

The attack was reminiscent of the USS Cole (news - web sites) bombing, which was blamed on Osama bin Laden (news - web sites)'s al Qaeda network. A boat loaded with explosives rammed the U.S. destroyer off the coastline of Yemen in October 2000, killing 17 crew.

The bombing was the latest in a surge of violence that has challenged U.S. efforts to seek regional calm ahead of a possible war on Iraq.