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November 23, 2002

Palestine: The Final Victim?

Aittle blame for everyone. Arafat losing any notion of statehood because of terroirsm. Sharon using terrorism to avoid a state for the Palestinians. Settlements grow. Terrorism flourish.
Bomb blasts that destroy Israeli schoolchildren and other "Zionist entity targets" bring significant harm to the Palestinian people as well. The war of terror against the Israelis now risks burying in its debris the hopes for an independent Palestinian state that will live in peace with Israel.

The need for such a Palestinian state has never had wider support from world leaders. It was offered to Yasser Arafat by Ehud Barak and Bill Clinton at Camp David in July 2000. George W. Bush has spelled out in greater detail his commitment to a Palestinian state than Clinton or Jimmy Carter ever did while they were in the White House.

But history is littered with inevitable moments that were sidetracked into oblivion. Ask the Kurds about the state they were promised eight decades ago. Or the Egyptians and Syrians about their plans for the United Arab Republic. Without a determined and focused international effort led by the United States, this fate could now overtake the Palestinian state that seemed in reach two long years ago.

Arafat refused the offer and turned to violence. And he cleared the way for Islamic extremist organizations that are not interested in any two-state solution, whether backed by Clinton, Bush or Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah. The bombers and their supporters want a no-state solution.

The destruction of Israel is their more obvious and immediate goal. But the nation-state itself is also a target of the jihad organizations that help stage the suicide attacks...[more]