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November 22, 2002

Palestinian Art Exhibit Glorifies Terror

Art mirrors the dreams of hate and murder

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, and there are many Arab cultural events taking place around the world in honor of the occasion. In New York, one of the largest events is an art exhibit in the mostly Jewish neighborhood of Williamsburg.

The works of 46 Palestinian artists are on display to showcase Palestinian culture. Almost every item has an anti-Israel slant. One item shows an Arab kafiyah (headdress) trapped in a Magen David made of barbed wire. Others are more graphic in depicting Arab suffering at the hands of their “oppressors”.

There are also ample displays of violence that the artists claim are showing the proud Arab masses standing up to the advanced ammunition of the Israeli invaders using only stones. An ammunition box that would normally hold bullets for an M-16 rifle is filled with rocks.

Another painting shows a group of people on a horse throwing rocks. One item shows the Hamas symbol of a raised fist holding a rifle.

Another piece that had not arrived in time for display depicts pipe bombs used to kill Israelis in terror attacks. The sign at the missing display says that the exhibit was delayed in transit, taking 29 days to arrive by mail, hinting at attempts of censorship.

The concept of peace is absent from the exhibit. There are no declarations of peace with Israel, no signs of hopeful coexistence. At the table where craft items are for sale, they have the usual kafiyahs, postcards and posters, but the largest number of items are hats and T-shirts depicting the Palestinian flag. Emblazoned on the flag is a map of the hoped for Palestinian state. This map consists of all the land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.