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November 18, 2002

Palestinian Preventative Security Service (PSS) and its role in Terror activity.

A report from IDF
IDF forces and Border police operated in the Tel Al Hawa neighborhood in southern Gaza City last night, concentrating mainly on the PSS headquarters. Within the PSS headquarters, soldiers uncovered explosive and weapons making facilities, a Qassam rocket, ammunition and a large quantity of intelligence information. When the operation was completed, the IDF pulled out of the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood.

The IDF's Division Commander in the Gaza strip, Brigadier General Israel Ziv said in an interview on army radio: "The goal of the operation was very precise. We focused on the destruction of the PSS's means of manufacturing weapons. Palestinian terrorists used these weapons to attack Israeli citizens". Brigadier General Ziv also said that thanks to this operation, and others like it in the area, the IDF had managed to uncover materials indicating that over the past two years, the PSS had been not only supporting, but sponsoring terror.

According to Brigadier General Ziv, the main emphasis in the Gaza strip had been on the manufacture of weapons and terrorist attacks against Israeli communities in and outside the Gaza Strip.

PSS: Generates, initiates, backs and protects terrorists.

The Palestinian Preventative Security Service (PSS) in the Gaza Strip, headed by Rashid Abu Shoubac and Samir Mashrahawi, has changed over the past two years from an organization whose purpose it was to thwart terror, into one that blatantly supports and assists it. The PSS has itself become a terrorist organization, generating, initiating, backing and giving protection to a great number of terrorists and a long line of terror attacks, both against IDF forces and Israeli communities in the Gaza Strip.

Even half a year before the outbreak of the current violence, senior members of the PSS had begun to clandestinely induce terror. As an example, the series of roadside bomb attacks on the Karni-Netzarim road throughout the year 2000, in which an Israeli soldier was killed, received support and logistical backing from operatives within the organization, including senior PSS officers.

Since the outbreak of the current violence, The PSS headquarters in Tel Al-Hawa converted itself into the main center for the manufacturing of weapons, and a safe haven for terrorists planning to carry out terror attacks in the Gaza Strip. Within the Headquarters, and with full knowledge and consent from senior members of the PSS, a huge amount of weapons were manufactured and stockpiled. These included: Mortar bombs, explosives, large numbers of grenades, anti tank missiles and much more.

These weapons were handed out freely to terrorist cells belonging to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and The Fatah who used them to carry out daily bomb and shooting attacks in the Gaza strip.